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blancgary911     06/06/2019 13:59 PM

  PD: December 8th
  Receipt: January 10th
 Advance Parole Document: January 15th

I applied for the Advance Parole early part of December 8th 2018 and got the approval update online January 10th and received the physical approval January 15th. I was extremely scared because of my deportation order on my name. I decided to take a flight out of Fort Lauderdale ( I stay in Tampa FL) I left for Haiti April 6th 2019 and came back to the U.S April 8th 2019. Its VERY EASY to leave but more Harder to get back in. When I left I took with me my passport, Travel Document, and my Employment card or Employment receipt document.
It is better to have ALL 3 or 4 of these documents with u when u travel because there are some people that are not used to seeing a travel document or know whats its for. I ran into a MINOR Issue at check in at the airport in Haiti because of me not having my employment card but I had a picture of it on my phone so once I showed them that ALL was good after that. When I came back into U.S I had to go to Border Patrol. Once border patrol realized I had Advance Parole they took my finger prints and my photo and then he took me to the Secondary Inspection room. That room was SO DEPRESSING because of the other people that are there. Border Patrol sat me down in a chair with 20 other people possibly in my same situation. I was there for about 35 to 40 minutes before they called me up and stamped my passport and my travel document. Before leaving that secondary inspection make sure they returned all the documents u had given them and also MAKE SURE it is your passport they gave back to u and that it has been STAMPED.
From that point on I went to get my luggage and left the airport without any issues. It was a easy process if u have all your documents and not allow yourself to be scared. Thank you for helping me by responding and posting on this site. I wanna DEFINITELY THANK @streeful and @Ajuice for their 2017 post regarding their travel experience with Deportation. I wanna ESPECIALLY AND DEFINITELY Thank @Amirbam for their 2018 post about her experience with deportation and also RESPONDING BACK to my 2018 post.
I really wanna thank the creators of this site for people like us to share their/our experiences to the public and I want to THANK ALL WHO POST on this site their experiences and their story as well. There are a lot of people in fear of leaving the country with Advance Parole but it is u guys who are posting that allow us to read your experiences that makes it easier for people like me/us to take that chance to travel outside the country. MAJOR THANKS TO ALL and I WISH ALL THE BEST.
P.S Am currently filing for Adjustment of Status and filed my I-485(through marriage) I already did my fingerprint. Am currently waiting for my interview. Hopefully its soon. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL.

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bluegemini     06/03/2019 23:27 PM

Does anyone have experience travelling by taking EAD card with Advance Parole? What else do we need to show them when we come back?

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vanlarry     05/31/2019 22:20 PM

Hey guys, anybody is waiting for AP only ? I've been waiting since March 18 but no updates whatsoever...This is frustrating :( I've raised an expedited request, but I've not received any RFE or response even though it said " we sent you a response to the expedited request" . Anyone here has been given the AP past the date that you requested to leave the US? I'm planning to leave on June 19, I'm so worried..

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stepphie     05/30/2019 20:54 PM

My company gave me this amazing opportunity to travel for a project in Asia in 3 weeks. I had applied for AOS late Jan 2019. Although I am not a vital player due to being an entry level consultant, I’m really sad to see this opportunity go to waste with the increasing processing time of up to 8 months at this point...

I am wondering if anyone here had experience expediting I-131 with an infopass appointment?

Was your application employment based or family based? Also, which office did you go to expedite this request?

My application is family based so I’m also wondering if there will be a conflict of interest.

I’m not sure if there will be a severe financial impact towards my company but I really hope to expedite my I-131. Can anyone share of your situation/necessary documents if you don’t mind?

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dennyx     05/30/2019 15:30 PM

Hi all,

Me , wife and son have applied for AP and EAD. Son applied only for AP. We all got approved but only me and my wife got the EAD combo cards. We have not received any AP document for my son even though it has been approved on 05/09/2019. I called USCIS and they said that they are still working on it.

We are planing to leave US on 06/02/2019.

If we leave without the AP document for my son, does it mean that he is abandoning his I485? And if so, let's say we don't get the AP document for him in the next 2 months, can he still enter US on a tourist visa and keep his I485 application valid?


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Royden12     05/28/2019 23:29 PM

so I got my combo card but it wasn’t thru marriage..l overstated my visiting visa by two years and then got a lawyer to adjust my status..l want to travel to my country but I kinda afraid Bz the path I took would allow me to get a green card but it stil shows pending I’m able to work legally in the Us and don’t have any criminal record.Would I get problem re entering the us if I travel now..plz help me.l want to see my family..

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dallas18     05/28/2019 10:41 AM

Hello guys,

i just just want to share my experience. I used my advance parole document (paper form) not the combo card to go to Paris and came back safely. I left the US without any issue. Delta/Air France agents are very familiar with the EAD/AP combo card, the woman at the gate in Paris wasn't really familiar with the AP paper form but everything went fine. At the Port of Entry the CBP agent went through my document and sent me to secondary inspection, I gave my AP at the secondary inspection room and left after 10 minutes. As long as you don't have any criminal charges against you, you have nothing to worry about.

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goldenmuse2310     05/24/2019 10:29 AM

Has anyone travelled to Nigeria recently with an AP? I am going for a few days with my husband and returning back with him. will be flying into NYC. If you have recently travelled to Nigeria with AP please share your experience. Need some reassurance. Adjustment of Status still pending.

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Brace     05/23/2019 08:24 AM

I applied for my AP and received the approval notice and my trip is just in few days. I’m yet to get the actual document.Has anyone ever traveled with just the approval notice?

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Adan     05/22/2019 16:26 PM

Hey Guys,
It is safe to travel with AP if it is not an emergency?

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