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wendy wang- ()     01/15/2000 01:55 AM

Just visiting
Wendy Wang

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KS- ()     01/08/2000 19:00 PM

Excellent compilation of relevant and useful information.
Good Work.

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Sandhya krishnan- ()     01/07/2000 20:16 PM

Thank you for provinding us such a valuable web site

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Anonymous- ()     01/06/2000 22:11 PM

You are agood man. Thanks for maintaining the information. WCan you please support your documentation on Adjustment of status and Retrogression of Priority dates and that the 485 files will be archived. Thanks

Please post some infomration on Consulate processing

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Vijay- ()     01/04/2000 00:55 AM

Very well maintained.

Keep it up

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Visitor- ()     01/03/2000 19:59 PM

Your site looks excellant. Definetly people would find it very useful. Keep up your good work. one suggestion: The Acrobat filling of forms is not easier and also the printed form doesn't look sharp. Everything else is fine. Hope you will add more sample forms in future.


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R.V.- ()     01/03/2000 19:56 PM

Very helpful site. You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work!!

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Psycho- ()     01/03/2000 18:36 PM

Good show. The idea of fillable form rocks. Now think of some content that will keep your site current and will make people comeback after their first visit.

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Ramu- ()     01/03/2000 15:02 PM

This site is really good and has lot of valuable information.
Great indeed

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Sujatha- ()     01/03/2000 14:50 PM

Your web-site is extremely useful.
Gear yourselves for heavy traffic!

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