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dipud17     09/28/2019 09:53 AM

Hi I attended interview on 23rd sep 2019 and got blue slip 221(g) due to damage passport.In blue slip only new passport required is checked by VO. Now after submitting new passport in VAC may I know how long it will take to get visa stamped.

Thanks in advance for reply and suggestions.

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suresh_456     09/28/2019 06:37 AM

I have went to consulate interview on 27 Sep 2019 8:30 AM

IST slot.

Below are questions asked. Went along with my wife. No
questions asked to my wife.

Q: Good morning
A: Good morning

Q: Have you ever been to US ?
A: No

Q: Which Visa have you applied for?
A: Answered

Q: How long have you been married?
A: Answered

Q: What is Role and responsibilites
A: Answered

Q: What is your salary in US?
A: Answered

Q: Who is your client?
A: Answered

Q: Which company are you working on?
A: Answered

Q: What is your qualification?
A: Answered

Q: How many years of experience do you have?
A: Answered

Q: Can i see your LCA?
A: Answered

Q: Can i see your client letter?
A: Answered

Q: How many kids do you have?
A: Answered

Q: Where you going to work in US?
A: Answered.

He was typing for a while for some time around 2 mins

He finally said Visa is approved.

Let me know if you need any assistance w.r.t H1B interview.

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So225     09/28/2019 01:56 AM

Hi guys,

Recently I attended my h1b visa interview and got a 221g white paper. And the officer put my passport with him and asked me no documents. So is there any candidates who faced the same scenario in recent days not few months back or last year. And what was the time frame took for you guys.


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pooja.p     09/27/2019 20:43 PM

Has anyone seen their H1B visa status change from AP to issued after work hours or on a Saturday? I had my H1B first time stamping on 9/26 (Thursday) at 1pm and haven't seen any change in status to issued as of 9/27 (Friday) 5:30pm. Trying to figure out if anything might change now or on Saturday.

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Firestorm     09/27/2019 20:32 PM

First of all, i would like to thank everyone in this community for posting their experiences which helped me a lot.

I went for visa interview on sep 26th . This is my h1b extension after f1 to h1 .

Me : good mrng.
VO : good mrng.

After that straight to the point .

VO : is it intial or extension.
Me : extension.
VO : who is client.
Me : answered.
VO : client letter and paystubs.
Me : i gave it to her.

Mean while she is typing and started asking some more questions.

VO : whats your salary.
Me : told as per lca.
VO : where do you live near client address and employer
Me : told.
VO : how long with client ?
Me : told
VO : how long with employer ?
Me : told.

After going through client and vendor letter . She said visa is approved.

Without client letter these its hard to get h1b approved.

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smithathilak     09/27/2019 16:45 PM

My husband has a valid H1 and working as a permanent employee for an American company. I am planning to go to London for mine and my son's H4 visa stamping. Please let me know if anybody has gone to London for H4 stamping and the experience you had.

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srinivasb     09/26/2019 14:08 PM

Encounter 1: Fresh H1B Visa

Aug 5: Biometrics
Aug 6: VISA Interview
Details :

Parking is expensive here, better would be hiring a cab or come by metro(just 1 min walk away). As expected, no electronic items are allowed inside consulate. Lockers are available at premium price.

You will be allowed on time or in my case 15 mins before scheduled time.There will be security check followed by waiting in waiting area(10-15 mins max).

Once this is done, next will be standing in line for finger print verification followed by VISA interview. below was my conversation with VO

Me: Good morning mam
VO: Good morning
VO: What is your employer name ?
Me: Told employer name
VO: Position ?
VO : City ?
Me: Answered
VO: Client or direct employer ?
Me: Answered
VO: Is it the client that is part of XYZ company? (actually our client is subsidiary of fortune 500 company)
Me : Yes
VO: Congratulations, VISA approved

It took less than 2 mins.

Aug 7: Issued
Aug 9: Collected passport.

Unfortunately i couldn't go with that employer and another employer raised for Cap exempt premium petition (H1B transfer) which is approved in 15 days.

