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sandhayasharma     02/07/2019 03:03 AM

estudynotes - you guys are doing a fab job .. I am truly satisfied with very nicely organized pages of worksheets which keeps my younger one busy & I recommend it for every child.

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Joel Millan     09/16/2018 13:08 PM

Hello to all my name is Joel I am new to this forum and have little to no idea on how to navigate. So i apologize if i am doing this wrong. I need some help, I am a Cuban immigrant living in Florida I have permanent residence status. My girlfreind is a Cuban immigrant curantly living without papers in bolivia and I am trying to bring her to the us but have no idea on how to do so. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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chiragkhatri     03/07/2018 07:29 AM

Sakura Events does an amazing job and it was excellent from beginning to end, understanding the needs and developing something new and unique.
I highly recommend working with Sakura Events for corporate events.

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saisridhar     03/17/2017 03:24 AM


My H4 is valid till Aug 2017, But my I94 was valid till Mar 06 2017. It was issued as per pass port validity. I got my passport renewed but could not file I94 extn by Mar 06. So I traveled out of country on Mar 07 (Stayed 1 day out of status). Now can I reenter with current VISA as I stayed one day out of status?

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manu567     09/13/2016 15:45 PM

I'm in a very bad situation and I hope no one should get like mine in future. I'm on F1 visa and I married my boy friend in India without informing my parents. He came to US as my dependent on F2 visa. He is very possessive and after coming to US he became so selfish and used to torcher me for everything. He is allowing me to speak with any one of my friends still I obeyed. But he is becoming more and more cruel about me and I'm totally fed up and want to take divorce. We don't have proper marriage certificates. I want to live alone and find some one who believes me. Please help me and give your suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks in advance.

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nishikabobhate     08/31/2016 09:21 AM

Excellent SEO agency - they really helped me to understand what they could do to help get my site ranking in Google.

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gemini99     05/04/2016 11:34 AM

Hi, I am writing to get some help in my case. I came to US on F1 and have an H1B. I got married in 2013 and it was an arranged marriage which is registered in India. Lately I have been having problems with my husband and I have been a victim of physical abuse. Any small argument and my husband he gets violent. I tried calling cops for help sometimes, but resisted. He feels sorry for hitting me but repeats over and over and there is no end.
Also, I came to know that he had crossed all limits with his ex-girl friend which he lied when we got married and he himself confessed. He thinks he loves me but things fall apart when we fight or argue. I tried everything and I don't have any further patience. Please advice on what I should be doing to file a divorce for a marriage registered in India. Any help is much appreciated.


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Ganesh Vadlakonda     03/23/2016 08:40 AM

Hi all,

I am working in some company A and my H1B petition has applied by some other company B. The H1B is picked and is approved by USCIS, and also I have filled the DS160 but not scheduled interview yet, Meanwhile my Present company A is processing B1. So does this B1 process effects on my H1B which is done by other company B.

Is two companies A and B has different DS-160 forms or same?

What should I mention during B1 - DS160 form filling, like below question

Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?


And can I start process H1B procedure after B1 trip.

So I am in confusion, how to handle this situation because my current company does not know about my H1B Procedure.

So kindly please share or provide suggestions how to approach.

Thanks in advance.


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sujay.sharma     08/27/2015 08:04 AM

My website was up and running within one week. Their web designer was excellent, and their value for money was superb. Communication was very professional, quality of work is excellent.
Good value for money!

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gakkapa     08/06/2015 06:01 AM

I have been trying to get NABC from Delhi Municipal Corporation for my wife, but have met stone wall with the authorities. Can some body guide me what to do?

On the net I found one Allied Legal Online who claim to get NABC in India for Indians,

Can somebody share their experience with this company if they used their services.

Shall be grateful for comments in this regard.

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