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Mirchandani Group Flat Buyer- ()     10/24/2007 02:57 AM

I had booked a flat with Mirchandani Group. While booking the flat the sales people were the best in their behavior.
While processing the loan the financier from whom I was taking the loan required some documents from the builder.
The marketing head of the group said that the letter will not be required. However when the financier insisted the sales person
said that he will give me the letter provided I pay some amount of the flat. I convinced the financier to do so and upon
the sales director comments did give an undertaking to the financier saying that I will submit the letter in the mentioned time
frame. However after the sales director recieved the amount he totally turned back from his commitment.

In fact he started behaving so arrogant with me as if I was asking him a favor. That sales director insisted that
I change the financier and he will get my loan processed from some other financial organization (note that the financial
organization which he was recommending had the highest interest rates.). On staying firm on my stand and listening to all
the crab things the director could have said I was finally able to get the letter. That point of time itself I reliazed that
I have made some mistake. However I kept my cool and decided that when I get the possesion I will have the builder hear my
grievancies. However meeting the builder turned out to be another nightmare. His assistant who is supposed to give appointments
does not know his schedule. She comes to office at 12:00pm and commits the clients that she will call them and fix the appointment
at 10:00am.On asking her why she didnt call and fix the appointment she yells back at you to inform you that its not feasible for
her to call you before since she has just entered the office. And if try to ague with her she will simply cut the phone.

I think we buyers should set up a forum and have some legal actions taken against these builders since we are investing in our
dream house and spending our hard earned money. They have no right to trouble us getting our flats.

If anyone knows abt the legal things which can be done for these sort of mental stress please post the same on this forum.

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Buyer- ()     10/22/2007 03:18 AM

Dear All,
While booking for dream home, you have to consider so many things around that scheme, Hospital, Schools, Shopping Center, etc....But from my concern, you have to think @ HIGHWAY..

So many big schemes of reputed builders are near highway at Warje, Bavdhan and so...everyone wants to book flat at these schemes to get good homes...but.......you will get good home, but think of the noise of vehicles on highway....
Even you cant slip properly at nights as of this noise....as truckes use highways only...so think the noise

If no quite and calm pace why to invest 30-50laks at these areas....only for big townships?????????

Why i am telling this to you is i m suffering these things....so informing you all to invest your valuable amount at the good place to get calm and quite homes....as everyone wants calm and quite place after returning to home from office.

Think @ it seriously...

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Nikhil- ()     10/15/2007 08:35 AM

Dear friends,

My experience with Aditya Builders was good.

We have booked a commercial unit at Aditya Shagun Mall. The dealings are clear enough. We appreciate the Quality of construction of the Builder, & the Mall looks very good. In this area, such kind of a Mall is not there.

It's a good brand.



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A P- ()     10/15/2007 03:26 AM

Anybody booked in project called comfort zone from Aditya shagun Developers at Baner Balewadi area. I am about to do registeration in 1-2 days.

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Aditya Buyer- ()     10/10/2007 02:20 AM

everybody should know how Aditya builder is as there are lot of bad posts for this builder compared to other builder...so no need to ask for booking at this builders site....the good posts are added by that builder so dont get confused......he is a cheater....

Simpaly try to Avoide booking at Aditya's all sites....

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Milind Goyal- ()     09/30/2007 05:21 AM

Iam looking at buying a Flat in Aditya High Land behind Krishna Keval Society. Can anybody tell me more about this Builder, That Area ie Any problems experienced.. Anybody who has booked a flat in Aditya Highland please let me know what your experiences are like,
You can email to me at [email protected] or send me a number I can call at so that I can make a correct decision.

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Aparna Mohare- ()     09/26/2007 03:00 AM

We booked a flat (2BHK) in Aditya Garden City in Dec 2005 and our ill fate started. As we were put up in Mumbai then we started communicating with there Dadar Branch and soon realized that there is no co ordination between Pune Office and Dadar office and ultimately customers are the sufferers.We literally stopped all the communication with Dadar office and started communicating directly to Pune Branch just to realize that the communication Problem in not only between the offices but it is present between Sales and Construction depts etc. Sales people will commit to make changes in your flat according to your choice but Site engineers would refuse. Even the things they promise are not proper. The tiles you choose are out of stock,leaking taps,broken tiles, door latches that are not working.We must have shown these faults to them at least 12 times before they rectified most of them(though not all of them and we are forced to take possession and rectify remaining things with our money). The staff is very uncooperative and speaks rudely. Sales people will only promise you that they will make you a call once they make change,prepare documentation etc but they never call. If you care for your flat you need to call them up and check. The things like creche and colony bus as promised in the initial offer is not going to materialise till they complete all 3 phases.And I am really not sure whether they are going to provide it at all. Construction quality is very bad and our walls got badly ruined during rain and they have given us temporary solution of epoxy coating the grills so that water will not seap through them.So we are going to be under tension till next monsoon to check whether the coating really helps.

Promised possession:March 07
Actual Possession: September 07 without any regrest from the builder.

Its my humble request to all the readers,not to buy flat with this builder and lose your peace of mind.

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Sufferer- ()     09/26/2007 01:24 AM

This is to just inform you that Please dont go for Aditya Builders..as he is one of the cheater....

Dont go For Aditya....
Dont go For Aditya....
Dont go For Aditya....

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Krishna- ()     09/24/2007 06:27 AM

We had very bad experience with Aditya Shagun builder. Please dont go by the good comments you can see in some other posts. Those are all fabricated by the builder himself to improve his reputation and trap you. So please please dont buy any property from this cheap and fraud builder. I had heard many bad experiences from people about this builder. I can share with you. You can email me. GOD save you from this builder if you are dealing with him.

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Priya- ()     09/24/2007 06:18 AM

We purchased a shop in Aditya Shagun Mall in Bavdhan in June 05. The sales people told the mall will be ready in one year (June 06). When we went to do registration we came to came to know possesion date is Mar 07. The builder took all the money from us in June 06 again telling us the mall will be ready by Oct 06. But the builder did not complete the work even by Mar 07. So finally we took the possesion of incomplete mall in June 07 bcoz we had to give it on rent. The builder charged us late payment charges and took maintenance for full year from June 07. But now also (Sep 07) if you visit this mall the work is still going on. There are no lights in the entrance and capsule lift is not started. I think no one is taking possesion as work is very slow. We fought so much with builder and his staff but they all are very cheap and hopeless people. They are cheating all the customers and using all our to start new projects or earning interest. WE ARE SUFFERING A LOT BCOZ OF THIS CHEAP BUILDER. DONT BUY ANY PROPERTY FROM ADITYA SHAGUN BUILDER.

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