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smitha_a28     10/11/2019 11:54 AM

Hi everyone, I have submitted i485, i130, i765, i131 concurrently under F2B category as my husband is currently a GC holder. My timeline is as follows:

Sent application via USPS to Chicago: 23rd August 2019
Received confirmed delivery on 24th August 2019
Checks were cashed: 30th August 2019
Text message from USCIS that they have received all my forms (only on my husbands phone): 3rd Sept 2019
NOA received in mailbox: 7th Sept 2019

Priority Date: 26th August 2019
Biometrics Appointment letter received: 13th sept 2019
Biometrics Appointment: 23rd sept 2019
------nothing so far.

On the USCIS page, I have an account and it is still showing that for my i485 "Fingerprint Fee was Received". Is this normal? From what I have read online everyone's experience says it changed to "Fingerprint review complete". Any experiences would be appreciated.

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bbkowa85     10/11/2019 11:27 AM

Hello folks, the GC application is patience. Try to make sure you do all the right things and be patient, keep hope alive and at the end you will get your GC.
For some folks, it comes easy and for others its a thug of war...….Be patient...Patient and be Patient....
Best of lucks Folks...

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Richard101096     10/11/2019 11:01 AM

Interview was done August 29th, no response or online update yet. On Monday, EAD card was mailed, but haven't gotten it yet. How long does it usually take to get it and social security?


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Omisees     10/11/2019 10:50 AM

I had my interview yesterday and the only additional documentation submitted was Statement of Disposition. I had two DUIs with one dismissed and another no contest (3 days plea) and did not submit the Disposition statements till the interview.

My status says the Intervew is scheduled as of Aug 28th. Now that the interview is done.

1. When might I see a change in status online ?
2. Any idea how long it might take to know a decision?

I got a white paper with ' Need to Review documents ' and the IO conveyed the same.

Interview was pretty chill. In-laws Names, wife dob and where she works. For my wife they asked about my colleges ( 3 of them ) and she was also spontaneous. IO was friendly and joked all the way. Even about my DUI. My wife's pic on citizenship documents etc. Lawyer told me that I will receive a card once we are out but I am not sure.

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chrisdozie     10/11/2019 10:24 AM

hello guys, I lost my International passport, which my EAD and AOS haven't yet arrived. Please what should I do.

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fernandogv     10/11/2019 10:19 AM

Is anyone recently had the interview in the New Orleans office?

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maru_arg     10/11/2019 09:26 AM

Hi everybody,

I got some news during the last few weeks.

Our timeline is:
March 22: Got married
April 24: Filed
May 22: Biometrics
August 28: Interview ready to be scheduled
September 11: Interview was scheduled for October 30th in Tampa
October 10: Your EAD card is being produced

Question: How long does the EAD card take to be in my hand?


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leenaBansali     10/11/2019 09:20 AM


Any march/april.filers did not got their EAD yet, i saw few whose PD is later than mine got their EAD, good.for them. Its a long wait, i need my EAD so I can apply for Jobs. Wherever I apply they are asking for EAD or GC so can't even take interviews :-(

All the best everyone

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Ozil     10/11/2019 07:05 AM

Hey May filler
My I765 statut change to “we are ordered your card “
My kestion is how long do it take to get it in the mail

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Artie12345     10/10/2019 20:36 PM

Guys I need some advice, I received my 10yr. Green card and we booked a trip abroad. The problem is that the date I became resident should be sep 21, 2019.
But they wrote I became resident the date I got married. Will this be an issue when I re enter USA. or should I file the I-90 note and wait until they send me the right one.

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