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Barbara- ()     07/25/2010 20:23 PM

This site is very helpful and takes you straight to the pages you need eg--USCIS and NVC.
It is self explanatory and easy to understand. really there is n need to use lawyers or other sites which offer to be agents all your info is here and on the web sites mentined.

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Vijay- ()     07/22/2010 14:37 PM

I am really thankfull for your valuable help to all the US visa aspirants . The information you providing is very correct and I appreciate for all your efforts for us.

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Murali- ()     07/17/2010 23:36 PM

The Site talks about almost everything that an immigrant from south asia could ever want.

Kudos to the team that is keeping this you very invaluable site.

Good Luck & Best wishes.

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Niharika- ()     07/12/2010 17:01 PM

This site has every small and big information that makes you comfortable if you are especially travelling for the first time. Gud work done!!

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Shaik Moinuddin- ()     07/01/2010 09:50 AM

Indeed this site is very helpful to those who want to visit USA for any purpose.

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shrikant chaudhari- ()     06/12/2010 23:45 PM

It is just like a encyclopedia to a lay man.It guides thoroughly and informative

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DADA BOAT- ()     06/09/2010 23:04 PM

May the Almighty God bless the person who built the website.It is a free Attorney for the poor.With Immihelp.com, I did everything by myself and it went well.

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Suganthi- ()     06/08/2010 14:45 PM

It was incidental that my browser landed up in immihelp.com when i was sitting in my office and trying to help my husband with our L1B visa interview. From then on for anything and everything, this site is our first source of ref and info. Visa interview experiences, travel documents arrangements, traveling guidelines, my EAD application in US.... and wat not. every step was after referring here. That's not it all, now for applying driver's license and buying a car we are gonna refer here only... :) lots of thanx immihelp :)

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Sabin- ()     06/03/2010 22:47 PM

This website is really helpful for us. I have got so many ideas from this website and I have travelled around the world Like , U. S , Europe due to help by immihelp.com

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IB- ()     05/29/2010 18:29 PM

Excellent resource.

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