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hxp7     01/12/2019 16:33 PM

Hello Everyone,

My wife has her immigrant visa interview on Monday (1/14). I was trying to print DS260 confirmation page from ceac.state.gov website. But the DS260 application status shows as N/A and I cannot click or do anything. Does anyone have any idea how I can get that confirmation page.
I am worried they wont let her interview without DS260 confirmation page .

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cinlubis     11/12/2018 15:04 PM

Hi everyone,

My husband (US Citizen) and I are building a case to apply for AOS for me right now and wondering whether I can apply for it without a lawyer? Would it be harder and longer? I was a student and was familiar with the steps through getting EAD for OPT. Anyone else got approved without having any help from accredited attorneys? If so, please share your experience. Thank you!

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luckyh2011     10/10/2018 15:18 PM

Dear All.
Please stay away from WWICS they have miss guide and looted money of many people and waisted there time.
I am one of them . I am in process of filling police complaint/case against them please email me on luckyh2011@gmail.com if you have also cheated or misguided by WWICS.

Please do enquiry from Indian government read reviews on Google .
Government of India had filled a police complaint/FiR against WWICS.
Don't get carried away .

Please stay away from WWICS

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Jibadey10     07/15/2018 06:14 AM

Good day sir/ma
Please I need your help/advice, I wish to apply for the immigrant visa this year, and i want someone to help or put me through, where to start, what and what I would need to put together? I am a civil servant, a professional Firefighter with 10 years experience from a fire service department in Nigeria, am married with a kid, I have all documents to back my professionalism and status. I need your advices and guidance to make my dreams become reality.
Hope to read from you soonest. Thanks...

My regards.

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calcouple     06/25/2018 22:27 PM

Hi All,

Our green card interview is scheduled for July 13th ( yep, Friday 13th). PD July 2017.

Our son is a minor, who lives in Turkey, now has his family visa interview scheduled for July 26th, 1 week after ours is.

If my wife's green card is approved at the interview, can she leave the country without it can I mail to her overseas for re-entry? Or does she need it to leave the US?

Or, I, a US Citizen can fly over for his consolate interview and wait a week to receive his visa and fly back to the US with him?

Any advise would help!

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calcouple     06/25/2018 22:21 PM

Hi All,
Need help. I am a US Citizen, married to Immigrant ( We live in the USA) . Her son, my stepson lives in Turkey and we just got notice of his Interview at the US Consulate for July.

My Wife's/our Green card I-485 interview is scheduled 1 week before his interview. She wants to fly over to turkey after the interview to be at our sons interview.

If her Green Card is approved at the interview, Can she leave the country, and I mail it to her overseas when it's received?

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yogeshpatel     04/19/2018 23:13 PM

hello every one,
i am green card holder and i petition for my wife.
i applied and i got form i797C and priority date is Feb 21 2017,
but still today date 4/19/2018 i dont get any update form consular no email no mail.
so please update me should i wait or try to contact NVC please help me so i can follow the steps
i am confusion so help me
thank you

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pmsreekanth     02/12/2018 11:40 AM

Hi, my immigrant visa is approved in EB-1A category.
Do I need to have a job to travel to US? Or can I search for a job after going to US.

Please suggest.

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Muhammad Hassan     02/09/2018 05:17 AM

My interview was on 9th January, 2018, after the interview the Officer gave me a yellow Slip and checked the 221g statement. My father was a government employee and i hold an official Pakistan passport and on it an Iranian Visa. The officer asked me about my travel history and i told him that i have traveled to Iran with my father on official governments orders on the official passport, i stayed there for 1year and did not job and only studied high school. the officer asked me for my blue passport on which the visa was issued. i did not had that at that time. Instead I gave him a document of the Pakistan Embassy on which they have ordered the embassy of Iran to Issue multiple entry visas for my family. The US embassy Islamabad now have my passport and i am under administrative processing. Last Case Update : 9,10, 11, 16, 17, 23 January. Since 23-January my status is not updated. Can anyone tell me how long this will take and what are the possibilities. thanks .

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ashlei     02/05/2018 13:40 PM


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