I can go with old H1B VISA stamp but attorney advised to get new one as CBP officers tend to make mistake with I-94. So i decided to get new VISA stamp

Encounter 2: VISA Dropbox

Sep 17 : Dropped documents via dropbox. I am eligible as i already have valid h1b visa with another employer
Sep 19: Passport returned. Asked to come for interview and old visa is cancelled without prejudice.
Sep 23: Attended interview
Details :
Procedure is same but this time no appointment is required. We can show the letter (221G) we got with passport and it has certain time mentioned (in my instance, i was asked to come in between 10 to 11 am on any week day).
Same finger print again and interview line.

VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning, How are you doing ?
VO: Good.
VO: You already have VISA, why apply new ?
Me: Answered, Change in employer from india
VO: Tell me about experience
Me : Answered
VO: Why didn't you join old employer ?
Me: Answered
VO : How different is role from previous employer to new one ?
Me: Answered
VO: Current job title and duties
Me : Answered
VO: When was lat visa issued ?
Me : Answered date
VO: Know your rights, handed over pamphlet
Me: Thanks
VO: VISA is approved
Me: Thanks

Sep 25: Collected passport

That's my experience. it is unique but positive one. Try to be genuine with your answers and be frank. There is no need to boast to impress VO. They need facts.

All the very best

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mohabbat-man     09/26/2019 09:57 AM

Sharing my updates so far:

Appeared for interview on Aug 20 in Delhi. Quick interview. Was told that my case needed SEVIS updates and that it would take a week or so. Kept my passport with them and no documents needed.

Sep 4: Case update. Still AP.
Sep 26: Case update. Still AP.

Will keep you posted over the next few days. I've heard that there are chances it gets issued soon after the second update so fingers crossed.

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subhani23     09/26/2019 08:06 AM

Hi All,

Below is my experience with visa interview ( extension)

Biometrics: 23 Sep, 2019

Interview: 24 Sep, 2019 @ 9 am

I went with my family to Bio metric. My Biometrics scheduled at 8:45 AM and it completed by 9:15 AM. The process went very smooth.

On 24th, Our interview scheduled at 9 AM and we are allowed to enter into consulate by 8:15 AM. There is less crowd outside the consulate so we didn't waited for long time to get in. It took close to 25 minutes to complete security check and stand receive token to talk with interviewer. Below are the questions that were asked to me by interviewer.

Me: Good morning. How are you doing?
VO: Good morning. Give me your passport.
VO: What is your company name?
Me: Answered appropriately.
VO: Give me your client letter.
Me: Provided client letter
VO: what is your role with end client?
Me: Answered
VO: What is your salary?
Me: Answered
VO: How many kids do you have? Is it Boy or Girl?
Me: Answered
VO: Is he US citizen
Me: Answered.

VO: Finally ... The interviewer said Golden words !! Issued...

I went with my spouse and they didn't asked any questions to her.

So in my experience, be confident and go with all required documents. I didn't see any rejections on that day.

9/26/2019: My Passport status showing as Issued.

All the best for all of you.

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So225     09/26/2019 06:36 AM

Hi Folks,

I attended H1b visa stamping couple of days back and I have got 221g white slip. Initially I thought that was given due to a wrong answer that I provided but not that reason. Actually in my ds160 my work started from my employer is stated as August 2015. And my graduation is done by December 2015 which is 4 months of CPT internship. And later I got 3 years of OPT thats means 36 months of work authorization. But after December 2018 my OPT was completed so I joined a CPT college and worked 40hrs CPT until today that means 8 months on CPT in 2019. So all combined it is 48 months that means 4 years of experience I worked with my employer in USA. So consulate officer asked me how many years have you been with your employer as mention in ds160 I said 4 years. And he asked me as you said you are done your masters by December 2015 how come you work for your employer from August 2015. Then I said it was my internship with him. He said ooh ok ok, and then he started counting months but he is getting just 40 months count instead of 48 months because he didn’t able to ask me on what status you are in 2019 after your OPT and how did you work. And I didn’t even said him I was working on CPT from jan 2019 to present because again it might be an excessive issue. So then he counted those months for couple of times and asked me have you worked on h1 then I said no sir on OPT. So later he gave 221g because he was not able to understand the complete 4 years count. So will it be a problem in the administrative check and is there any person who has the same issue and how long does it took.


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