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rithu0706     12/15/2019 04:34 AM

Hello All,

I am following this forum for a long time and its very much helpful.

I am in a situation where I need you guys to help and support.

I have been working for a company XXX in the US for the past 3 years in L1A(blanket) in “managerial capacity”.

My company filed the first L1A extension in the month of May and we got RFE in the month of July.

We replied back with all the requested documents in the month of September. But my extension got denied in the month of October.

Now we filed a new L1A blanket petition around scheduled an interview in Chennai.

Followings are questions:
1.Will my extension denial has any impact on the new petition?
2.Whether the VO has complete details of my denial of reasons/notice?
3.Will there be any questions by VO related to my extension denial in the interview?
4.What could I answer if the VO asks about my denial reasons?
5.Since its very short time frame for the new petition interview, my company suggested showcasing as currently, I am working in India with US payroll. Will that legally possible scenario?

Please help me with this.

Thank you,

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navazus     12/14/2019 04:14 AM


My L1B individual visa got RFE, and I am in the process of replying to RFE. I have prepared some documents , but almost all of them have companies confidential information such as projects, internal architecture of products and tools.

Is this something that can be shared with USCIS and attorney. In my case attorney is 3rd party that my company is tied up with for Immigration.

Thank yoi

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ms009     12/14/2019 01:21 AM


Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences it helped.
I had my interview few days ago.

My experience in order of occurrence:

1. Day 1 went to VAC for biometrics, simple process took hardly 15 minutes.
2. Day 2 went to Consulate, stood in a queue before being called upon for my time of appt.
3. Joined another queue for security (both these queues outside consulate on the footpath) and then went straight in.
4. The attendant there arranged the documents in order as per instructions they shared mins ago.
5. With passport and arranged docs, Paid fraud fee (by cash) at the fee counter.
6. Another zigzag queue waiting for my turn.
7. Here comes the interview:

Questions asked by VO:
1.What is your company name? (fyi...its a product company..)
2.What is this company's business?
3.What is your salary in US? (fyi.. its above 100k)
4.What is the salary in India?
5.What is your role? (Software engg)
6.What is your experience in company? (fyi.. i am only little ore than 2 yrs exp)
7.How long will you be staying?
8.What is your specialization? (answered in 3 lines, about specialization and proprietary stuff)
9.Will you be at client? (No, as i won't)
10.Who are your clients? (named US clients)
11.What is the revenue generated? (i had very less idea only known due to internal communication, so honestly told so and approximately told the figure)
12.How any employees in India? (when i answered this he commented its relatively smaller firm, i commented we are spread across xx countries worldwide)
13. There would be others you have your expertise, why you then? (told a distinguishing aspect)
14.Do you have kids?

To my husband:
1. What do you do for a living?
2. will you work in US? (seems like this is to check if your spouse is aware of the legal permit, so be careful about saying if you get work permit and suitable role then yes)

Finally he started stamping, i was clueless whats happening, then i heard some words and then "safe travels", thats when i knew.

Some tips from my experience:
1. Be presentable and Always have a smile. (not grinning of course)
2. Greet the officer with a smile with like "gm officer how r u" (it matters as they might be grumpy from last interview, u never know!!! so the first few seconds can change the whole train of conversation)
3. VOs were amiable as i observed, so we can answer calmly and not rush as they would give you enough time.
4. its difficult to contain the whole work exp in few words, but be crisp and use good choice of words to make an impression
5. Be confident and be convinced about your specialization/uniqueness which makes it easier to convince them too.


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summer1974     12/13/2019 11:39 AM

Hi all. This is the first time I post something in this forum and after using it to help me during my visa process I think is time to give something back and also to humbly ask for some advise.

First some background.

My wife and I are from a country in the European Union, so this means that we have travel at least once a year to the US for the 5 years. Before that we both were in US with an F1 student visa (back then we were not married yet). We have never had a problem going in and out to the US, but last time we went there in summer this year at the port of entry the officer said to my wife that it looks like she overstayed while she were there with the F1 one visa, she did not do it, so this is what she said and the office let her going into the country telling her that next time she travel she needs to have some documents to clarify this. So nothing happened and we both spend some days in the US.

