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Ramesh- ()     04/30/2002 13:44 PM

Site is awesome, its simple, to the point. I think the Processing times needs to updated frequently. Present one is pretty old stuff. thanks Ramesh

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A Potnis- ()     04/29/2002 13:27 PM

Precise answers and always updated. Must see before going for Immigration.

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Hitendra Sahay- ()     04/23/2002 15:13 PM

This site is invaluable in terms of concise and precise information on all immigration issues which are not available anywhere else. You guys have done an incrediable job.

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Neeraj Lal- ()     04/23/2002 11:22 AM

Really a veryu nice site especially I used it when I had to invite my parents and it had given me all the help everything was here.

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Krishna Ravi- ()     04/16/2002 13:20 PM

This site is very good with information and i was immpressed very well. But only question is will this be there for long time or is it going away like dot com? Other than this question you guys are very good in getting data.

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Ponny- ()     04/14/2002 09:46 AM

Very informative, has useful links, and excellent up-to-date information. Keep it up!

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Sahaja Yogi- ()     04/11/2002 20:06 PM

Thanks for such nice site. Regards Sahajayogi

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srividya- ()     04/11/2002 15:49 PM

this site is an extremely and extensively informative source for all immigration related information.....storehouse of info...a must see site for it answers most questions related to immigration...

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Jagdish- ()     04/10/2002 14:16 PM

Excellent site with good Articles on Immigration laws.Keep up the Good work

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Maohua Sheng- ()     04/10/2002 11:23 AM

This is a great non-stop site for immigration information. Its almost realtime news update, tips for immigration process and well-organized web-site makes it on top of my immigration web site lists. It is one of the greatest, and hope it can be better.

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