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Jagan Mohan- ()     12/21/2005 23:25 PM

Most of the states you are allowed to take rental cars on your IDP(when u don't have US licence). But, you must check whether the state you drive is allowed with IDP or not on their state's DMV(Dept of Motor Vehicle) web site.

In general, To take the rental car most of the cases you are supposed to pay with any major credit card only along with your IDP (Intn'l Drivers Permit)

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Dev- ()     07/02/2005 13:18 PM

Most of the times (in India) many people do not wash their hands after urine pass. But here in America WASH YOUR HANDS after pee IT'S LAW HERE.

In Alphabets last letter (Z) In India we are taught like 'zad' but here they say as 'zee'

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Srikanth Lanka- ()     05/17/2005 21:42 PM

Please dont see to the cops car if it is passing by or standby as they may get suspicious and may land in troubles .

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mugdha- ()     01/03/2005 14:07 PM

When at 7-11 don't take Sierra Mist Free without paying for it. It is against law and you could get in trouble. It is free from sugar not free to take.

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Sumit Patel- ()     01/03/2005 13:34 PM

When walking on city street you should stop every 10 to 15 steps and look around. Be careful. Some people very bad and whant to run behind you and bang you on head to take money. They sometime have panty over head to hid them from your face.

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Mugdha- ()     11/24/2004 16:54 PM

In India if you go to eat in a restaurant with somebody, most of the time he/she wants to pay for the accompied persons also. Its supposed to be courteous to pay for friend, or another accompanying couple. But in USA both the people/couples can pay for their separate bills. Its not considered rude or cheap unlike in India.

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reema kala- ()     07/13/2004 13:48 PM

When paying check at some restaurants ,their booklet will have written pay 15% tip when you are in a group of four or more.

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Too Good to Be True Deals!- ()     05/10/2004 09:01 AM

A new person to America can be easily overwhelmed by the extent of consumerism found here....
This often manifests as 'too good to be true' deals offered by various company's whos reps will call you at home and offer you such a good deal that you are afraid you'll be stupid if you said no...
My advise to all newly arrived people is not to fall for any such gimmicks...your agreement to receive something for free or dirt cheap will be twisted around to make you liable for something more expensive...

Specifically, phone companies offering very cheap calling cards, magazines/newspapers offering free subscriptions for a while, credit card company's pushing free cards, etc...
Do not agree to anything only over the phone (unless of course you have initiated the call).

Be firm in refusing telemarketing reps; this will save you the trouble of having to deal with unexpected bills and the rather threatening and unsavory way the company's here have of trying to collect their 'payments' from you.

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new- ()     05/10/2004 08:50 AM

I have noticed that the term 'non-veg' that is used extensively by us in India, doesn't really mean anything to people in Europe or America!

So you have to specifically refer to the kind of meat (chicken, veal, beef etc) or refer to 'no meat' (or vegetarian); the word 'non-veg' will only confuse people here!

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Liring Singh- ()     02/17/2004 20:51 PM

Please all should be careful during cooking in hotel room. In America the hotel has kitchen downstairs where they may ask you to eat. There may be a menu from which to choose. Police at my hotel (Holiday Inn) said man over in room on hall complaned due to the fact of my cooking at nights. Also they said fire may start and burn down hotel badly.

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