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sjsj23     07/26/2019 14:14 PM

I am an Indian National and have applied to Canada visitor Visa online.
I received a letter to submit my passport within a week of application submission.
However, I never received a letter for biometrics. My husband who applied at the same time (Indian), has received a letter to submit his biometrics.
I have tried contacting IRCC and Los Angeles VAC several times, however never received a response.
Has anyone faced a similar situation?

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Ankitgrover     07/25/2019 15:56 PM

I ve applied study visa online on 13th may, gave biometrics on 21 may, confirmed next day itself. Since then background verification is pending. 18th august my classes starts and I ve been waiting since 2 months havent got any revert. However the processing time is 4 weeks officially but here its been 9-10 weeks. Filled the webform but no response. Such a disappointment. Can someone help what needs to be done?

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Aina26     07/25/2019 06:34 AM

Submitted online? 07/17/19
Biometrics required: 07/18/19
Biometrict submited: 07/19/19 (Walk in in Oakland CA)

It already shows my biometrics on my application but I still did not get the letter for passport.

I have to travel in two weeks. Very concerned about it. I will update here soon.

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jbagain     07/24/2019 16:50 PM

Hi All,

so far this is the experience -

1. 16th Jul - 08 PM evening i submitted to UPS via ground courier ($10)
2. 18th Jul - 1 PM - Delivered to VAC
3. 20th July - 4:10 PM - received update in email -application dispatched to IRCC office
4. July 23rd 09:02 - application under process in IRCC
5. July 23rd 2:22PM - Decision made and send to VAC
6. July 24th 3:40 PM- mail from CIC saying that you have a new message where it’s now having some valid document line over there.
7- UPS return packet tracking is not yet activated

Hopefully it should be activated soon


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Gurmeet kaur goraya     07/23/2019 05:26 AM

My file says biometric data not received by the responsible
What does it mean
Visitor visa for Canada
In such what to do at my level
Please respond

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span18     07/23/2019 00:09 AM

Hi All

Please find my timeline below

Jul 10, 2019 - Submitted online application (Study permit for me, Visitor visa for wife and kid)
Jul 11, 2019 - Biometrics Request for me and my wife
Jul 12, 2019 morning - Biometrics completed at USCIS location
Jul 12, 2019 afternoon - Biometrics information updated in both the applications

Since then the application status is shown as Submitted and no more communication has happened.
What will be the next step?
When can I expect the next step to happen?

My program starts on August 28. Can I make it?

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krg208     07/22/2019 10:27 AM

Hi All,
I have applied for TRV my wife and myself and below are timelines.

1. Online Application and Submission Confirmation - June 25th
2. Biometrics Request - June 26th
3. Biometrics Submission - July 10th (Since I have submitted at USCIS Application Center near me, was not able to get earlier appointment)
4. Biometrics in the system - July 12th
5. Passport request - July 15th
6. Passport shipped - July 16th
7. VFS Tracking info and Passport dispatched to IRCC - July 18th
8. Visa Application under process at IRCC - July 19th
9. Decision envelope for your application has been received from IRCC at VAC, NY center and is ready for collection - July 22nd @ 9.40AM
10. Your processed decision envelope has been collected from the Canada VAC, NY - July 22 @ 10.06AM

But still the UPS tracking information is not updated so hoping by afternoon it will get updated.

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VinodKumar     07/22/2019 04:19 AM

Hi All,

Please find my timelines below.

June 25th - Applied online.
June 26th - request for Biometrics
Biometrics - completed on 7/12
passport request letter on 7/16.

My visa application filed by my company attorney. Could you please help me to know the process for visa stamping and answers to below questions.

1) To pay visa stamping fee, do I need to register online or can I pay directly or need to send money order.
2) My daughter is a USA citizen and 6 months old. I don't have a passport request letter for her from IRCC. Is there any different process for minor USA citizen.

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xyding     07/21/2019 00:03 AM

Hi all,

This is my first time applying for a TRV from Canada. I hold a valid F1 visa (US) and wasn’t expecting it to take so long, since the online processing time was 14 days when I applied, and I thought my case was so easy to process, since I was just invited to attend a conference there.

Here’s my timeline:
July 2nd: Submitted online
July 3rd: biometrics requested and done the same day
No update since then...

I’m so confused. In my account, it still says “we are checking your eligibility, etc.” Even “we do not need your fingerprints...” Would that ever change as they process the application? I’ve noticed a “profile updated” status around July 10th, but then it changed back to “submitted”. Are they actually looking at it? Or they just opened it and forgot about it???

I tried to call them through any number I could possibly find, but it seems that they automatically recognize and block the US numbers. I also submitted webforms and got zero response.

I had my flight booked already (July 31st—August 8th). So I’m getting really anxious now. Is there any chance I could get my visa on time? Has anyone who applied early July received their passport request yet?

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vikash_sethi     07/20/2019 13:37 PM


I have applied for Canadian Visa for my wife and myself. Can I send our passport together or do they have to be sent in separate pacakges.


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