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suman sk     07/19/2017 23:42 PM

Hello everybody,

I have been going through the forum for a long time now for guidance and tips to succeed in the visitor visa interview.

A brief synopsis about my background:
Manager in LIC
Two school going children
Wife bank employee
My mother stays with me
Visiting my sister-in-law who is terminally ill

First time, all four of us went and the vo asked asked a many questions. I had my bank statements and my wife had her own. The vo wanted proof that my children were indeed mine. I showed our ration card, aadhar cards. vo asked for US sponsor proof about her condition. We gave the letter only and not her medical history which we did not have.

We were refused 214b with letter. Two months later, my wife alone went for the interview as she was suggested on the forum. This time the interview was short and refused immediately with just 2 questions. why are travelling to the US? Why are you applying alone?

On her way out of the consulate, she spoke to some other visa applicants and she came to know that she was not alone in the reasonless refusals. She met an old lady who was refused 4 times who was travelling to see her daughter and grand children. This lady was elated as she got the visa on her 5th attempt and she spoke on phone to someone and thanked them and cried.

My wife having left clueless on her refusal asked this lady for help and she was given the contact details of this consultant called visa vikings. we approached them and they asked us to contact after 3 months which we did. They gave some instructions and looked in to all the documents and corrected the applications online. They gave us a date and time for the interview and asked me and my wife to go for the interview.

We were granted visa but with only one entry and one month which we honestly did not expect. The consultant told us that we can renew and get a multiple entry after our travel. I have come back and my wife is still in the US taking care of her sister with authorised extension of her visa. Anyone needing help like me can contact the consultant on 9949938272. I wish everyone all the best!

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gagandip     07/19/2017 22:38 PM

Hello all. I want to ask you question. Hope you all will help me

1) I have applied for B1 B2 with two of my dependents (Spouse and 3 year old baby). I want to ask you that if VO will approve my visa then visa will be granted to both of all or there may be case like that VO will say that he/she can approve only one person's visa at the moment. I'm afraid the if VO will say that he/she can approve one person's visa at the moment then what should i say to him/her? please let me know

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deeman07     07/18/2017 14:09 PM

This is a B2 visa experience for my Father in Law (now retired) who used to work at Bhabha Atomic Research Center( BARC) - which i guess is falls into TAL category

Mother in Law (MIL) and Father in Law (FIL) had appeared for visa interview in April 2014 to attend the graduation ceremony of my husband (their son). MIL got a 10 year visa, but FIL got a 221 g as he used to work for BARC although in a non research capacity(he worked as a technician for A/c maintenance). We submitted the required documents ( resume/itinerary/invitation letter / research and publications/ job responsibilities / references of colleagues at BARC). He finally got his visa approved in Nov 2014 for only 1 year but couldn't go for the graduation ceremony. They had applied via agent and an incorrect email id was registered at their end and hence the administrative process was delayed by months. We got to know that folks with TAL background are not given 10 year visas and were a bit disappointed that my FIL who is 70+ will have to reapply again and again not to mention the hefty visa fee.

We applied again in May 2017 and filled the DS160 ourselves. Instead of typing Bhabha Atomic Research Center in the form, we entered just BARC. The reason for this was we thought that the system would highlight the words Atomic and Research and that was the reason he got a 221g last time. However we mentioned complete details and his nature of work in the resume.
He gave his interview on 14 July and was just asked straight forward questions on where he was going, where his son work, what was his nature of work at his previous company.
We were prepared for another 221g and had all documents updated and ready which the officer had asked to submit last time. We were also thinking that this time too he will get a 1 year visa as that is the norm with TAL.

He did not get any 221g and his visa was approved, that too for 10 YEARS.

Docs he was carrying:
Son's documents
1. passport copy
2. visa copy
3. I797
4. 3 months pay stubs
5. 3 months bank statements
6. Letter of employment
7. copy of birth certificate

FIL's documents
1. Pension book
2. Invitation letter / Sponsorship letter from son
3. Resume
4. Itinerary
5. i- card from employer mentioning retired

We had trained him on some basic questions and how to answer questions in short without unnecessary details or explanations.

If anyone has any questions about his visa experience, I can answer in the comments below

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senthilkumar4me     07/17/2017 17:29 PM

My Profile:

Age :24
Brother & Mother in India. Father passed away.
Have Family Assets - Shared Land & Home in India.

