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myself5678     10/18/2014 02:49 AM

i was interviewed last june at the US Embassy fro K1 visa. Fortunately, i passed it. but there's a little problem on my documents that was not included on the consular hands, it was the affidavit of support and my petitioner's income. the consular required me to mailed those papers they needed. i did mailed what they wanted to but all of it was scanned documents. after few weeks, the consular asked me a letter stating for the reason why my fiance has no income. i did mailed it again. but for a month, i received a refusal stating "public charge". My passport until now is still at the embassy. i received the refusal online august 8 and i received the refusal letter september 6. what are the things i need to do then? is there some chances that i can get my visa? i am confused as will if i can do some appeals or waiver? would it take too long to grant my visa then? PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEE!!! DO HELP ME ON IT!!! I WOULD BE GLAD AND THANKFUL..

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jvc09052013     08/20/2014 17:18 PM

I filed I-129f on March 17, it went from 5 months to 6 months processing time, my case is in Texas, it just drive me crazy, we are from Cuba, I don't know what to think any more, Why is it taking too long, I think I should married her and file as spouse, anybody out there is getting anxious like me for all this waiting ??

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rosejosh     07/24/2014 23:49 PM

hi guys.. i am actually new here.. i just want to ask something about the affidavit of support for k1 visa..i've been waiting for 4 months after we received our noa1. got an rfe june 4, sent the response on july 7 and no news after that..

so here's the story, my fiance is a student.. he has money in the bank and will surely meet the 125% poverty guidelines.. do you think that's enough to support the fiance application? i mean, he is having his summer job now but i think that's not enough to put in as an employment record..

please help.. i need to clear my mind about it.. thank you..

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gdltlan     06/14/2014 20:30 PM

Hello there all followers. Do you know if there is a way for me to switch from fiance visa to spousal visa? My partner is from Mexico, and would like to know if this can be done.. does anyone know? I will greatly appreciate it if someone is willing to answer and what steps i will need to start this process. Thanks

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lydia yeptho     06/08/2014 03:26 AM

hi! i will just be thankful to whomsoever helps me my quires in knowing what exact time might i get my passport since its cost of living in mumbai hotels is high...i applied for k-1 visa and have been interviewed by embassy on 30-may-2014 and the embassy informed that my visa is approved and i would get my passport in one weeks time to be collected from the pickup location(mumbai).....however i havent got any sms or email or letter by post from consulate to collect my passport...also official website for tracking passport status says my passport is still with post..when i went on to pickup location after 7 days of my interview to enquire my passport.they said its still with embassy. i now am little frustrated as to how wld i knw or figure how long might it take bcz they wldnt be able to tell me how long am i have to wait to get my passport.

Is it usually like this or is different in my case? kindly help me ...if its going to take time then i certainly wants to go back to my hometown...the official website ''https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/ says my staus is opened on 02-06-2014 and my status is updated on 02-06-2014'' generally how long does it takes for k-1 visas passport to be collected? your kind suggestions will be highly appriciated. thank you

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roldan400     06/04/2014 16:51 PM

Hello there, does anyone know how they treat Cubans and fiance visas?? My fiance is Cuban and I just sent the I-129F forms and required documents but I was just wondering if anybody knows, given the fact that the two governments don't get alone well, if the process is harder or the same???

Thank you:)

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preetharpreet03     05/14/2014 04:28 AM

hi i had undergone my fiance visa interview at delhi embassy on 5th may..and the visa officere clearly said you visa has been apporved..but i didnt receive my passport yet..when i put the passport no in tracker it shows passport is still with post..is there any need to worry..or itsnormal...plz help me..what they do after.

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Saki456     02/25/2014 18:49 PM

I am F1 on OPT that will expire on May 19th this year. I just got married and want to file the GC application. I have a question about the name change. I have court case for March 20th for changing my last name, however, I am afraid to wait and file GC then as that is cutting too close to my EAD expiration date. I would like to file now so I get my work visa prior to expiration of my EAD on May 19th. However, I already paid name change fee. I am not really sure what to do. Anyone been in this situation before? I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks

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help2014     12/30/2013 16:23 PM

Hi all, i returned from usa in 2011 on k1 visa as things didnt workout. I stayed there only for 90 days and now i am planning to apply for tourist visa again in the coming months. What kind of question visa officer can ask me, secondly, is there a chance of getting a visa again. I have a decent travelling history, i have been to London(tourist visa) and China( tourist visa). Will appreciate your advice on this.

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greg3070     11/17/2013 10:43 AM

Hello, I know my thinking is silly and confused, but love does that to people.

