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Amit- ()     10/08/2002 19:57 PM

Its organized well and the content is authentic. Keep improving on a already good site!

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Indian- ()     10/01/2002 14:12 PM

This one of the best places to get information on greencard. It has every detail with examples and related forms. Great job.

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Srini Kella- ()     09/25/2002 00:15 AM

Excellent site. Much helpful.

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Sreehari Unnikrishnan- ()     09/23/2002 15:26 PM

Great job !!! Awesomw site...Informative to the core...

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Nasir Ahmed- ()     09/21/2002 01:15 AM

Excellent site with complete details process vise. Tremandeous job work, hands-off to all for great team-work.

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A Patel- ()     09/20/2002 10:23 AM

Excellent source of information, keep it up!!

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Pradeep Nagar- ()     09/16/2002 14:42 PM

This is a fantastic site. I got all the necessary info and the discussion board was great. I got my GC in 2001 and this site was of great help Thanks to all for making this site such a nice knowledge bank

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Satish- ()     09/13/2002 13:59 PM

Very user friendly & full information organized in perfect way. Proved kind of bible for immigration process. Special thanks for all fillable forms.

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sajid raees- ()     09/05/2002 04:55 AM

PLEASE accept my compliments on maintaining a 'state of the art'website on immigration.

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Ranga- ()     08/25/2002 13:40 PM

It was fresh & clear info on visa to USA....Thanks Ranga Canada

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