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Hephzi- ()     05/16/2007 03:32 AM

I applied for J1 visa at Chennai Consulate. I hope explaining in steps would be helpful for future applicants.
1. Pay visa fees ( $100) at HDFC bank and get the receipt. Yellow receipt should be shown at the consulate.
2. Pay sevis fee if required, ( visit http://www.ice.gov/sevis/i901/)
3. Fix visa appointment online (https://www.vfs-usa.co.in/Home.aspx)
   Documents required to fix appointment
1. SEVIS generated Form DS-2019(Relevant documents based on visa class)
2. Passport
3. Receipt issued by HDFC Bank
4. E-mail address

4. Interview.
     My appointment time was at 8.15 A.M, I went there at 7.30 A.M, but it is better go at least one hour earlier. There are few processes to be done before appearing for the interview like screening of documents and finger prints.
    Few sample questions are already in this site, I prepared well for the interview and had all the documents ready, but the consular asked me very few questions and he did not even ask for any documents, the consular took just 2 mins . For few persons they took more than 7 mins. You need not worry if you have all the necessary documents and all are true.

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Hephzi- ()     05/15/2007 08:32 AM

This is a good site to post experience, I was searching for experiences in this site before applying for Visa

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T.V.R.Nair- ()     05/11/2007 11:11 AM

Your requested extension of stay does not affect your visa status. Visa status is affected when there is US immgration law violation.
 Customer 05/02/2007 02:46 PM
I hold multiple entry 10 year US B2 visa. I am now visiting US. My I-94 expires on June 3, 2007. I have applied for 4 months extension of stay (I-539), which has been acknowledged with receipt No. Supposing I receive a denial letter after June 3, and I leave the US within the CIS allowed grace period of 30 days, what is the status of my 10 year visa? Will it be cancelled? Even INA 222(g) gives no clear guidance. Hence my question.

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Shrenik- ()     05/05/2007 02:32 AM

Does anyone have any idea about the I 134 getting it nortarised in Mumbai and also if possible which all documents are required for the same.


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sarada- ()     03/27/2007 08:45 AM

    i m appling for f1 visa, appointment date is April 02nd, i have some doudts, if VO asked me "if you come to home durin summer's?",what answer i have to give.please give reply

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Faisal- ()     03/20/2007 10:46 AM

Hi, Guys, I need some advise regarding some queries in my mind. Actually, i married divorced girl who is having a baby girl of 2 years old from her former husband, and My wife stayed in USA for 1 year and in the meantime she gave birth to a baby. Can u please all suggest me how can i move to USA. As i know that i am aware that the girl born is a born citizen and i wanted to know how come my wife can go to USA with her daughter and what are the requirments for me to go along with my wife and my daughther. (step daughter).

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Murugesh- ()     03/08/2007 10:45 AM


I applied for F1 visa but twice my visa was cancelled. The visa cancellor asks for GRE but the University doesn't required for GRE. My friend got visa in Chennai but I didn't get....please advise.

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rahul- ()     01/27/2007 07:21 AM

i am rahul..frm hyd.. i wasted my 2 yr in fathers bussiness ..now i delibratly lookin for MS in fall 2007.. year ending (2005 ) i had toefl n GRE.. but got low scores. TOEFL = 183 GRE =860 ..shall i go with this scores.. or i hav to write it again.. but writing this examz ..will take few more weeks.. n i don want waste my time any more.. plz help me out frm these probs. waiting for ur sugesstions

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Akkineni latha- ()     01/10/2007 17:46 PM

Spouse came in fall for PhD, sent a dependent-I20 in September (It takes a week for international office of the university to process dependent I-20). Visa date in December at Chennai consulate

The Interview:
1. Asked for passport
2. Spouse I-20
3. Spouse pay-slip
4. Spouse Bank statement
5. When were u married
6. Why did u send
7. Visa approved.

There are cases where they ask for W-2 form. Ifpossible, its very suggestible to have it.

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prem- ()     12/25/2006 22:55 PM

hey guys i;m from nepal,my interview date is at threshold ,so u can guess of my instability easily...,after i gone through these experiences i thought there are lot others who donot desereve to be rejected,any way i hope to do well ..that's what i cn do right now

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