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HamiltionApplicant     07/13/2017 23:38 PM

Hello all,

I would like to share my recent B1/B2 visa application @USConsulate Toronto.

Background: My daughter and I were granted B1/B2 visas with 10 year validity by US Consulate Munich, Germany in Nov 2006. I decided to be proactive and applied for new visas of same category and appeared for Interview on the 2nd September 2016. I was confident to get the visas approved, as my wife got her B1/B2 without any issue at all from the same consulate. Besides, I myself am a veteran visa interviewee with 3 H1Bs and 2 B1/B2s. My daughter was not required to attend the interview as she was not yet 13.

I took all the documents indicated by instruction. In fact, I verified it multiple times. This was what transpired during the short interview

VO: How people are applying(After seeing two passports)?
Me: 2
VO: How many people are with you now?
Me: I am alone
VO: Why not the other person?
Me: Other applicant, not yet 13
VO: How long have you been living in Canada?
Me: I provide correct answer
VO: What is the purpose of your visit?
Me: Visit family
VO: How are you related?
Me: I explained the relation
VO: Do you have any other relatives in the US:
Me: No
VO: When do you plan to travel to US?
Me: Gave the dates
VO: Show me the last visa
Me: Showed the visa
VO: So this is a renewal?
Me: Yes(Feeling somewhat confident)
VO: What's your highest qualification?
Me: Provided the correct answer
VO: What was the main subject?
Me: Provided the correct answer
VO: Year of Graduation?
Me: Provided the correct answer
VO: Do you have your resume?
Me: No
VO: Says that further admin processing is needed and hands me a yellow slip with passports
Me: Said thanks and got out

Yellow slip asked me to submit my resume with all the work and education details Once home, I review my application. I did realize that I provided only scant information in The current and previous employment section, Something like Project management and coordination

Day and time of Interview: Sep 2 2016 12:00 PM(Friday)
Resume emailed: Sep 3 2016 at 9:07 AM
Automated acknowledgment email: Sep 3 2016 at 9:09 AM

Long labor day weekend

Acknowledgment email: Sep 6 2016 at 11:28 AM
Overcoming of 221g refusal and Email requesting passport: Sep 6 2016 4:37 PM (The document review and the overcoming took less than 8 business hours.)
Passports couriered by Canada post : Sep 7 2016 12:40 PM
Passports delivered to US consulate: Sep 9 2016 09:58 AM

Statuses changed to Issued : Sep 14&15 2016
Waybill #s provided by emails: Sep 15 & 16 2016
Delivery notification from Canadian Post: Sep 16 & 20 2016
Passport collected form Canadian Post: Sep 20 2016

the document list are not complete, please take all the documents possible.

Never take visa application for granted, don't assume anything. In my case The mistake was that I assumed the work history is not important for a visitor visa application. I advise those who apply to fill each section truthfully and completely.

With hindsight, I guess all the VO was looking for was the work history part which was largely missing. Initial questions were just to establish my bonafides. I also suspect they preview of all the Applications before the interviews and have their questions ready. Interview is all about Providing the applicant with the opportunity furnish the missing pieces.

Good news: 221g yellow slip denotes somewhat of a minor Issue with the application, most probably handled by the consulate itself. Caveat, I am not a lawyer, but after doing extensive research, that is my considered opinion.

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abcdef71     07/13/2017 11:24 AM


After reading and getting help on immihelp, we had a sucessful interview for my in-laws and wanted to share that experience with others that may be in the same situation.

The interview was done at the mumbai consulte with a gujarati interpreter.

Day 1: Had the biometrics appointment. In and out in 15 minutes.

Day 2: Interview

FIL: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning

VO: Why are you going to US?
FIL: We are going to see my daughter, son-in-laws and their children

VO: Where does your son-in-law work?
FIL: xxxxx

VO: What does he do?
FIL: xxxxxx

VO: Your visa is approved and you can pick up passport at the location you put down.

They were only asked 3 questions and that's it. I was suprised nothing else was asked as I read about many other cases on here.

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adam1234     07/12/2017 19:49 PM

I need a persuasive answer please for the reason of rejection in my interview..

Officer: where will you stay in the US?

Me: 5 days in New York, 5 days in Washington and finally 5 days in Florida.

Officer: vacations?

Me: Yes

Officer: your parents will fund this trip, right?

Me: Yes

Officer: Do you have family in US?

Me: No

Officer: Do you have friends in US?

Me: Yes one friend in Pennsylvania

Officer; will you visit them?

Me: I'm not sure because Pennsylvania is far from New York by several hours.

Officer: Have you traveled abroad before?

Me: No

Officer: Are you student?

Me: Yes in pharmacy

Officer: which year?

Me: I've just finished my third year.

Officer: sorry you are ineligible for the visa u can reapply later

Me: Ok

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rocky2109     07/11/2017 07:20 AM

Hey, I am opting for USA visitor visa on this 24 July.

I am planning to visit for the purpose of tourism, where for the question about why you want to visit US, my answer would be for the purpose of Honeymoon where my marriage is dated 23 Novemmber 2017.

