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PKt- ()     12/11/2007 16:38 PM

I have an appt in Nogales for Dec 19th. I wanted information on how to obtain the Mexican permit at the border.


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Prashant Polisetty- ()     12/05/2007 18:48 PM


I am going to Nogales for H1 stamping on 20th dec 07. If anyone of you is also going on the same day please let me know so that we can plan the trip.

My number is 213-400-6026.


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Rohan Poojary- ()     11/13/2007 18:44 PM

I am going for H1 stamping on 20th NOV at NOGALES US Embassy , is anyone going around on that date?



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amit- ()     11/05/2007 19:18 PM

I'm planning to go on 15th nov, 07.

Anyone looked at the Nogales VISA processing time? it says 35 days, sounds unreal?

Any thoughts?

EMAIL ME - [email protected]

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Raja- ()     11/05/2007 00:37 AM

Hello Friends,

I am going to Nogales for H1B extention on Nov 16th. I will be arrving at Tuscan, AZ on Thrusday 15th night.

If anybody has appointment on 16th, please maill back so that we can share some ideas.


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Raj- ()     11/04/2007 14:59 PM

I am heading to Nogales, Mx for renewal of my H1-B visa, scheduled for Nov 13th. Am planning to fly to Tuscon and then drive to Nogales.

If anyone has an interview the same day, do let me know. Email at [email protected]

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Arvind- ()     10/30/2007 10:45 AM

Hi all,

I am attending for the H1 visa stamping at Nogales, Mexico on Nov 7th, 2007. I would like to know if there is anyone going there on same day. You can reach me at 937-626-5902. Also, I am planning to go to the consulate without agents help. Do I need any kind of permit to enter Mexico? Any suggestions please...

Thank you,

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Zoozee- ()     10/09/2007 23:33 PM


I am planning to go to Nogales for H1B renewal. Do I need to apply for a visa to enter into Mexico? Also my appointment is at 8:00 am - any suggestions on how to get the Banamex DD?


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Naveen- ()     10/09/2007 15:09 PM

I got y ph # wrong in my prev msg.

It is 408-705-0162


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Naveen- ()     10/09/2007 14:59 PM

Hi Guys,
This is Naveen Kumar.I will be flying from San Jose, CA(on 4th Nov 2007) to Tucson, AZ and then drive to nogales for visa stamping .If you are are also in the same position and would like to join me, you are more than welcome.
My ph#408-707-0162

thank you and have a nice day!

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