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yellowf     09/13/2019 03:08 AM

hello everyone
please let me know if there is any available slot for h1b interview anywhere in Canada. I need something late Sept to Oct. Thanks!

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princetushar4u     09/12/2019 23:20 PM

I am looking for H1 visa stamping appointment in Vancouver. I am in US and planning to travel to Vancouver for stamping. I had my last two stamping in Vancouver. I am unable to see any dates available for appointment. Please let me know if you see any slot for this year. Thanks in advance!

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H1B_Canada     09/12/2019 19:20 PM

Hi All,

Please let me know if you guys can see any available dates in Vancouver or Ottawa in September or first 2 weeks of October. I am looking for 2 slots for me and my wife. I know it is hard to find 2 slots at this late but please let me know if anyone is cancelling their appointment as it is urgent.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Good Luck to All.

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visaHolderForever     09/12/2019 16:04 PM

Hi All
For everyone reading this forum - this provides a great deal of info about people's experiences. This has helped me and time to share my experience

H1B renewal (from 3 years to 6 years). Old H1B had expired. Wanted a new visa stamp
Location : Vancouver

Reached 10 minutes in advance. No big line. First DS-160 and appointment was checked. Then you go through security check. No cellphones allowed. Next, you go to a window where they scan your photo. If you don't have a photo, there is a photo booth right there (10CAD) and it accepts visa and mastercard

After that, you go to another window where fingerprints are taken. Then, a security personnel will take you via elevator to the 20th floor for the interview

Interview : Monday 09/09 7.45AM

VO : Good morning
Me ; Good Morning
VO : Passport and I797 please
Me : Handed over
VO : Where do you work
Me : Answered
VO : Do you have a masters degree from USA?
ME : Yes from XXX Univ
VO : Here is a booklet about your rights. Please read
ME : Reading the booklet, VO typing something
VO : Are you paid competitively?
ME : Yes
VO : Your visa is approved and you should get it in 3-5 days.

VO kept my passport and I797. I was out of the consulate by 8.30AM

Status changed to Administrative processing after the interview. Check the status here :

Monday 09/09 6PM : Administrative processing
Tuesday 09/10 12PM : Issued
Tuesday 09/10 3PM : Picked up by Canada Post
Wednesday 09/11 12PM : Ready For Pickup

Both my passport and I797 was returned to me via Canada Post

Good luck to everyone!

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czrmn     09/11/2019 20:15 PM

I'm looking to get my H1B renewal stamped from Canada in either Oct or Nov, after my current H1B expires at the end of this week.

I do not have a Canadian PR (I understand the availability of appointments is different for PR and non-PR holders), and I'd like to get an appointment at either Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal or Quebec City.

It would be extremely helpful if any of you can provide visibility on the availability of appointment dates at the above 4 locations.

Many thanks!

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ManojKumar197     09/11/2019 15:11 PM


Is it safe if I go to Canada for 1st H1 stamping or should I go to my home country.? Please suggest me

Manoj Kumar

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Ashchac     09/11/2019 09:39 AM


My current stamping in my passport is valid till 2020 Jan. Recently, I transfered my H1B with other company and got it approved till 2021 Dec. I am planning to go to Canada in Nov and go for stamping. My question is what will happen if I get any 221 G slip or denial there. Can I come back to US (Because my visa is till valid) or Will I get stuck in there.

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SPABBI     09/10/2019 00:14 AM

Can anyone please help me to answer this question as I am not able to get perfect answer If this is asked by VO?

Thanks in advance

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H1b4eva     09/09/2019 22:35 PM

Hi folks, if anyone sees any Available dates for October in Vancouver or Calgary, can you please let me know? I’m checking incessantly! Thanks so much!

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vv1989     09/09/2019 10:37 AM

Hi, I submitted my DS160 for visa stamping and used that form to book an appointment at Toronto Office in Dec 2019.
However, I wish to renew my passport - as it expires in Sept 2020 and would like to get a visa for the term of my DS 2019 form i.e. June 2021.
Am I able to renew my passport and then amend the passport number on the DS 16 form ?

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