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gatha- ()     12/22/2006 07:42 AM

i have been rejected twice for F1 visa.My sister is citizen and my parents are green card holder.i have done my master in computer application but i want to go there for specialization in Database.Officer always rejects me on basis of my finance.But i have shown large amount for my studies.They always ask me question regarding my parents and my sister.Please help me.

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Kumar- ()     11/26/2006 09:59 AM

Hello Friends
I applied for my F-1 Visa on 16th November and My Visa Was rejected under section 214 b.Visa officer said i am a potential immigrant under the section 214 b...i mentioned in the Ds-Forms that My brother is On H-1 and My sister is A Citizen of USA ( She Got her citizenship after her marriage )...
can any one help me...please let me know that can i reaplly for my F-1 visa in march - april 2007 for fall 07....and i did my masters in Business Admin in india and nOw i am going for my Second masters In USA.Visa officer asked me why are you going for second masters..i told her that my core specialization in my second masters is International Business....and after completing my second masters i can have a bright future back in india...but she said i am not issuing visa this time....can i reaplly for the same....if any one faced this kind of problem please let me know....
thank you....

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Puranjay- ()     11/23/2006 00:42 AM

hey guys

i just got my F-1 visa today
however, my name in my passport and the visa dont match

my passport doesnt have any last name, only my given name is mentioned (Puranjay Singh)
howeverm on my visa, my given name is written as 'Puranjay' while my last name is 'Singh'

this info is currect on the visa, however, it doesnt match the passport

will this cause any problems? the spellings and all are correct..only the a small mistake in the last name

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sushanth- ()     11/21/2006 00:56 AM

Hi iam sushanth,

can any one suggest me the visa ratio for f2 visas?
i mean did any one get through f2 visa in recent times?r if any one knows anything about f2 visa,how to apply and criterias to fulfill,please help me.....

Thanking you.


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Barkha- ()     10/05/2006 13:44 PM

Hi ,
I am appearing for an F2 in 3-4 days time ...
cus somebody guide me on the kind of questions and interview..

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bhavana- ()     09/21/2006 04:39 AM


I am applying for F2 visa.
I booked an appointment also,but after that i have noticed that in the form DS156 i submitted wrong information in place of Passport details.
I have given chennai instead of hyderabad and wrong date of issue of my passport.
Now i am unable to change those fields.
Is there any problem if go with the same forms to the interview?
Please help me regarding this.
I am not in a condition to cancel and book the appointment again,
Does they allow me to the interview after seeing my printout which doesnt tally with my Passport details.
Is this a serious issue or not?

waiting for reply,

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ramuk- ()     08/25/2006 03:20 AM

   I applied for F1 second time in chennai consulate. Previously I applied for B1 One year back. First time for F1 VO said that U applied for B1 now UR applying for F1 and Denied VISA in May. Then I reapplied for F1 In AUg end. This time one lady VO asked Why twice visa rejected for U . I said the reason is that 1st time I applied for B1 then I applied for F1. Then see saww all the mark sheets and degree certificates and GRE & toefl scores. then see said that we can not issue visa today.
   What I should do now. The I20 also expires. Can I apply visa again.

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SHANU- ()     08/12/2006 14:03 PM

I have an interview for F1 on 18th of august 06
Its my first to my to get visa.I have everything ready. My sister and bro-in-law who are currently in USA are sponsoring me and are going to take care of all expenses for me while i will be studyiny. wanna know how much chances are there to get visa in this case

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bumbum- ()     08/08/2006 13:39 PM

i will like some advise. I wil be going for an F1 visa interview to Harvard.All my financials are to be taken care of thru a loan, that has been cosigned by Harvard. I wonder how the visa officials view loans.

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phani- ()     08/02/2006 03:50 AM

hello friends....

          i hav jss completed ma engg......i hav 11 memos xtra and 26 Fails in all ma memos.......my toefl score is 247 & gre is 970.........is there any chance fr me gettin US visa...or shalli drop it.........any xperienced plz suggest me..i am unable to decide...i hav 61% in engg....EEE branch.....

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