Today we had our interview and this is how it went:

VO: Good morning

me: good morning

VO: L1 A right?

me: Yes sir

VO to my wife: Did you study before in the US?

my wife: Yes

VO: Did you come back to your country right after finishing the program?

my wife: yes

VO: ok, cool

VO to me: Do you work for xxx company?

me: yes

VO: what is your position there?

me: xxxx Manager

VO: what the company does?

me: manufacturing of xxx product

VO: what is your title in US?

me: xxx Manager

VO: what will you do there?

me: explain in 3 sentences

VO: So you can hire and fire people and will also manage a budget:

me: yes I will

VO: Why the company is sending you

me: Explain in 2 sentences

VO: Oh, you also had an students visa before?

me: yes, we both did the same program

VO to my wife: Do you plan to work in US?

my wife: I will apply for work permit and if I get it I would like to work

VO: what kind of job would you like to do?

my wife did not expect that question but she answered honestly: I am Master Degree in xxx so something related to this

Then he typed for a couple of minutes and said: Sir I am approving your visa but your wife's visa needs to go under administrative process. I am keeping both passports and my intention is to approve both of your visas but I cannot do it now since this administrative process needs to be done.

Then I explained him about the situation in the port of entry last time in US and asked if this is the reason for Adm. process also add said that we had with us documents to verify that my wife never overstay (college transcripts, old passports, etc). the VO said:

I do not need to check these documents if your wife says she did not overstay I trust her, so not worries about this.

He then gave us a 221g yellow slip saying: sorry since right now is not approved I need to give you this.

The 221g does not have anything marked other than: further admin process needs to be done.

I ask him if he know approx. how long it would take and he told me: It should not take more than 2 weeks.

And that is.

The VO was a really nice smiling young guy and we had a nice interview.

One more think. My wife is working in the same company as I do and this was clearly stated in her DS160.

So from one side it is good I got my L1A approved, but I will not move to the US without my wife so we are not happy with the situation.

Any feedback from the nice people of this forum would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!

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junkaks     12/13/2019 09:21 AM

L1B blanket candidate here. On CEAC website, status is changed from Administrative Processing to Application Received. Any idea what this mean?
2nd Dec: Interview <-- Visa Approved no slip given
2nd-11 Dec: Administrative Processing
11 Dec: Status changed to Application Received
13 Dec: On Application home page (Passport with US Consulate/Embassy changed to Document Delivery Information:)/

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Prashanth_V     12/13/2019 08:55 AM

I got a blue slip 221g asking to appear for in-person interview without any documents. L1 extension dropbox.
Here is the timeline
Nov 29 -Dropped documents at Bangalore
Dec 3 - Application received / Passport still with consulate
Dec 10 - Admin processing / Passport still with consulate
Dec 11 - Admin processing / Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery
Dec 12 - Admin processing / Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery.
Dec 13- Passport available for pickup.
When i picked up the passports today, they were not stamped and got a 221g blue slip which asked only for an in person interview with no other documents asked. This is strange. 221g blue slip i have read online is for client letter. However, i work for company direct and there are no clients. Appreciate any inputs on similar cases.

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anekadownes1     12/11/2019 19:52 PM

How long does it normally take to get your passport back from the UK embassy? And would they deliver on a Saturday also?

Thank you

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Ara_arora     12/09/2019 08:01 AM

I had the interview on 9th dec and below are the questions asked:

VO: which visa category are you applying for?
VO: for how long you have been working with the current employer?
VO: who is your client?
VO: whats your highest level of education?
VO to my wife: how long have you been married?
VO: your salary in US?
VO: how many reportees in US?
VO: designation?
VO: what will you be doing in US?
After this question she was bit confused and asked us that there is nothing wrong with our profile and we should be applying under L1B category. I explained it to her that I dont work on the tool directly. I just manage and interact with the client and few more things that explained her the current Managerial role.
Then she went inside and discussed it with her colleague and came back and asked
If you have hire/fire authority.
Then she started typing on her computer for few minutes and then finally stamped the forms and told us that she is approving our VISA and handed over the other two copied.

My two cents here would be prepare well but dont over do with it. Be relaxed before the interview and in case your VO thinks you visa category is not right then try to explain bit more about your role. Donot panic.