I met my current wife working in Ukraine. Fell in love and told her I wanted to marry her. Kept in touch over the next couple years, flew back and forth numerous times and all that. in 2012, she finally said she was ready for a new marriage. I proposed officially and gave her the ring. Yada yada yada...

She got here in May of 2012, and as much as I thought things would be wonderful, they didn't go quite as planned. Well we worked through a number of issues, had a separation for about 4 months and thought we were working things out. In Sept 2013, I received hundreds of emails from her. All past emails to everyone in her contact list. Either she lost her mind, her system went bonkers, she somehow clicked on the wrong icon or someone hacked her email. Whatever it was, I got many emails.

The emails were very clear she only married me for her green card. Even after reading that, my response was what did I do? Why did she feel this way. I love her and am sorry I made her feel that way. I know, I know, I was defrauded but my heart still wanted and wants her. I went home and asked what this was about. She refused to discuss it with me. She then said her emails were blocked and if I didn't give them back to her by the next morning she would never talk to me again. Interesting accusation since they are from Rambler and I don't know Russian. It would be impossible for me to even enter Rambler, even if I had a password, let alone forward all her emails. She didn't care. She moved into her daughters room. She had breakfast the next morning across from me, but refused to talk. During that day she slept on the couch only a few feet from me but would not talk to me. Point im making is she wasn't afraid of me, just pissed off at me.

About a week later, she left the home. Then she filed for domestic Violence. She lost! She lost again at the follow up hearing they have! Actually she dropped it when my attorney (who is much better than hers) basically told her if they go forward he would expose every bit of fraud and put it on court record for immigration to read. Suggest you don't proceed! Her attorney had to argue with my wife over and over to explain how my attorney would basically kick her ass and she would have many problems if they proceed, regardless of the outcome.

Of course her bitch of an attorney made it very clear to me that there will be a no contact order in place. I said wow, that's useful. So much for saving a marriage. Atty said she didn't care and that I am dangerous. I said wait until she deals with USCIS for fraud. Her attorney had nothing to say. My attorney says they are running scared. My attorney was an intern at an immigration attorneys office and is quite familair with the rules. She assures me that my wife and her atty are about to discover she is in way over her head.

Anyway, as stupid as I obviously am, I want to do something to make it work. I want her to get to the church, talk to the pastor, and come to a way to prove to me that she can make a marriage to me work. Perhaps I'm out of my mind, I already said that, but blocked communication isn't going to help. It is pretty much believed that her status is SOL now. My atty believes they have discovered this and are not sure what to do. They are also being reminded that fraud to USCIS can result in a permanent ban from the US so even running away and waiting for a new sponsor will not work. She is having to realize I have the testicles (reference only, same sex sponsorship is still not allowed) in my hand. I am pretty much at the give up point if she doesn't respond soon. I have an appointment with USCIS field office in a little over a week from now. I have put it out there to my atty to give to her atty, better drop no contact order by end of next week or your client is looking at lifetime ban from the USA. So far nothing but a promise to talk to her client has been received.

So anyway, anyone have any ideas if I still want to save the marriage (Don't tell me how stupid I am, I know this already). I wont hold it over her head, otherwise what would that do except undermine the marriage. I won't drive home the fraud. I simply want an hour of explanation, some clarification and some acknowledgement that this was wrong. We put it behind us and decide how to make a marriage work. That's my goal. I do love her, she can be sweet and I find her amazingly beautiful. Not everyone does, she has a unique look. Petite little brunette, but she can be a very difficult person. I will even say she can be a bitch. She has been blown off by countless other men as I observed in old emails. She can be very annoying, but for some reason I can tolerate that from her, as long as she keeps it under control.

Any suggestions on what to cram down the throat of her atty? reminding her of the potential lifetime ban has already been done. We have told her atty that she won't get her medical insurance from my new job if she doesn't drop the no contact order. We suspect the order is from her atty in hopes I screw up and she can go after DV so she can get paid. It won't happen, I have already made it clear if I can't talk to her, I'm lonely so if I can't talk to my wife, I will go talk to USCIS! her atty has already told me I'm an a*****e! I told her she is a greedy b***h and not a very good lawyer! lol. She says why are all cops (I am a former one) such A holes to her. I said because we don't fear you! LOL.

So, what now? Have I done all I can? Have we put the fear of god in her? She can apply for a waiver, but she started the divorce and has no DV so it's unlikely she will get far. Especially when I submit my overwhelming evidence of fraud to USCIS. She is pretty much at the crossroads of fight me and never stay in the USA again or knock it off and work with me.

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