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RV_0111     06/01/2019 06:48 AM

Hello all,
 I had my visa interview on may 31st at Hyderabad consulate.

VO : So you are on H4. why don't you continue studying on H4?
Me: I told After completion of my masters degree, I would like to gain practical experience on the Data science courses I have done.

VO: She paused me and asked You can work on H4 right?
Me: I told I could not work on H4. Also I told my husbands visa is going to expire. I don't want to depend on his visa.

VO: She asked me Do you want to utilize OPT?
Me: I told yes and have not continued and the officer started typing... and gave me 214b denial form.

Also I have one semester left and program end date on my i20 is December 2019. I missed to tell that I would return to my home country after my practical experience.

I am planning to reschedule my visa interview. Could anyone tell me How to improve on telling answer for Why h4 to F1?

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purab123     05/31/2019 17:37 PM

Our J1 and J2 visa of USA expires in June end 2019. We have got new DS-2019 form. We wish to apply for renewal of J1 visa (and J2 for wife) using drop box interview waiver program.
My queries are
1) "Do we qualify for drop box interview waiver program?"
2) "Do both of us need to be present in person for submitting the drop box letter with all original documents at the drop box centre in India OR Is it fine if any one of us or someone else visit the centre with all documents?"

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ravitejapilla     05/23/2019 17:12 PM

Hello Everyone,

My wife attended her visa interview on may 13th 2019 for J1 visa. She was previously dependent on me ( J2 till June 2018, H4 from june 2018 to now)
After she got her I-797 , she couldn’t get her H4 stamped and she went for J1 visa stamping interview directly. VO gave her 221g refusal form and put the visa on Administrative processing.
They took her passport / ds-2019. We haven’t heard anything from the visa consulate after that.
Do you have any suggestions about how to proceed from here on ? Any idea about the approximate duration for Admin Processing. Her residency start date is June 17th. So worried about it.

Thank you.

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USMLE2109     05/22/2019 09:19 AM

I recently secured an Internal Medicine Residency position in the US and applied for a J1 visa. My interview was in Delhi on 14 May 2019 and it got rejected. I was handed the 214 B letter and the officer said I violated the B1B2 visa, which I did not. My intent fo my previous travels to the US was for observerships, residency interviews, and CS exam. Has anyone had a similar experience? She did not take any documents except the DS2019 and my passport. I was not given a chance to present any documents. All questions were only about my observerships and why I spent so much time in the US. I am applying again but what are my chances and how I prepare better for the next interview?

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sahudeepika     05/20/2019 11:04 AM


Is there is any the difference to get F2 Visa if F1 has CPT.

As reading so many experience (F1) CPT visa can be a main reason for rejections.

If F1(spouse) OPT VIsa then there is the chance to get F2 visa without rejection.

Please someone suggest or give your views on it.


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ap079747     05/18/2019 02:59 AM

Hi Guys

I am on F1 visa. I came to USA on Dec,2017. Now I am on CPT doing internship this summer and also I am graduating this summer on August 10. I have already applied for OPT and requested my start date for August 12.

I had earlier applied for F2 visa 6 times for my spouse and son between march 2018 to april 2019 and all the time it got rejected. We got married on 2014

Now I am on CPT and want to apply again for F2. but I am thinking to wait untill i start OPT and work.

Can any one suggest me Is it ok to apply for visa while i am on CPT or I should wait untill i get my OPT approved and start work.

Your suggestion will be appreciated

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sahudeepika     05/17/2019 13:26 PM

Thank you All for sharing your experience.

I am going to attend the F2 visa very soon as my husband is studying in USA and have CPT.

Can someone help me or give my advise how i can get visa.

Please feel free to suggest me

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manideep.koritala     05/15/2019 01:55 AM

vo: why this University
me:Western Michigan University is continuously accrideted by higher learning commission since 1915
this University is providing most of my interest core modules in data analytics
being a student with 8.4 cgpa i have chances to get scholarship in this University.

vo: who is funding your study
me: my father is supporting with his savings 14052usd and ubi sanctioned me an education loan of 30 lakhs

vo: which Universities did you applied
me: University of Texas at San Antonio , George Mason University virgina Western Michigan University

vo: why not other 2 Universities
me: those 2 Universities are also suitable for my profile but course circulum is scattered into different specialisation in those universities but in wmu it is under one circulum

vo : what are your future plans
me: i will be back to India and see myself as data analyst in wipro or Infosys

i got rejected i don't know why
van anyone say the reason

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AAt123     05/09/2019 06:06 AM

Asking for a friend
I have a quick question on the visa administrative hold.

The case m talking about had an interview on 17Apr 2019. My status did not update yet.
So, any approvals for candidates in the month of april after clearing the admin hold, please tell me the wait time

Many F1 Visa's are being put on hold for further admin processing and the financials are collected accordingly.
Anyone who have got their visa's issued post the admin process?

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f1visa2019     05/07/2019 03:45 AM

Hyderabad Consulate
Interview date: May 7th

VO: is this your first time applying for a US visa?
Me: answered

VO: Why this university?
Me: answered

VO: Why this course?
Me: answered

VO: Why masters?
Me: answered

VO: How is your Masters related to your undergrad course?
Me: answered

VO: Any backlogs in undergrad?
Me: answered

VO: Undergrad percentage?
Me: answered

VO: Which year have you graduated?
Me: answered

VO: What have you done after getting graduated?
Me: answered

VO: What were your roles and responsibilities in both the companies you worked?
Me: answered

VO: Who is going to sponsor for the education?
Me: answered

VO: What does your husband do?
Me: answered

Congratulations mam, your visa is approved

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