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Userr2019     12/08/2019 11:33 AM

First of all I like to thank you all who has contributed in this blog. Which helped me a lot.
As many of them have shared the process of interview. I will directly jump into Interview questions.
VO : Gud mrg I need your passport and petition as well.
Me : gud mrg ….and handed over the passport n petition.
VO: She saw the company name on my petition and asked what kind of company is this?
Me: xxxxx is a telecommunication company which manufactures networking devices like residential gateways, wireless extenders blah blah…and VO stopped me and went for next question.
VO: How long have u been working for this company
Me: 4.9 years.
VO: what ur job role and specialization?
Me: My job is to qualify broadband Residential gateways which are nothing but a device blah blah…I have gained expertise in verifying protocol conformance and network security using industry specialized tools xxxxxx & xxxxxxx. VO stopped and asked follow up question.
VO: R dis tools developed by u?
Me: No... I will customize them (I kept it short)
VO: R there any similar kind of tools in the market
Me: Yes, and I have been involved in evaluating them as well. But current tools provides more options to test our product.
VO: How much experience do you have in qualifying the products?
Me: 8 yrs (my total experience)
VO: what is your designation?
Me: sorry r u asking about current one or the ….she immediately replied in USA and I said Staff QA ENG.
(My suggestion never imagine the question if u r not clear please ask to repeat the question)
VO: what will be your package?
Me: 110K upward per annum.
VO: Location
Me: Santa Clara, California.
VO: Have u been to US before
Me: Yes
VO: There was a silence for couple of seconds and she was checking monitor and finally I heard the golden words. Your visa is approved and stamped my 3 set of petition and gave me 2 sets.
Finally what I learnt from this blog and my visa experiences is:
• Keep your Answers short and informative. Don’t go too technical until they ask for.
• As we all know the basic questions so prepare well for them.
• Do not bluff or try to impress them.
• Fill your DS160 form correctly.
• Maintain eye contact(most of time they will be busy in checking there monitor :-P )
• Try to avoid watching/ listening to others interviews when you are standing in queue.
• And finally most import thing go to interview center just before 20-30 min. You can directly go and join the line based on your slot. No need of standing in the long queue.
• NOTE: It’s just my opinion as we all have diffrnt way of approach, body language and communication skills. So please collect the required information and prepare accordingly. All the very best and be confident.

If you guys need any more info please let me know will share my Email ID.
I have B1 visa experience (1st time rejected and 2nd time approved) in 2017.Please let me know if you guys need any help.


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L1A_FunctionalM     12/06/2019 10:10 AM

Hi All - This forum has helped me immensely, doing my bit now.

Working for one of the big fours (tech - GAFA) and applied for L1A blanket initially, with visa appointment in early August, 2019. Questions asked were as below:

1) You will work with xx company?
2) Applying for L1A?
3) What will be your designation?
4) Your salary in US?
5) How many direct reports will you have?
A: 4 direct reports.
7) Their designations and will you have indirect reports?
A: YY Managers and they will be functional managers, influencing stakeholders such as ZZ. Hence, they can be considered as in-direct reports and will be around 60 members.
8) Your manager’s designation and his manager’s designation?
A: Sr. Manager for xx. His manager is Director for yy.
9) What will be your day to day work activities?

At the end of the interview VO mentioned that “There is no issue with your profile or work you do with xx company, however given the narrow scope of L1A, your visa is not clearly approvable. Pls contact your HR for other visa options”.

Post this, my attorney suggested to go for Individual filing under premium processing.

Timeline -
August 31: Shared all inputs from my end to my attorney, includes detailed info about role and related evidences/examples.
September 27: Petition filed and sent to USCIS
October 8: Got approval notification
October 9: Booked my Visa appointment with latest available date for my preferred location within India.
December 2: Bio-metrics completed
December 3: Visa appointment, questions asked as below:
1) Which company?
2) Company in India?
3) Role details in US?
4) Location in US?
5) Salary in US?
6) Will you have hire/fire authority?

VO asked if I know my rights as a worker - had a sigh of relief after hearing this. But he again goes on :)
6) To my wife - what will you be doing in US?

VO says, give me couple of minutes and goes inside for 5 minutes.

7) Comes back and asks how many years have you been with the company?

VO sees a different colleague of his coming (looked superior) and again goes inside to have a chat with him. This is where I got nervous and started thinking about what's going on.

Comes back and takes 2 mins, while he was typing and reading into his monitor. And finally says, your visa is approved.
Not sure if there was any doubt or confusion at the end which got his decision delayed, but had a happy outcome.

Thanks again to all the forum members for your contributions which is helping lot of folks through the process.

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