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mghotra     09/23/2019 10:12 AM

I am my wife had our interview on Sept. 20th at Ottawa visa application center. Here is my experience:

1. We had our interview at 7:45 am - entered the embassy at 7:30 am (that's when they open)
2. Went to first window for check-in
3. Had issue with my wife's pic so had to take new photo from photo booth inside the embassy
4. Went back to check-in window (extra time :( )
5. Went to second window for fingerprints
6. Entered in a new line for interview
7. During interview main questions were - your employer name, your daily duties, what your employer do, compensation, where do you live, do you have children (I have 2 children), are they US citizen (yes).
8. Visa consular said, your visa is approved you'll get your passport within a week.

Now question for you guys, if you can help me:
- How do I track my passport ? If i try it through DS-160 status, that website is full of errors, not letting me in (keep saying captcha is wrong)
- Today is Sept. 23rd, and didn't get any email on status.

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cool.virgo     09/22/2019 14:06 PM

Is anyone planning to be in Ottawa for stamping during 1st week of October?

And for those who had stamping specifically in Ottawa this year, please share experiences -
approved or 221g cases please.

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thejeepguy     09/22/2019 13:55 PM

I have already scheduled the appointment for my visa interview next month. My wife's I797 was not approved when I blocked the time. Now I want to add her to my interview slot and when I am trying to do I get the below message. Can anyone of you guide me what do I need to do without losing the slot?


'This travel group has a scheduled appointment. New applicants cannot be added to this appointment. If you click "Continue" the system will create all new applicants in a separate travel group.

If you want to add or modify the members of the group after you have scheduled an appointment, you need to cancel your group appointment, add or change the members of the group and then reschedule the group appointment.

Please note, depending on the calendar availability, there is no guarantee that you will be able to select the same date and time as originally scheduled.'

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Forcefibre     09/20/2019 10:39 AM

I went to USA in b2 visa and later changed my status to f1 and got approval after 7 months. Before I start my classes I had to visit my country and my dso told me that to renter USA I’ll have to get my visa stamped so I decided to do it from Montreal Canada,
I had my interview for f1 on 13th September 2019
During interview I was asked very general questions about where is your family and how u got to know about this collage and that’s it, he didn’t even asked me for bank statement or anything and at the end of interview I was told that my visa is approved but he didn’t gave me any receipt, next working day I got an email from counsulate that my visa is under administration process and I’ll have to fill ds-5535 which I have already sent them on same day. They updated my case on 18th September and today I got my passport back with a yellow slip stating that my visa application is incomplete and it’s under 221g process so I’ll have to wait until consulate reach me back, they didn’t asked for any document, I have my classes starting next month start. What should I do ?

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stay_calm     09/19/2019 09:27 AM

Got visa approved verbally by officer on interview @16th Sep. And status is still on admin processing.
Is there anyone who got status updated to Issue who attended the interview on same date ?

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user_47     09/19/2019 09:15 AM

I need to go for visa stamping in October but there are no slots available. Please let me know if any slots get opened for October in Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa regions. I am checking constantly but nothing is showing up. Also, why is getting a slot in Toronto so hard, I am hardly seeing anything in Toronto.

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waiting_221g     09/18/2019 19:53 PM

I got struck in unique situation. I have got interviewed in the mid of Aug in Vancouver and the officer told that my H1 is approved and told to collect passport in 3-5 days. Next day morning around 11 am got a call from consulate and they informed me saying it will be delayed and will be in Admin process and asked me to collect passport if I need that.(i did not collect back its with consulate) and its been 5 weeks now and they haven't asked me or my employer or my client for any documents.

Did anyone faced similar situation and if yes please respond so that I can get an idea.


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reddog     09/18/2019 19:46 PM

I had an interview at Ottawa US consulate on 09/11/2019 and Interview was very simple. Visa officer told me that my visa is approved and I will get my passport in less than a week. still my status is not updated, its almost 6 business days completed.

what the average waiting time? any thoughts why it is delaying?

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vms21     09/18/2019 17:24 PM

I have my H1B visa stamping coming up, on October 23. I would like to know recommended place to stay both economical and safe. Also let me know if anyone else traveling the same week for their stamping.

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prads_L1B_Blanket     09/18/2019 13:11 PM

Hello Everyone,
This forum has been really useful for me when searching for basic queries and applying for my first L1B Blanket Renewal. Thanks so much.

Can someone please recommend a fairly priced, "not-so-expensive" hotel or an area for a stay for 7 nights while I am visiting for my appointment? I have scanned booking.com and AirBnB - but wanted to use the recommendations that someone might have from their experience. Knowing which area to stay in (which gives me transport access to Consulate itself will be massive help). Thanks.

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