I registered intended date of visiting to be 15 december 2017.

My current salary is 6.60 Lac annually.

My fiance already have US Travel Visa. She runs a center for disable kids to make them learn technology.

Few questions are
1) Is it Ok to say a visit reason to be Honeymoon?
2) Would my income match the specific needs for finance?
3) Do I need to show sufficient balance in my statement ? How much approx.
4) Would I need any details of my fiancee ? Like, her passport number, her center details.
5) For someone in USA, I have entered details of my fiancee sister staying in Springfield. Would I need any details of them except name and address and what they do ?
6) I have just visited Singapore and Malaysia once in 2006, would that make any difference?
7) I have not planned trip itinerary yet, would that make any difference?

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gagandip     07/10/2017 11:17 AM

Hello. How are you all? hope will fine. I want to ask you a question. I have applied for B1 B2 visa with two of my dependents. Alongwith my two brother in laws too have applied.In the beginning we took help of a travel agent for applying. Afterwards we end up with the agent and planned to apply ourselves. Agent was trying to cancel our appointment by taking the login IDs access in his hand by calling on embassy customer care by updating new login id. With this fear i mailed at support-india@ustraveldocs with our issue. we didn't receive any reply from embassy. Then i kept calling on embassy helpline regarding this issue. Even i called 10-15 times per day. From the same number i called on my brother in law's behalf. After many days i received call from Embassy on that number..they investigated me like FBI..they talked with me approximately 30 minutes . They asked me many questions like why I'm calling on the behalf of other two applications.. Then they said that they have locked our all login accounts..now i want to ask that will it leave a impact on our interviews or not? I'm worried about it.. please help me

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iman_visa     07/10/2017 10:56 AM

Hi there,

I have applied B1/B2 visa 3 years back, first two times (i re-applied in 2 weeks gap) my B1/B2 rejected and next time (after 6 months) i applied again and it got approved. I have traveled to US twice in between for office related work and came back to India within 3 weeks both the time.
I'm going to apply for PhD course coming Fall, and would be applying for F1 visa. Could anyone help me with the following questions:

1. Will it be a problem to get F1 since my B1/B2 rejected twice?
2. Do i need to be mindful about anything while appearing for Visa interview?


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manveer     07/10/2017 00:30 AM

Hi i am 35 male from punjab india .i had refused twice back in 2012 alone and in 2015 with my wife . In 2012 my passport was blank and in 2015 i traveled to England ,hongkong,macau,thailand, and my wife passport was blank after 2015 refusael i been to Germany and france .i have three kids .i am.doing my business and i have annual income around 14 lac and my wife annualy income around 5 lac and we have solid land purchased and good savings around 40 lac .now i want to apply alone for usa and canada .first tell me do i have to apply for canada first coz my cousin send me invotation from canada and he ill acompany me to usa . Thanks in advance i already post my experince 40 days back bt no one commented on that .this is how my last interview went our interview was in punjabi bt VO speaking Hindu
V.o hi passport plz
My wife. Slided passports
VO.why r u gng to usa in hindi
Me.for tourisum
VO.which place u want to visit
Vo.what u do
Me business
Vo.to wife .what u do
Wife.i work with my husband and take care of my family
Vo.why u went to UK
Me.for tourisum
Vo. Do u have anyone there
Me. Yes i have my friend bt we are gng thru tour package
Vo.then your friend nt gonna hangaround with u .
Me.i kept my self quite didnt said anything then he said sorry go back to home lolz

       I know i messed up in the last bt then i went to germany framce after two months and i got my europe visa in a 30 hour time.thanks in advance

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misspx     07/07/2017 13:15 PM

Hey guys. I'm a 28 year old female from India working in a private financial company for more than a year. I want to visit my younger brother in Chicago for two weeks and we'll go to a sporting event and just explore the city. I'm engaged to my fiance but he has no interest in travelling outside India so I'll be travelling solo. My dad is going to pay for my roundtrip flight tickets and my brother will be incurring my expenses during my stay in the US. I don't have any other siblings in India. Can you guys please give me tips on what kind of questions the VO might ask me and what are my chances of getting a visa? I have no intentions of living in the US as I have my job, fiance and my parents here. Thank you!

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swetap     07/05/2017 02:54 AM

hi, i want to travel to the US for tourism purpose and meet my best friend whom i have not met for ages. i am 32 yr old single woman. currently pursuing a full time photography course, i want to plan my visit while i am at it. i have worked for 7 years before this. i quit my job. i have sufficient funds in my account. what are my chances of getting a B2..

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rick589     07/05/2017 00:40 AM

Hi, We have already put spouse dependent visa for usa in last Dec 2016, Now she wants to go to usa on visitor visa, as her husband is in USA on green card, she is Indian citizen but she is in canada on visitor visa, is she should apply for visitor visa from canada? Her B1B2 visa refused twice from india, we want to know should we take chance to apply from Canada, suggestion are welcome.

Thank you in advance.

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