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raviudai paul singh- ()     07/21/2010 22:04 PM

Anyone can help me in getting green card information. I am having 3 years experience as Export/Import Logistic Manager at Soccer InternationalPvt. Tld. India and would like to apply for Green card or H1B visa. But not getting any information regarding this.

Please tell me about documents and funds required for it and can I apply directly without hiring any lawyer or consultant.

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Avi Kapoor- ()     07/20/2010 14:15 PM

Trust means WWICS

WWICS Immigration Company is a BIG name with big brand.

I Never here about the services for any kind of immigration, as the WWICS is providing, it really good and helpful for its valuable customers.

Dear Friends, I just want to tell you about the esteemed heart of WWICS.

I am Avi Kapoor, filed my case with WWICS in 2008 and have got a success, now I am at my dreamland and very happy with my family here. After filling my case with WWICS just after 12 months I got my all the document and visa to land at my dreamland. Dear friends I if you are thinking about immigration for any country please keep WWICS with you and it will help you at many places at many ways.

I wish you a good luck.


Avi Kapoor

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WWICS victim- ()     03/25/2010 11:50 AM

Dear All,

If you have to apply for immigration or any other VISA service please DO NOT (NEVER EVER) choose WWICS. They are the biggest cheat and frauds. They have mishandled many cases which means rejections from consulates and they do not pay the money back also. There is no professionalism at their office also and you can often see the receptionist singing songs and chit chatting with fellow colleagues and on the phone. This is true for WWICS Mumbai and even their Chandigarh Headoffice is no good and people do not even know basic things about immigration. They are a totally useless company

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Saurabh Singhal- ()     02/20/2010 10:47 AM

I have stamped my H1b Visa in 2008 after that i went to embassy for B1 Visa stamping.there it asked me why you didn't went on H1b Visa i told them due to recession my employer didn't turned me up.so that's the reason for not travelling on H1b.At that time consultate has written CWOP on my H1B Visa and issued me B1 visa.
I donot know what exactly CWOP means.Later my employer is calling me on H1B Visa.
I have planned my trip for US but on delhi airport at immigration they refused to go to US as CWOP is written on my H1b Visa.they told me to check with embassy people and verify about ur visa

Please help me what should be done in this case as my petition is valid till 2011 but my visa is CWOP
it means my visa is cancelled and i have to reapply for H1B Cap or i have to give H1b Interview again.Please help me out

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dilpreet- ()     09/24/2009 14:13 PM

please dont get trapped in WWICS. they are big
fraud people. I hired them for getting immigration to canada. I paid 30000 to them as to start the processing. later on I came to know some info they provided me is not correct and I will not be able to get visa. So I asked them to cancel my visa application and file for getting 50000 refund of visa fee. I could have done this myself but they told they know the process and they will do the needfula and hand over the visa fee refund check as soon as they get it. I kept mailing to them enquiring about the status of check I always get a reply that they have not recieved it. One day I get a reply that they have recieved the check I contacted them they told I have to pay 45000 to them only then they will release the check. Its clear case of fraud as they never mentioned about this money and I inform them intially that I will be going for visa cancellation. they are real cheater. If you people realy want to file a case against them please visit CSIC ( http://www.csic-scci.ca/) they need complaints against them to cancel there membersip. I have contacted them at 1-866-308-2742 its a toll free number they can help people if you want. so please mail to them your complaint form. Also I have contacted news agancies they are ready to write article against them they need names. so please mail me @ [email protected] we need names to mention in the article.

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manasi- ()     07/08/2009 06:29 AM


I wish to know the waiting period for 2004 applicants, if there are any. I am very frustrated with this long wait, hope to get some feedback on the usual time taken for immigration as the waiting period seems to be getting extended each time.


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Nandini- ()     06/24/2009 07:08 AM

My mother got visa at the Hyderabad consulate. We were skeptical because my father passed away a couple of years ago.
She interviewed in Hindi. THe officer asked her only 3 questions

Q) Who are you visiting?
A) My daughter

Q) Where does she live and what does she do?
A) Answered

Q) Where is your husband?
A) Answered

The officer said "you have been issued a visa.. Have a nice trip to the US"

Immihelp has been very very helpful with the documents and interview preparation and the readers' experiences. I would really encourage people to take a few minutes out and post their experiences.

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Madhavi- ()     06/15/2009 14:27 PM

I would appreciate any advice on how to process Green Card to US for my Mom. I'm US citizen and would like to sponsor her. Please guide me with the related info.

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Shekher- ()     04/20/2009 14:47 PM

Hi to all the reader
I am a client of wwics and was harrassed a lot by them.I must say they are big liar,cheater and no trustworthy.I have withdrawn my case but they are denying to pay me back my fees.It was all their mistakes they didn't tell me the fact of my case untill I paid the entire fee but after they shown their original color and prooved that they are only the biggest cheater in the immigration services.
The branch manager of wwics Ahmedabad Mr. Deepak Zhamtani is a big liar,he has the skill of speaking lie and making fool the customer.
So it is my personal advice that please avoid their services,there are good consultants in India and abroad who are genuine and trustworthy

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dharmesh- ()     03/12/2009 23:07 PM

does anybody know whats the scope for sales and marketing in australia if not which is the country where i should apply for visa if there any sales and marketing scope there.

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