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Cat01     08/13/2019 17:22 PM

Hi everyone! I just want to know if there are March 2019 filers from Orlando in this forum? My PD is March 1,2019. No EAD/AP YET. Waiting for the schedule of my interview. If there are Orlando filers here please let us know your timelines, thank you. May God bless us all!

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Alfredoleons     07/17/2019 10:48 AM

Hi All,

Has anyone in this forum managed to renter the US -with an appropriate immigration status- but also with an expired Venezuelan passport?

Context: A month ago the Venezuelan government in exile issued a decree that was later recognized by the US, essentially extending the validity of expired Venezuelans passport for an additional 5 years beyond the printed expiration date, by which Venezuelans holding an appropriate immigration status are eligible to renter the us even though they hold expired passports. Link: https://www.state.gov/the-united-states-supports-extension-of-validity-for-venezuelan-passports/

I ask because I haven't hear of anyone actually going through with this and I live in MIA. I intent to travel to Colombia in April 2020 to have my wedding and by that time my passport will be expired. After facing the impossible task of renewing my Venezuelan passport, I refuse to thousands of dollars to the Venezuelan passport mafia to get it renewed.

Has anyone managed to re-enter the US with an expired venezuelan passport? (Please share your experience..

Thanks in advance

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12Raj     07/11/2019 19:50 PM

Hello everyone,
My name is Raj. I just attended my interview on july 9 of 2019. When i later checked on my status on USCIS status checking site it showed that my new card is being produced and will be mailed to my mailing address. I dont know what that means?
Anyone have any idea about this?
Note: I applied through my wife as she is citizen.

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Summer23     07/02/2019 19:52 PM

Hi everyone.

I just want to ask whats the best thing to do or if there’s someone out there who is also in the same situation.
My interview has been scheduled June 21,2019 and today I got the letter. However, my husband and I moved June 1st 2019, and I changed the address to the new address we are living now with USPS and Ar-11 with the confirmation both mail and email.
So, when we received the letter of course we are happy and excited but the field office that the interview is going to be at will be from the old address. We have already moved. What is your advice?

Thank you so much!

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Topillo     06/28/2019 09:54 AM

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Vanessabrown     06/27/2019 01:05 AM

I have trying to get a visa from 2013, I have been to the embassy 4 times however it has come to my knowledge that I was on some type of filing... my mom was in the US to work she found love there but came back so her fiancé was filing for her via a fiancé visa which she put me Nd my sister on it because we were minors at the time. Her fiancé and her split and he stop the filing and sent her some papers in the mail that he had stop the process, so i’m wonder if it is a case where the paper is pending or dus result in me can’t obtain a visitor visa?? She even went to the embassy last week and she said they kept asking her about the fiancé visa which was ten (10) years again every has moved in with their life. My bf wants to do a fiancé visa for me will that have anything to do with me now??

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Jaykay01     06/18/2019 06:42 AM

Good Day All

I previously got denied a B2 visa under 214b i reapplied a month later and the consular retained my passport under 221g and told me i can track at the interview she took in all supporting documents
Departure and return flights hotel accommodation etc.

A day later no further documents have been requested and the ceac website shows updated and within 5 minutes shows refused.
Please advise any solution. I called the consulate to find out how to get my passport back they said the courier company will contact me.

Please advise

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KGQ1     06/15/2019 00:42 AM

Hi Everyone,

I have been a silent reader and now seeking your help. I am happily married to a USC, who is 26yrs older than I am. We got married Oct 2018. Honestly, I heard Queens is moving fast, but didn't know I would be that lucky even though the interview is not schedule as yet but just the fact that my case is ready to be scheduled give me hope that all my documents was reviewed and no rfe.

PD: April 12, 2019,
Bio : May 14, 2019
June 12, 2019 case is ready to scheduled for an Interview.

I have no Joint Documents as yet, because I was waiting on my EAD. Can someone plz tell me what to do???
I really want to do extremely well in my interview because of the age difference.

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Myboo     06/13/2019 03:19 AM

Anyone who is filling from Hawaii? How’s the processing?

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Shubhdeep     06/04/2019 15:14 PM

I submitted all my documents to nvc on 30th april 2019 and they reviewed and accepted documents on 10th may but they rejected one documents that is my my co-sponsors citizenship certificate and they want me to send it again. And i send the document again on 16th may. And today is 4th june but they havent reviewed it yet. So how long does it usually take to reveiw the re-submitted document. I applied for my husband and i am citizen. My embassy will be Bombay, India.

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