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rahultoall     09/10/2019 04:43 AM

Hi All,

My L1B blanket visa got approved on sep 5th. My slot was 11:30 am. The VO approved the visa for the duration mentioned in the petition which is 3 years from now around sep 2022.

Now the question is my passport is expiring around june 2021. what can i expect in the stamped visa in passport.

will it be same as what is approved in the petition or will it be the expiry date of passport?

Thanks in advance

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anja008     09/10/2019 03:33 AM

I had my interview today and visa got rejected . They handed over blue slip with not clearly approved. All questions were generic around specialization , salary, location etc but not sure what went wrong.

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Shekharh     09/10/2019 02:56 AM

Questions asked

1. Ever been to US?
Ans- No

2. Working for which employer?
-- abc

3.salary in US?
-- told xxk

4. Will be working for which client?
-- XYZ

5. How long Woking for this client?
-- 8M

6. Which tool and what you do with the tool?
-- xyz tool and development and design.

VO started typing for 2-3 mins and handed over. 221g sheet with option your l-1 application not clearly approvable under section 8 CFR 214.2


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l1bl1ah1b     09/09/2019 06:32 AM

My turn to share the experience

Location : Chennai

My interview is suppose to happen @ 11am but it happened after 12.05 pm (Due to lot of peoples appeared on this day).

Officer seems already achieved the approval targets today and whoever comes next will get 221G SLIP.

The same has happened to me with Visa rejection and next 2 whoever followed ended in the same.

We spend almost 3hrs in standing , they decide approval in 2 minutes ...As times keeps moves rejection rates will be higher than in the morning.

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dvinodkumar     09/09/2019 04:01 AM

Can someone help me understand what it means when L1A petition status shows "Administrative Processing" under Section 8 CFR 214.2 (I)(ii)(B),(C) or (D), or INA 101(a)(15)(L)?

The feedback from the VO after interview is: "Not Clearly Approvable".

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l1Avisaresource     09/09/2019 03:57 AM

I had 3 times successful L1B-Blanket visas in 2005/2007 & 2010 and had travelled to US for multiple occassions for Long/Short Term.

During my last US visit, my US L1B-Blanket visa was valid from 17th Jan'11 - 17th Jan'14 along with my dependent wife. However, I had applied for L1B -> L1A conversion/extension on 8th Dec'13 which was rejected on 24th March and I was informed about the same on 2nd April by my employer and we wrapped up everything in 12 days (took some time due to 1.5 years baby) and left US on 14th April'14

On 6th Sep I had my L1A-Individual visa interview in New Delhi Consulate. During the interview, VO asked why did I overstayed till 14th April'14 when my Visa expired on 17th Jan'14.

I explained about my L1B -> L1A conversion/extension process, upon which VO asked me to produce that conversion/extension document as she could not find the same in her system. I mentioned that this document was not mentioned in the checklist of documents to be brought here today but I can produce it within a week.

Visa Officer returned the Passports & L1A-Individual petition with a Green Slip 221g with the following guidance:

1) Provide proof of L1B -> L1A conversion at the mentioned email on 221g slip
2) Thereafter, I will receive a mail from USCIS/US Embassy to submit my passport at the nearest US VAC
3) My US L1A-Individual visa will be processed.

Please help to provide any inputs on a similar case experience.

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vir_nir     09/09/2019 01:23 AM

Hello, can my wife and daughter accompany me in the VISA interview even if they have not applied for.
I am travelling to Chennai and can't keep them in hotel alone. Will the VISA consulate let them enter the office?

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Pooja Rao     09/09/2019 00:30 AM

On 6th September I had my L1 B individual visa interview in Mumbai consulate.

This is my life's 1st fresh visa experience

He asked me all the regular questions except why I need 2 years and he asked my company name twice.
He also asked my duties twice.
All the ans were given as per petition.

Overall his behaviour was cold.
At the end he retured my passport and 797 with green slip 221g marked with administrative processing and also gave the workers right pamphlet of US.(now this confusing)

Has anyone got workers right pamphlet also with 221 g?

I asked him.. Is there anything wrong with my application.. He said no.. It needs to go additional administrative processing and this office will contact you in 3 weeks.

I don't work for a well known company and I feel he had some doubts on my company.

The petition already went under RFE and we submitted all the documents which was later approved.

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Yogesh gupta     09/06/2019 00:00 AM

Hi All,

First of all , thanks to all who is sharing their experience here .

My company is processing my L1B blanket and I was offered 71k base salary along with joining bonus Nd 10% year bonus . I want to know if this is good salary for visa to go through as I have seen many saying here that salary is also a factor .
State - Minnesota
Please - Minneapolis

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prethesh     09/06/2019 08:31 AM

Hi Team,
I have some doubt on L1 Individual Visa.

I am currently holding L1 Individual Visa and it is valid till 2021.
My wife and kid are holding L2 Visa.

If I would like to make personal travel for 1 week without company knowledge.
can I do that ?

Please give your suggestion and comments.

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