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Vishnudhp     07/17/2019 01:53 AM

My wife F2 visa experience

1) who arranged your marrige
2) what is your spouse name
3) is he on opt ? Or cpt
A) he is on cpt, doing PhD and internship . Internship is the part of the course
4) can I see your marrige album
5) where did you get married

Finally your F2 visa was approved

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ravlib     07/16/2019 10:51 AM

visa date: 6th june 2019
venue: hyderabad
time: 11am

VO: when is your husband's visa renewal date?
Me: May 2020.
VO: how many universities did you apply?
Me: only 1 university-bowling green state univ.
VO: why did u apply only one univ?
Me: I have inquired before applying regarding other univ and met adviser of this univ and discussed my profile with him. i liked the course structure of this univ hence applied to this univ.
VO: Is your bachelors degree same as the masters course?
me: No it is different.
VO: when did u finish your bachelors?
me: 2016
VO: what did you do from then?
me: i was working with Accenture as software engineer for 2 years till 2018.
VO: Why did you leave your job and planning for masters?
me: i got married after that in 2018 so moved to US to accompany my husband. now planning for masters.
VO: who is sponsoring for studies?
Me: my father
VO: why not your husband is sponsoring?
Me: my husband will take care of my living expenses and my father will sponsor my tuition fee.
VO: what is your father? what is his income?
me: He is Govt. employee of salary xx lakhs rupees per annum
VO: Will that be sufficient for your studies?
Me: i have 20 lakhs of cash and 15lakhs of approved loan form canara bank in India.
VO: what is your gre score?
me: 303
VO: do u have any backlogs in bachelors?
me: no i dont have any.
VO: is it collateral or non collateral loan?
me: i don't know the meaning of the term "collateral" could you ask in other terms. I can show you my financial documents if required.
VO: is it collateral or non collateral (asked for 3 more times)?
me: sorry i don't know
VO: sorry your visa cannot be approved.

i booked another slot for interview in Chennai. what to improve in my answers
Please help.

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iamkvchowdary     07/09/2019 09:07 AM

Visa Interview

Date: 08th July 2019
Location: Chennai
Counter no: 28
Slot: 10.45 am
Status: Rejected (214b)

Course: MS in CS,
University: Wright State University

I’ve reached the consulate by 10:30 am and was surprised to see a long queue. There were people standing from the earlier time slots. I was allowed to get into Q at 10:55 am.

After a lot of struggle, I was asked to join the line for the Interview inside at around 12.15 pm. The VO was in her late 30’s(Maybe) looks like American.

She has rejected H1B visa also before me with 214b

Me: Good Afternoon Officer.

VO: Please pass your passport along with I20

Me: Sure, here it is madam

VO: When did you graduate?
Me: I have graduated in the year 2015 from Electronics and Communication Engg.

VO: What have you been doing since then?
Me: I have been working as Senior Engineer at Sasken Technologies Ltd., Bengaluru.

VO: Why do you want to leave your current job and plan for Masters?
Me: I should have gone for Masters after my UG also but I thought of having industrial work exposure. So that I can know what exactly the industry is looking for. Over the course of 4 years, I have been doing testing, coding, and debugging the applications. Now I need to enhance my skills to become an Architect position in coming years. For achieving this I am planning Masters now.

VO: How many Universities you have applied.
Me: I have applied to 6 Universities, do you want to name them.

VO: Yes

Me :
1. University of New Haven
2. Texas AnM Kingsville
3. Cal State San Bernardino
4. University of Missouri Kansas City
5. Texas AnM University-Commerce
6. Wright State University

Out of these I got rejected by UMKC and got 5/6 admits.

VO: Who's sponsoring your education.
Me: My Mother is sponsoring my education. She is a govt. servant and works for Govt. of AP.

VO: Have you taken any education loan?
Me: Yes, we have taken education loan from State Bank of India for 20 lakhs. And it's a secured loan.

VO: What's your mother annual income?
Me: Around 12 lakhs per annum. It is my father dream to pursue in the USA who is no more here. After graduation, I will come back to India to take care of my mother.

She kept on typing for more than 30 seconds and said

Sorry, you can't qualify for the VISA under section 214b.

Please give your valuable suggestions for the 2nd attempt.

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kumarbhaskar8     07/04/2019 13:39 PM

Hi, my F1 student visa was rejected 3 times till now once in Chennai consulate and twice in Hyderabad consulate.

In the last interview Visa officer said like this "I recommend you not to apply again as you are not eligible for this type of visa" and passed 214B

Is it a permanent visa denial? can I apply again?

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sahudeepika     07/04/2019 10:48 AM


Anyone can help me. my F2 visa was rejected two times 1: hyderabad 2: mumbai

my husband is doing MBA from xxx collage. and have CPT now . 1st year is completed.


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connormcguigan     07/03/2019 06:18 AM

Hi. I recently attempted to enter the US on a J1 visa which was revoked at border control. The CO had found evidence of work under an ESTA in my previous 2 visits to the US and I had obviously not put this in my application for the J1.

 I was told I could apply again for a J1 by the CO following my interview therefore I had not been banned from any visa application process.

I am now wondering what my options are and the likelihood of being accepted for either a B1/2 or other temporary work visas in the future?



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nimesh280     07/01/2019 14:41 PM

Hi there,

I am currently on OPT & my current EAD is expiring on 15 July. I have applied for STEM extension and have received the i-797 notice. But the approval is still pending. 
I want to go to India to attend my sister's marriage and come back on July 12. Is it advisable to do so?

​​​​​​​I am a little skeptical because I will only have 1 working day left in my current OPT. Also, even if the I-797 notice mentions that my current work authorization is extended for another 180 days till my STEM-OPT is pending, I am wondering if this is enough to convince the immigration officer to enter to the US.

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rkhiste     06/20/2019 02:53 AM

My fiance is on F1 visa (OPT with 2 years of experience) we are planning to get married in *January 2020* And his I20 is about to expire in *May 2020* . So what visa should I apply for? F2 (as I20 period is very less are there any chances of rejection?) or B1/B2 ( As per my knowledge, we can stay max 6 months in USA)? What would be the best option for me?

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dhawald7     06/13/2019 02:12 AM

I had my f1 visa interview on 31st may at mumbai consulate and the officer told me that my visa was approved and i would receive a message in a week to collect my passport. But still today the status online is showing administrative processing and last update date is 31st may the day of my interview. Can anyone help me regarding this?

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APM2019     06/11/2019 16:34 PM


My I-20 document said it covers till the next 3 years, however, I might not be able to continue my education dues to funding issue. Yet, I am in the process of marrying a US citizen and will apply for permanent resident status. If I do not have sponsorship from school to register to the next semester, is my 1-20 still ok to stay in the US or it will be automatically terminated? What kind of status do I have while staying in the US?

Thanks in advance.

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