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Seemish Mandur- ()     02/17/2004 20:45 PM

In USA one may not make application to welfare payments unless neighbors to get very angry. Always be to work and work hard and America can then be friendly. American system and neighbors not in favor of welfare for you when you come foreign. They may burn a fire cross at your dwelling home or throw rocks into your window glass.

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Seema Mathur- ()     07/24/2003 20:39 PM

There are grooves on the sides of many roads. That mandates you to drive your car in the middle of the road. As soon as you start driving your car to the side of the road, car starts making noise as it runs on the grooves. You realize at that time to bring the car back to the middle of the road.

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Rameela- ()     07/24/2003 20:38 PM

Alaska was sold to USA by Russia in only $450 million. Alaska is almost as large as India.

Rates for buying things are separate for local residents and for tourists because US government provides subsidy to local residents.

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Suchitra- ()     07/15/2003 14:43 PM

For your dishwasher always use detergent specifically made for that(labelled as Dishwasher gel or powder) Dont use Dishcleaning soap as it will generate a lot of foam and spill out of dishasher and you will have hard time cleaning your Kitchen Floor.Incase you do run out of Dihwasher gel then it is better to run the machine without any soap at all rather than trying alternatives

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Sudha Sankineni- ()     07/13/2003 18:52 PM

United States has less than 5% of world's population, but it emits more than quarter of its greenhouse-gas emissions. It also uses more one third of world's electricity(mostly from coal) and uses 43% of gasoline.

In other words, lots of earth resources are used only in United States.

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Radhika- ()     07/12/2003 13:02 PM

Convenience store 7-11 is called such because it was inauguarated on July 11 (which is 7/11). And also it is open from 7 AM to 11 PM.

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Vinay Bhatia- ()     07/11/2003 17:27 PM

Several Japanese luxury cars are built by same companies that build regular cars too.

Lexus is built by Toyota. Acura is built by Honda. Inifiniti is built by Nissan.

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Rohit Sethi- ()     07/06/2003 16:20 PM

Each car has Vehicle Identification Number(VIN). It is 19 digit number and is unique to each car manufactured. That number contains lot of useful information such as country of origin of car.

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Rohit Sethi- ()     07/06/2003 00:53 AM

Vehicle number plate is called license plate in Motor Vehicles in each state in USA. Unlike India, license plates are pre-printed and you don't have to get the number painted on the plate.

Each state has different license plate and state name is written on the top. Most of the states also have some slogan that is printed on the license plate. For example, Massachusetts has 'Spirit of America', New Jersey has 'Garden State' etc.

Each state has default license plate. But you can also get different looking license plate at additional fee. Such license plate may have different colors or themes such as animal preservation, info. about some museum, etc.

Normally the vehicle license plate numbers are assigned by Dept. of Motor Vehicles(DMV). But if you want you can request them to have any number you like. Such as I could ask 'Rohit 76' if I wanted and if that number were not in use, and it is no abusive or slang language.

In most states, license plates are required in front and rear of the car. But in some states like Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida, license plate is needed only in the rear and not in the front. I know of a friend who moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia and he had to have additional holes drilled in the front of the car to fix front license plate.

License plates belong to the person and not to the vehicle. That means, if you sell your car, you keep your license plates and not give it to the buyer. You can use those license plates for your another car or you can return it to DMV.
Buyer who bought your car has to contact DMV to his own license plates.

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Yogesh Shah- ()     07/02/2003 17:41 PM

If you offer chewing gum or any other mouth freshner, it can easily be mistaken that he/she has bad breath, even though your intention may not be such.

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