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Dujon_s     11/19/2019 06:26 AM

It has been 30 since I sent my document to Uscis to remove condition from my gc and I haven’t received and response.Any suggestion on what can I do

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Denver2019     11/18/2019 22:10 PM

Hi all,
Does anybody know what happens when you apply for N-400 while have pending i751?
Does the interview make decision for both applications during the interview?
Also, does the N400 process take longer if you change your first name, or same process time?
Please share you experience!


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Epsilon     11/17/2019 21:17 PM

I-751 timeline
Feb 2nd of 2018 ——-> Jointly filled & mailed it,
Feb 20th ———> Uscis mailed back that they received it ,
March 12th ———> scheduled of biometric ,
March 30th of 2018 ——> Received 1 year of extension
April 16th of 2019 Received 6 months of extension
!! UPDATE !!
November 14th of 2019 “new card is being produced”
!! UPDATE !!
November 15th of 2019 “case was approved”

I assume within a week it will be in the mails.
—->>> You wanna what what’s even more interesting ???

I already passed the citizenship test and now waiting for the Oath Ceremony
 It was a long and frustrated waiting but thank god it’s almost over for good.

Good luck for the rest of you guys !!

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Sun90210     11/17/2019 17:32 PM

Hello guys! I applied for ROC I 751 form ( CR6 applicant) on July 20, 2019. Received extension letter on July 29,2019. Texas Service Center. And the complete silence since then. No info about waiving biometrics or appointment for biometrics as many of you received recently... Is anyone in the same boat ? May be it’s related with our local center, in Arizona...May be someone from Arizona also applied recently for ROC? Let’s be in touch!
Thanks in advance for the answers.

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shyderalirizvi     11/14/2019 22:01 PM

Hi everyone,

I really appreciate everyone's help here. So I called USCIS today and they told me that I filed my application one day too early from my PR Card expiration day. I was supposed to file on October 15 and I filed on October 14. Well long story short they said they sent me a letter of rejection on 28th of October, however I have not received it yet. it has been 3 weeks.

Can I file my application again without receiving the letter of rejection? How can I ask USCIS to re-send me the letter of rejection?

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exs4878     11/14/2019 20:58 PM

Joint filling
Texas center
Filled on 05/28/2019
USCIS received it on 06/03/2019
I received the notice of action (I-797) fro 18 months on 06/13/2019
Received letter with biometric appointment on 11/09/2019 (notice date 11/01/2019)= 5 months from the application
Biometric appointment is scheduled for 11/20/2019= 6 months after application
The case status is still not updated online. It says that the case number can't be found

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Shyderalirizvi     11/14/2019 02:47 AM


I filed my I751 in first week of October2019. It has been almost over 5 weeks and they havent deducted the amount from my account niether I recived any notification. My question is that I want to travel for two weeks im December. I will return to US om 18th Dec and my PR Card is expiring on 15th of January 2020. Is it safe for me to travel with just one month remaining on its expiry? Also how long it takes to get a notice for biometric appointment after recieving notice of action?

Thank you

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Sami2019 ()     11/13/2019 08:25 AM

New update [ Document Was Mailed To Me] Texas service whats mean ?

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oluwani     11/13/2019 04:59 AM

This forum has been helpful to me.Please I need advice on this issue, my green card will expire next year January and I'm about to submit my application. But I got to know through his family members that my husband has a son with someone else .And we have a kid together too. I'm thinking of filing for divorce but I don't know if it will have effect on me .after the submission. I'm so depressed right now.

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Texas2005     11/12/2019 10:15 AM

Thank you everyone for sharing your personal experience. It has helped me stay on track and that is why I’m sharing mine.
Filled 03/2019 Texas Center
Received receipt letter 05/2019
Receive letter extension 06/2019
Web site update to No fingerprints Appointment needed 10/2019
Received fingerprints 11/05/2019 Appointment schedule 11/12/2019
What to expect after the fingerprint appointment?
Anyone else with the same timeline ?

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