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ElimianDavid     08/13/2019 19:20 PM

So on the 25th of july 2019 i went for my Interview at the Embassy, While i met with the Consulant. He asked for my service fee reciept,Apparantly i didnt print it, He gave me a White Slipe with a Content stating i rescedule. I then Went Online to do so, But their online it stated i wasnt Asked to reschedule that i was asked to submit my Passport n the required Document to any fedex company on the 16th of August PLEASE DOES THIS means its gonna be Stamped and i would be granted, Am kind of curious. Please i need a reply as soon as possible.

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Sm2214     08/13/2019 08:42 AM

Has People without tourist history equivalent chances of getting F1 Visa as compared to candidates with tourist history?

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dinku     08/09/2019 01:39 AM

My friend’s visa got refused under 221g and they gave blue slip and returned the passport
She’s going for MS in BIOTECH in NEU(TAL MAJOR)
How much time will it take as the interview was on 19 july
any help would be appreciated

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shrurao     08/02/2019 05:21 AM

Hi guyzz, I want to share my visa experiences with as within this year I have attended two visa interviews and changed my status as well. Both of them Approved !

So here goes my 1st H4 visa experience which was on 7th Jan 2019. Slot- 9.30 am. Place - Mumbai Consulate.

Me: Good Morning Sir
VO: Good Morning with his low voice.

Asked for my passport which I gave.

VO: What does your husband do?
Me: He works as a xyz Enng and designs abc products used in automobiles.

VO: How long he has been in US?
Me: Told (Typing)

VO: How long you have been married?
Me: Told him the date and informed that this Jan I"ll be completing one month.

VO: Ohh, Congratulations!
Me: With a Big Smile - Thanks

VO: How many people where there in your marriage?
Me: Approx 300

VO: What degree have you done?
Me: B.Tech Biotechnology (Typing)

VO: Passed me the white receipt and told me to collect my passport after 3 days.

Visa Approved and I walked with a Happy Smile.

H4 to F1 visa:

I was very nervous and unpredictable as it was second visa interview within 8 months of time span for two different kinds of visa. Though I was prepared well for my interview but still there was always a glimpse of rejection fear in me. I had to prepare for both for F1 visa questions as well as for the questions related to my H4 and spouse.Furthermore, as I was changing my major for Masters so I had to be well versed with my strong reasons to do so.

Date: 2/08/2019
Status: Approved
Place: Mumbai Consulate
Time : 8.45 amd Slot.

As I entered the waiting room I could only see everybody dressed up in formals with only I20 and passport in their hand. The room was full with f1 visa applicants and on each and every counter there was 3 to 4 rejection v/s 1 approval. My turn came in.

Me: Good Morning Sir .
VO: Smiled (not sure though if he responded to my gesture and had also rejected a F1 visa before me)

Passed him my passport and I20. (Typing)

VO: Have you applied for a visa before?
Me: Yes, I had applied for H4 visa. (Typing)

VO: So do you stay in US:
Me: Yes

VO: How long have you been on H4?
Me: Answered (Typing)

VO: Where do you stay in US?
Me: Answered.(Typing)

VO: Where does your husband works?
Me: Answered.(Typing)

VO: Do you have a bachelor's degree ? In what ?
Me: Answered.

VO: Why did you choose this course?
Me: Sir, the reason for me choosing this course is I have 4 years of experience in Healthcare Industry at a leadership level. I was working as Senior Team Leader in xzy company. I worked.......(Interrupted in between and asked about my responsibilities)
Me: I was handling a team of 30-35 associates. Monitoring their team performance on different metrics like.... ( Again Interrupted and asked if I was a Registered Nurse)
Me: No Sir.. I was working in MNC...( Again Interrupted)

VO: Who is sponsoring for your education?
Me: My Husband.

VO: I am approving your visa and gave the receipt to collect my passport after 3 days.

Done,This was it? I asked myself with a much bigger smile than I had on approval of my H4 visa.
I am so relieved that even after my COS and Change of majors, my visa got approved within 1 min.


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feelinglucky     07/31/2019 07:01 AM

Hi I need help regarding my F1 visa. I was rejected on 30th July and was given the generic 214(b) letter which says I was not able to show ties to my home country. They didnt ask about my country though

Me: Goodmorning

VO: Goodmorning. Santa Clara University. Why are you going ther?

Me:Apart from subjects such a machine learning and big data modelling that every university has I get to choose subjects such as blockchain and fin tech which im passionate about.

VO: I see youve spent quite some time in US.

Me: Last two times I went there was for work and the one before that was for my sisters graduation.

VO: I see you have a chinese work permit.

Me: Yes I studied my undergrad from Beijing, China then came back to India and went to Shanghai to work for a year.

