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Al- ()     05/14/2005 13:41 PM

Hi, I have a student visa and I am going to study for the fall semester. I was wondering if I could return to my country for Crhristmas and if there is anything I need to do. Please help me.

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gayathri- ()     04/28/2005 10:38 AM

hi.. m a dentist & had applied 4 F1 a week back,unfortunately cud not make it..241b was the culprit..thru tis forum i want 2 ask fellow dentists or anybody in a positin 2 help me out with info abt wat shd b my projections with reference 2 docus of proof 2 satisfy the consulate of my good intentions 2 return 2 my home country..m preparing 4 a second attempt & want 2 b armed rightly tis time..heelp..

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srinivas- ()     04/21/2005 03:27 AM

I am srinivas had applied for the j1 visa. I was refused twice and I already have c1 visa. Just because i was refused first time, second time i had the same person and he passed me on to his collegue and she said I will have to respect my colleague decision and I can not give you. sorry. Can anyone guide , if I can reapply again and please advise me any other alternatives. I am looking out for an advise. please help me.

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Garima- ()     03/21/2005 04:17 AM

       Im applying for an J-1 visa. I have all the required documents with me but I somehow donot feel confident b'coz this j-1 is such an rare case in India that no one can properly guide me. I request people who have already been to the consulate and have been granted or rejected j-1 visa to help me and give you suggestions so as to I can be a bit confident.

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gopi- ()     03/15/2005 20:01 PM

hello everyone

does anyone know about after get student visa, what rules for that in us....because my sister is internation student in us and she wants to visit india in this summer but she wants to make sure about that first. is she visit and come back without any trouble or not? so if anyone know about this pls mail me....

Gopi Patel
Houston, TX

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Carle- ()     03/09/2005 19:10 PM

I have U.S.A.J1 visa. I work in Chicago. But I hope go back to China about 2-3 weeks. If I renew my visa in China It will need very long time. My work doesn't allow it. Could I get the visa stamp in U.S.A first, and then go back to my home? After 2-3 weeks I can be back to Chicago to work on time.Who can help me? Please give me e-mail:[email protected] befor Mar.22,2005.Thanks

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ketty- ()     03/08/2005 14:53 PM

hi all,,
       i m planning for the us f1 visa,, but my week point is my parents and a sister is in usa right now so what is the firm prepation will i need for visa processing?? tell me if u have any answer

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Rahul Joshi- ()     03/07/2005 00:09 AM

I had applied to the US consulate in Mumbai for M1 visa. The first time, I got rejected as the officer was not convinced. I decided to take a 2nd attempt. This time, the consul seemed to have already made a decision to deny me the visa. He asked a couple of questions and I did answer confidently. However at the end he just said that he cannot give visa to intending migrants. I did not get a chance to even convince him although I had a very strong case. Does having a sister with a green card in US is so much of a problem?

Can anybody help me? Even if I apply a 3rd time, are there chances of him listening to me? Would he have made a pre decision based on earlier 2 rejections?

I also heard that once US consulate rejects your visa, even UK rejects it. Do all the consulates share the same database?

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Flamur- ()     03/05/2005 16:13 PM

I Read all of your comments about US visa,it was interesting, and I need your help if possible.
I am going this Manday to the US embassy for the interview for Student visa, what do you suggest me before I go there?
Hope to hear from you soon.

Flamur KOSOVO(Ballkans)

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Jay- ()     02/10/2005 00:03 AM

Do anybody know about appealing for a Jvisa if it is rejected on the grounds of 214-B.Please provide your experiences and advices.
[email protected]

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