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suraj.singh     06/19/2015 02:44 AM

I am extremely pleased with Team RubyPrint and as a result will recommend your company to other businesses needing printing services and will of course continue to bring our printing business needs to Ruby Print N Pack.

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Naagesh Rao S- ()     11/27/2012 04:29 AM

Yesterday I posted on my experience with RediffShopping.
My Experiences are

1. Response is absolutely poor thru 18002662333 help centre. Most of the time u will not get the line, if u get and select options, they wont take call.
2. Ojjas Enterprizes a supplier to rediffshopping sent me only one item instead of two in Buy one Get One scheme. They dont respond to ur mail or calls
3. I complained couple of times and put pressure on their CEO Mr Ajit Balakrishnan, it worked and today I got the GET ONE free item contact him directly [email protected]
4. One more item was due under that order which I placed on 13/nov 2012, got the item only yesterday.

 Supply of Ojjas is chamois cloth, which is of good quality and right dimension,
Supply from another supplier OYEHOYE.com, a car battery operated compressor metallic , was delayed but received yesterday. It is working

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Naagesh Rao S- ()     11/26/2012 05:49 AM

I ordered a Westinghouse Blender from FLIPKART 6 months ago, after 3 days of using switch gave way. Informed Flip Kart. Next day got a replacement with APOLOGIES from Flip kart. Thereafter I have encouraged lot of relatives to go with FLIPKART. No one is cheated till date. I am a regular client with FLIPKART now.

I tried with Ebay---What was shown in website and delivered finally were different. But value of the item is OK. Later tried Rediffshopping, ordered on 13th Nov 2012, chamois cloth under BUY 1 get 1 scheme. associates of Rediff shopping OJJAS Enterprises dispatched only one, Yet to get another one. Mails and telephones are never answered by OJJAS and Rediff helpline is down most of times. rediff responds sweetly, thru mails and need to wait for real delivery of pending items.

One more order placed on 13th Nov 2012 worth 1300 still pending, not delivered, but payment already made. Rediff and national Deal Makers have sought 3 to 4 more days. I have crossed my fingures waiting for the item.

FLIPKART is the best and trustworthy in my opinion.

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Chandan- ()     07/28/2012 00:34 AM

I ordered a Rakhi thali gift through rediff shopping online on 25 july.My order was accepted online but they delivered a different product, the one which i had not selected.The product was not at all worth compare to money i paid.wasting of money.

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ram- ()     11/10/2011 14:23 PM

I have orderd blackberry mobile phone 8830 worth Rs. 2900/- and i received it but when i checked, it was found faulty. mobile is not gettin charged, back cover is broken, mobile gets switch off at any time. this is not proper service by rediff shopping. After having email communication with them, still no prompt reply given.
what should i do? i want my money back or replace the product....

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PT- ()     08/25/2011 10:48 AM

Their website kept telling that the transaction could not be completed due to browser problems. So I tried with three times using different browsers/computers. And still same thing. So I actually called my parents to buy Rakhi and send it to my brothers. Then I found out a day later that the order through Rediff has actually been placed 3 times. So I called immediately to cancel the redundant orders. And they asked me to send an email at customer support. I did that. They responded back 4 days later that the order cannot be cancelled because it has already been dispatched. I am still fighting with them and they will not return my $100 for all the three orders put together.
They are just interested in somehow extracting money from the customer. Customer care is the least of their priorities.

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Ojjas- ()     08/04/2011 10:48 AM

You can catch Ojjas Enterprises owner Jaspreet Sahani directly at his mobile contact 9821010164.

For Rediff complaints, raise your voice to Ajit Balakrishnan ([email protected]) who is the owner of Rediff.
Hope your concerns would be taken care of seriously.
Your's Friend

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saravana- ()     07/24/2011 07:38 AM

I placed an order for a 2 nokia mobile phone on 6th June 2011 and the order was accepted vide order number 6483970. The amount was also debited.Till today I have not received the phone.

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Alientech- ()     04/19/2010 01:49 AM

In Sept 2009 I had ordered the e-cig from STEAMZ. I paid the rs 2000 via pay
pal. They sent me the product but it never worked. I tried a few things but
after many emails I was told to return it. Well After I returned it, no more
replies and no product. I sent around 10 emails to various address of theirs.
I have been online ordering for 25 years or so. But you cant do anything when
they refuse to answer anything. So buyer beware if you order anything from

See my review at mouthshut for Electronic Cigarettes

Last week I ordered the same product from ojjasenterprizes.com for a third
the cost IE $600. I seen some bad reviews of them as well but at least they
delivered by next day and it works. Unlike the steamz product this had a
seperate hole to pass through the side of the liquid part in the tube to
inhale. I wondered how the steamz product would work since the inhaler had to
pass through the very same cotten that had the liquid. I think steam is a
fraud and their product does not work and it only used to cheat people like
those electricity saver products with an led in it and costing rs2000. The
product from ojjasenterprizes.com comes with 10 carts instead of 5 so it
should last enough for 5 packs. So at just over rs 100 per pack equivalent
compared to rs 500 for steamz per pack. I have placed an order for 3 more to
last me a few months. And the total cost for 3 months seems to end up being
less than using steamz for 5 days. Also the one from ojjasenterprizes.com
comes with a mains and car charger on top of it.

I am not pleased with the indan shopping experience. This is only 1 example of
many. So I am trying to learn how to deal with it. In US its 100:1, in India
it is more like 50% of them try to cheat you. Many times I dont mind the
cheating as long as they give you what you ask for. Usually those cheating
charge you more than international rates. Things in US are usually much more
expensive. IE you buy a levis pants for $150, in india you pay $200 for it and
get a cheap local one that wont last a week and it was really used by someone
for 2 years to give it that used look, just as an example. On the other hand
the 50% who do a good job really try hard to please you and deliver value. It
makes their job much much harder.

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Marathe- ()     02/11/2010 14:09 PM

I have known many gujjus to complain unnecessarily so that they can get the goods for free and then sell it again. Gujjus do anything for earning money - Chintan r u one of them?

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