VO: I see you spent 6 months in USA in 1996

Me. That was when I was on my moms passport.

VO: Were you there in 1996 on B2 visa?

Me: I dont know I was on my moms passport.

VO: You were ther on B2?

Me:Must have been.

The VO leaves and takes my passport and I-20

Comes back types a bunch of stuff on her computer while im staring at her smiling awkwardly as I was nervous by this time and after 10 mins

VO: What do you do currently?

Me: I work as a senior business development executive at nash healthcare we do analysis on clients needs and source producst from china for selling and manufacturing in India.

VO: Here is your I-20. I cannot give you a visa at this time. Also I have cancelled your Tourist Visa.

Me: May I know the reason please?

VO: Its in the printed slip.

I left and couldnt say thank you to her as I was shocked and devastated. hope she didnt think I was rude to not say anything after that.

So after the interview I spoke to my father. He says I was on L2 visa not B2 and never overstayed my visa in the US. I have received visa of US and visited in 1997 and 1999. I have even received US tourist visa in 2017(the one she cancelled) for 10 years and visited 3 times in 2 and a half years for a total duration of 8 months(1 month,4months and 3 months).

I was 4 years old in 1996 and this question totally came from the left field as I was not prepared to answer it. I should have said l2 visa if only I had known about it. My mom passed away in 1997 in California so I have her passport but am looking for the L2 acceptance paper visa.

I am preparing to apply again and this time will let them know about the L2 mistake i made in the last interview also they did not ask about my property, my grades, future plans or any of my 5 other admit universities.

How can I make the next interview count and change their mind?

I have never overstayed and followed the laws of every country i travel to. Also im genuinely planning to come back. Have my girlfriend in India and plan to start my own company as I dont want to work for anyone also the hoops you have to go through for H1B are crazy.

Please help

If it matters Im 27 from New Delhi India.
I am planning to give my next interview in another city(mumbai) not because itll be easier but because they have earlier date slots(should i not?)

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24jan24     07/29/2019 21:56 PM

Hi, I am writing this because my wife is stuck with her J2 visa application process. We have known each other for 14 years. We fell in love just after school and wanted to settle in our lives and then get married with our families' consent. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way. She's from a different caste and our parents were very orthodox and unaccepting for a marriage. While all the convincing was going on, I got a job and moved to USA. We kept convincing but to no result. Finally, we decided to marry. We arranged for a lawyer who had some arrangements to get a quick marriage and registration done. I asked my boss for some vacation time, flew to India. We got married in a temple (no religious ceremonies were performed), got a temple marriage certificate. Then we applied in the court and got a legal marriage certificate from the registrar under Hindu marriage act. I flew back to the US and my wife applied for the J2 visa. She was issued an objection form asking for more ceremonial pictures. Since I was back in the US that couldn't be done. I went back on vacation a few months later, we performed the ceremonies and resubmitted the pictures. The consular now issued another objection form asking to re register the marriage. We don't know how to do that. Can someone please help? Thanks in advance. P. S. : Our families are still against this marriage and they don't know about all this.

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ganesh24ct     07/29/2019 11:09 AM

Date : 29/7/2019
Consulate : Chennai
First Attempt


VO : Give me your husbands I20
VO : What is the company he is working for?
VO : What's his salary
VO : Your visa has been approved. Enjoy!

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Gopal yedida ()     07/26/2019 06:58 AM

Status : *rejected*
Consulate : *Hyderabad*
Time: 9:00
A person who is assisting the queue took my passport and i20 and placed it at my counter.
VO: please move forward...good morning.
Me: good morning sir.
VO: ok you are going to Kettering University.
Me: yes sir.
VO: when did you graduate?
Me: told
VO: what's your percentage
Me: told
VO : how many universities have you applied?
Me: I said 2
VO: why only these 2 universities?
Me: gave the reasons.
VO: what's the other University?
Me: University of Michigan Dearborn

That was the last question he asked. He typed something and said these words *unfortunately I can't grant your visa*

Gave me 214(b).
I really wanted to study. My intention was not to stay there but why I got this rejection. Is there anyway I could prove them in my next chance?

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[email protected]     07/25/2019 03:28 AM

Hello All,
My wife was denied F2 visa in May for possible immigration intention and handed 214(b) form. We are thinking of reapplying for her visa. Now the question is whether we should reapply in the same category or try in other category like visitors visa? Please advise.

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Sm2214     07/24/2019 03:15 AM

I applied for B1/B2 VISA twice for USMLE step 2 CS examination, but rejected both times.
Now I am thinking of joining Masters program on student visa with good GRE scores. Is this decision wise or I should try the third time on visitor visa. Are my chances of getting F 1 visa less?
Please guide me.

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