5 Years of Work Experience in India.
UAE Resident Since Apr 2017 (3 Months)
Sales Executive in (Sharjah)
Salary:5000 AED / PM
Travel History: Visited Malaysia Twice (Tourism & To Meet Friends- Each 30days Stay)

Cousin Sister & Her Husband will sponsor me to visit USA (Ohio) for 2 Weeks Stay (December 2017)
They are living there almost 4 years.

Guys please let me know the possibility of visa approval in Dubai Consulate.

Thanks in advance

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Parves     07/17/2017 13:17 PM

Hello everyone, I'll be applying for b2 visa along with two of my bestfriend. One of my friend's uncle is inviting him andtwo of us. HHe'll take the responsibilities of our expenses. Currently I'm staying in Oman (it's been almost 12 in Oman ). I'm a Bangladeshi citizen, I'm 19years old and currently studying at home. I'll be appearing for Edexcel As level exams on January session at British council. So, can you guys please advice me how to increase the chances of visa approval?

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juju30     07/16/2017 19:22 PM

My friend is planning to visit for the summer me in California from South Africa, she got denied visa first time, but we paid for ticket a while back, so we are trying again,one more time, her interview is scheduled next month. What are ways you think she can show she has strong ties back to her country. She never got to mention the entire trip was paid for, and that all the accommodation is on me. The trip is literally just one week.

First interview went as so:

Good Morning
Good Morning

Why do you want to go to US?
Visit my friend for her birthday.

Are you student?
No I finished college.

Where do you work?
Tells where she works.

Ask for bank statements
shows bank statements

Sorry you do not qualify.

What are ways to show strong ties back to country, she has written letter from the CEO of her company, employee leave letter and helps her father with his business and her little brothers.

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zohaib198619861986     07/15/2017 16:49 PM

hi guys I need the best advice from you. Kindly help me. I live in madrid and iam the permanent residence of spain. I want to apply b2 visa for tourism purposes.I have the permanent job contract with the salary of 1419 € per month. I have visited morocco uae Norway france.I have my relative (cousion) there. I will be sponsoring my self. Do I need to show his working H1 visa or not. What are my chances to get the visa.

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lenspark     07/15/2017 10:22 AM

Hi, I am 34 years old Filipina working in Malaysia as Senior Business Analyst for 2 years now. My Indian husband also works in I.T for more than 2 years in Malaysia.

I registered at Global Conference for Project management and chose 1 day conference.

The organization will send me the invitation soon. What are my chances to be approved? In the last five years or more I have been to Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Singapore, and recently India, Thailand and Singapore. I have also worked several years ago in Singapore and Japan.

I earn 32,000 USD annually. I can request a certificate of employment with my current salary from my employer and they can also provide me approval on 3 working days leave. I have few credit cards from both Malaysia and Philippines. My name is indicated in my husband's passport and I have our marriage certificate. I have my own house in the Philippines and I have a copy of Certificate of title under my name.

I will be travelling alone, if the officer will ask why alone, I will say because my husband is newly transferred to new company and he has no enough annual leave. Also, to help convince the officer that I will come back since I am married.

I am worried if the officer will ask, why are you attending the project manager conference if you are business analyst? My answer something like, "Because I am pursuing a project manager role in my current employer and currently I am reviewing project management certification and attending this global conference will help me to gain more skills that I can use in my current company when I'm back in Malaysia"

What do you think are my chances? Thank you in advance.

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info_seeker123     07/14/2017 22:59 PM

Hi -

My parents have applied to renew their b2 visa back in November 2016. It's still under administrative process. Does anybody know how long it takes these days?

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krunal07     07/14/2017 11:52 AM

Hello, I am an Indian national. My age is 24. I have applied for thee B-2 visa (visitor) along with my grandfather who is aged 86. He is eligible for the visa waiver program as his age is above 80. I have submitted our DS-160 forms and have payed the visa fees.

 I have a few questions regarding the process:

1. Can I opt for a family application even if my grandpa is eligible for the dropbox program (visa waiver)? If yes then will he be allowed to be present in the interview with me?

2. If my grandpa is not allowed to apply for the interview then, am I supposed to take his DS-160 application and passport with me in case the VO asks for his documents?

Thanks in advance!

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