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kannan86     09/23/2019 09:23 AM

L1B Extension was filed on Jan/10/19 and my company decided to do PP on Aug/02 and received RFE on Aug/03. We filed RFE response on Sep/09 and today is 15th day, no response received yet. Anyone faced this situation?

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Sandhy Singh     09/23/2019 02:41 AM

I have been searching the internet for experience of HR Managers for L1A visa but couldn't find much. I mostly found details of technical managers and hence I would like to contribute here. Also, this website has been of great help for prepping me up.

I and my spouse traveled for the interview.

You just need to carry your current passport, DS 160 confirmation page and visa appointment page. You don't need anything else. If you have kids as dependents then, their Passport, DS 160 confirmation page and their visa photographs. That's it!

Visa Interview:
Your company will give you a bunch of documentation which you must carry but all you need is as given below. Please keep additional documents handy as they may ask case to case basis.

1) Passport & DS 160 from the bio metrics day(since they stamp the DS 160, you need to take the same copy for interview)
2) I 129 S & I 797
3) Passport & DS160 of dependents
4) Marriage certificate and kids birth certificates

Once documents are arranged, you will be guided to make a payment of fraud detection fees and re confirmation of bio metrics. You are then sent to the main queue where visa interviews are conducted and you can overhear the questions & answers:

Following was my interview:

Me: Good Morning officer
VO: Good Morning with a smile

Vo: You have two children, I don't see them here?
Me: Yes, since they are below 14 we chose not to get them

Vo: which company do you work for?
Me: Gave my company name

VO: What is the location of your company?
Me: Gave the same with city and state

VO: You are travelling on L1A? What is your title?
Me: Agreed that the visa was L1A and gave my managerial title

VO: What will be your salary in US?
Me: I gave the number and mentioned that it is the base salary

VO: What will be the title of your reports?
Me: Gave the titles

VO: Who will you be reporting to?
Me: Gave the title of my manager which is equivalent to VP

VO: who will your manager report to?
Me: Gave the answer which is equivalent to head of HR

VO: Looked at me smiled and said, I am going to change gears a little bit now, when is your date of marraige?
Me: gave the date

VO: looked at my spouse and asked, what is your highest education degree?
Spouse: Answered it

VO: Asked my spouse, what do you do?
Spouse: Software architecture and design

VO: What do your kids like to eat? since i don't see them here I must ask a question about them and smiled.
Spouse: They love fruits

VO: Your visa is approved and all the best for your new job, Don't pack your I 129S as you will need to show it at the port of entry.

Me and spouse: Smiled and thanked her.

Stay cool, confident and review questions on this website to prepare yourself and not to fumble at the interview.

All the best!

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L1USVisa     09/23/2019 01:13 AM

I need help understand if I am missing something if I don't see the visa slots open up for L1B blanket at Chennai. Reading on this website understood last year it opened up on Sep 13. I am in a mess because I have my family tickets booked and waiting on the slots to open up to book appointment. I have written to the consulate not sure if I will get a response and if I get I guess it will be the default response. If I should not be waiting and should be doing something different please do advise.
Thanking all who have taken thier time to post thier experience to help first timers like me.

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TechieVisa     09/22/2019 16:15 PM

Hello All,
I have my interview by this week only and i received my petition from USA now. The problem is this I found many blunders in my I-129S form . I am not satisfied at all with the petition ,even my work specialization has not been listed properly as if the petition is for some associate engineer. I am shocked because I have already shared lots of supporting documents and all already and possessing a good specialization. As I suggested by my company to coordinate with the Attorney and make it right by this last minute. I already have been too pressurized and worried. I can suggest them may be they will make it good by last minute. Shall I take this risk or reschedule the interview.
Rescheduling the interview has any negative impact ?
Please suggest me

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stithpragya     09/22/2019 00:03 AM

I am really thankful for the members who have shared their experiences that helped me prepare for the interview. I am adding mine, i am trying to touch all the points and procedures to present the best help.

I had the 9:15 interview slot on 20th Sept and 14:45 slot on 19th Sept 2019 for biometrics.
Though not necessary, I took all the documents for biometrics too but requirement is just for your appointment and DS160, biometrics are easy and you will be free in 20 minutes.

The real daunting task is the interview, under the chaotic stage of standing in layers of queues before you finally get in the consulate, be sure that what queue you are standing. I was applying for the L1 B(blanket) , reached by 8:30 and was able to get in 9:10. The over-anxious faces melted away into hustle of getting screened by a securtity guard who was hurling directions. You will be given a pamphlet, asking to sort your I-129s + I-797 into 3 sets, the DS160 confirmation and your passport.The B1 candidates don't require sorting and are directed to join the next queue. If you are going to pay the fraud detection fee by Demand Draft, the name & particulars are required to be added in it's back. I chose to pay with the credit card. My AmeX corporate card breezed up nicely. I wanted to try my Diner's black but I saw there was some problem with a guy, ahead of me, whose card was not getting read and the cashier asked him to go outside, the cashier was strict and not in a mood to entertain another credit card. But the guy requested and he was able to pay by the next card. So, i refrained to use my diner's.

