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anee     01/28/2015 21:59 PM

Did anyone receive any update for their application that was submitted to SFO embassy on 01/05/2015?
From 5th till today there is no change in the status tracker page :(
Please update any info if u have...Usually how many working days/week does the SFO take to process the application?

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raj.intuit4u     01/28/2015 16:53 PM

Folks - Here is an update on my PIO HOUSTON application.

PIO Application received at CKGS Houston on Jan/16/2015.

Got an email from CKGS morons @12pm today(01/28) that 'FEDEX is on the way' and received FEDEX @1pm (01/28) at my doorstep.

All my docs and USA passport have been returned. No PIO though. :(
Morons have deducted $32 from my PIO fees and sent me a check for the rest of the amount.

On the positive side, can apply for an OCI now. On the negative side, not sure if I will get OCI before my trip to India towards March monthend!!

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NeerajG     01/28/2015 16:35 PM

Hello Giants,\
I applied for PIO for my daughter on 1/2 and got an update yesterday that CKGS has received my application back from Embassy.. I was very happy that PIO is issued for my daughter and i would be able to travel next week..

I Just called CKGS to check when they will send me passport and PIO to me and came to know new story -

CKGS is not sure what is there in envelop whether it is PIO or returned application. ..

CKGS is not sure whether PIO cards issued after 9th Jan are valid or not..

What the hell is this????..

Please let me know if you know if PIO cards issued after 9th Jan are valid or not?

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Gagandeep Sharma     01/28/2015 11:46 AM

I applied for PIO for my son and got application and passport back. They also issued check for 188 dollars on my son's name out of 220 dollars after deducting 17 dollars for processing fee + 15 dollars for return courier.

My application never reached Indian Embassy and it reached CKGS NY on 20th Jan, maybe because of that i got it early. I know one friend of mine whose application still not returned and application with embassy.

Please share your experiences if anyone has applied for OCI on L1/H1 visa. I am on L1 currently and got COS approved to H1 from Feb end, so no need for me to leave country, but not sure how to proceed.

Do they even ask for your status for applying OCI for minor, it is not there in their checklist? Please suggest if i should wait until Feb end and then apply for OCI or can send it now also.

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Has_ba     01/27/2015 23:56 PM

I think i am getting back Passport without PIO card. My PIO application was sent to houston consulate on jan 9.

Today i received email that my documents are being sent through fedex. The shipping weight is 2 lb so i guess its with submitted papers.

The nightmare of PIO seems to be ending . Need to apply for visa now.

Not sure if i can use same parent authorization, and other relavant forms that i filled out for PIO.

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Anukool Rastogi     01/27/2015 22:03 PM

Your application has been collected from the Embassy/Consulate and is being sorted. Your application will be ready for collection from our Application Centre within one business day. 01/27/2015
Your application has been submitted at The Indian Embassy/Consulate for further processing. 01/02/2015
Your application is in process. Your tracking id is USASXXXXXX 12/31/2014
Your application has been received and will be submitted subject to verification. 12/31/2014

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rawraw     01/27/2015 19:42 PM

anyone in any district - any updates on your PIO application? does the lazy asses did some work after 3 days off or still on ghuthaka and tea?

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elemenopi     01/27/2015 17:36 PM

Applied for Minor's PIO and application is received by SF embassy on 12/31/2014. After looking at all the mess with PIO/OCI merge, decided to submit passport withdrawal form. Sent it on Jan 21st. Still waiting for documents to come back. I dont care about loosing money, just get me the passport back damnit.

Anyone have idea *if* at all there is any option for us to go to Embassy in person and talk to someone directly? I see they are open for public 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Has anyone tried this?

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1stforum     01/27/2015 16:35 PM

Folks, while I have a forwarded email from CKGS center manager stating that they were sending the PIOs that were issued after Jan 9th to the consulate for cancellation (whoever made that dumb decision). I finally decided to read the Gazette itself (link to it is there in CKGS website) and it only states that any PIO issued until Jan 9th will be deemed OCIs. There's absolutely no mention that PIOs should not be issued after Jan 9th nor those issued after this date will be invalid.
Please help me in case if I'm interpreting the gazette incorrectly.

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piofiasco     01/27/2015 00:46 AM

Hi All,

I have applied for my infant son's PIO application to SF center. It reached on 20th Jan 2015.

I came to know about the PIO program discontinuation after posting the application to the SF CKGS center.

I do not have a clue as to what is happening with the application as I have not received any email or phone call or any tracking number from CKGS.

Is anyone else in the same situation? Please provide details.

I emailed and called. I got a standard response:

They do not have my applicaiton details in their system. They are unable to track my application.

They mentioned PIO is discontinued and the application package will be sent back. No idea when that is going to happen.

Standard answer... it would take some time, please wait. No futher details.

Such a pathetic situation.

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