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monk- ()     10/26/2007 15:06 PM


Owners attitude is quite horrible. Most Indian customers are not treated well and their credit cards are not accepted if they eat for less than $20.
I went with few American friends, they took the cards without any hesitation..

They buffet often runs out of items and when asked the owner just ignored our request and coolly walked away. His attitude was disgusting and hurting, I will never visit again.

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Priyanka and Sahil- ()     02/11/2007 14:17 PM

PLEASE do NOT go here. The food used to be lovely before but now with the management change it is horrible and filthy. I was having a lassi only to find a roach in it. I told the moustached manager who just stared at me like he was in a coma. I received no apologies.

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Manohar Reddy- ()     01/08/2007 11:18 AM

I just moved to Herndon,VA

We ordered the food for Catering

Look at the Minerva Indian Cuisine Kitchen before you order or eat the food

I have seen it and i am not going back there

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Ashish- ()     10/24/2006 17:18 PM

I used to go this place a lot. One day I noticed that all the items were cold. Pakora and Tandoori chicken were smelling bad. When I asked the Manager about that the answer was "what do you want be to do about that?". I was surprised and never went to that restaurant again.

I advise you to check the food before you start eating, If at all you go to Bombay Dhaba.

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SHAIL- ()     06/20/2006 19:56 PM

This restaurant is incredible,Each dish is made to order and the spice is just right.We love the service and the atmosphere.They serve the desserts on the house and bring out hot towels as soon as you are seated.

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Milind Shah- ()     06/20/2006 19:48 PM

The food and service is always gread each time you go.We specially love the chicken tikka masala

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Avinash Jain- ()     04/22/2006 13:32 PM

We ordered food at the chantilly location and told them we would be back aftre 20 minutes as we had to pickup our son. On getting back we were told that our food was thrown away becasue we did not come back in time (although we did). The owner was not courteous and had a 'did not care' attitude.

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Krishnan- ()     02/12/2006 11:29 AM

SPICE The Indian cuisine Restaurant at Bullrun complex is an excellent Joint to enjoy best of Indian food.Specially south Indian buffet,delicasies of Andhra chicken dishes,Hyderabadi Biriyani,Ho hats off.Its all most like in India.Nomatch for its food.
The service,Their prices are very very reasonable.The biriyani is real good.
Mutton kurma is lovely.We thank the promoters of this restaurant for bringing the best of Indian food for the globe trotters.

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Subbu- ()     02/11/2006 08:51 AM

I have tried Minerva food - we come from Richmond almost 2 hrs driving and their food is really great.
Its got the South Indian flavours and has a great presentation along with a great customer service.
All Indian resturants taste the same but MInerva has something different always.
Try the cheaper side at Rawal Kabob - he has got good Biriyani - best in Nothern Virginia.

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deepak- ()     07/18/2005 17:35 PM

Fairfax Minarva service is horrible. It happened with me 2 times. There is a tall guy who serves; he doesn’t have common sense at all. I reported about him to management. I don’t think they will take any action. He might be a relative to the management people. He is real head strong person.

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