I searched for which all credit cards are accepted as my pre-work, but didn't get any worthy info so I am sharing the info.
After a final biometric confirmation, you are sorted to wait for your turn and the noises of rejections get to your head. Keep a calm and steady persona and think positive.
My turn came and there was a L2 candidate just before me, I knew this will be converted (and it did) so it gave me a sense of positivity.

VO: come over please
Me: good morning officer
VO: a warm morning

VO: so you are applying for L1 blanket, which company you work for?
Me: xxx (a leading EDA brand)

VO: what is your stay period?
Me:36 months
VO: 3 Years
Me: yeah

VO: Will you be working in the office location?
Me: (i misunderstood her question) I am currently working in the Delhi subsidiary of the company
VO: No, i meant at what location will you be working in US? will you be working in the same location or multiple locations?
Me: I will be working from Mountain View, California.

VO: What is your per annum salary going to be?
Me: xxK base and yyK bonus (greater than 120k)

VO: who are your end clients?
Me: I am a developer and we serve a lot of semiconductor companies. As we took projects that are binded by non-disclosure agreement I can't specify a brand.

VO: what do you specialize in?
Me: I am a design and verification engineer architecting product for verifying memory subsystem.

VO: why do you think this is special and require you to be in US?
Me: Memory subsystem is a complex circuitry helping out your processors from say,Intel in your desktop and Qualcomm in your cell phone perform smart tasks optimally. I,in my company, lead this with variety of Dynamic memory (DRAM) technologies. As we are trying to complete the product line, I will be working with the IP team in US to signoff the development at brisk pace.

(VO starts writing something on the I129-s) VO: Are you married?
Me: I am single

The golden snatch of the stamp, and she signed off with "your VISA is approved"
Me: Thanks a lot officer.
VO: Welcome and take care.

Some pre-work i did:
1. Prepared short 2-3 lines answers for the generic questions. Explain my work in a layman language to my relatives who don't have any understanding of how complex the systems interact under the hood. In a month time i gained confidence to explain it to anyone.
2. Asked my company's attorney to have a mock interview session a day earlier before my VISA interview. My attorney advised me to NOT use acronyms and if there's an intent explain it with fullform and stick to what is written in the letter of intent.
3. Took advise from my colleagues and US hiring manager who already have been working in US with L1B
4. I made sure to get an early time slot, i was getting a time slot of 11AM on 21st August and then there was a slot of 9:15 after a month, i chose the latter as early morning slots are always better as your VO is fresh.
5. Learn on the rejection ratio for your company, i discussed this with my Director. This helped me set the correct mindset.

I did get a feeling that VO (and their back-end team) pre-work your case and the 5 minutes interaction is to just ascertain your genuineness. So make sure you are getting a good salary at par with current median where you will be working; have gained good experience(6+ is considered great) in your domain/company for you to be called a specialist; your DS160 should boldly point on the daily tasks and duties.

Thanks and best of luck!

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Yogesh gupta     09/20/2019 14:27 PM

Hi All,

My company is applying L1B for me and during documentation they are asking for supporting letters , certificate for specialized skill . Now I am working with same company since last 6 years and it's an internal tool on which I was trained by internal employees only and no certificate or supporting documents are available .
Now does it really matters during interview if you don't have any supporting documents .

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AshishSaraswat     09/20/2019 06:16 AM


My L1b interview is on 3rd oct. In the support letter I have not mentioned a tool which i developed but wrote a line what the tools does . Can i tell that as my specialisation and explain the tool?


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Nitin Reja     09/20/2019 00:42 AM

Dear All,

I am going to USA on L1A visa and my wife on L2 dependent VISA.
She will apply for EAD. Can you please guide on how much time is it taking nowadays to get the EAD?
Does it help to be a L2 dependent on L1A rather than L1B?

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Nirnay_Kapoor     09/19/2019 10:36 AM

Hi forum members,

I have a L1A extension visa interview coming up in Canada. I wanted to check how to answer GC related questions. I have an approved EB1 i140 so if the Visa officer asks about GC plans/return plans, how should I answer?

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KK435     09/19/2019 06:29 AM

Hello Everyone,

My L1 B Individual petition got approved and in the approval notice it is mentioned as "Notification has been sent to the listed Consulate". which is Hyderabad consulate.
The first available appointment date is Dec 9, 2019 and my team wants me to join ASAP.
I see that in Mumbai consulate the first available appointment date is Oct 21, 2019.

is it fine for me to attend the visa interview in Mumbai along with my family and not in Hyderabad.
I am little worried as no one from my company has scheduled an interview in Mumbai.

Look forward to your responses. I will be booking an appointment tomorrow.

Thanks for your help

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