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M. Gonsalves- ()     11/08/2010 06:08 AM

An excellent site for anyone to get a clear picture regaring anything on the US immigration scene

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Rajesh- ()     10/30/2010 10:26 AM


Your site has the fillable form for Indian passport application, WITHIN INDIA, on the following page. This is the so-called Form No 1.


However, this form is slightly different than the one published at the govt website


1. The first 4 pages look mostly similar, but some questions are in different order.
2. Page 5 is completely different.
4. Page 6 is missing in your version.

Can you please update your website with the correct form from the govt that is fillable?



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KKT- ()     09/28/2010 00:48 AM

This is a very good site for US visas. I prepared all my documentation from this site and today myself along with my parents got the visa to visit my brother in Los Angeles. Thanks immihelp.

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Chinmayi- ()     09/24/2010 03:02 AM

Excellent website.... have more information than USG websites.... great service

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Akinnawo oluwaseun- ()     09/08/2010 05:24 AM

Am from Nigeria, i was invited by the national body of my tribe who is base in the state. I will want to know may be i need to pay the immigration fee abroad.

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Shailesh- ()     09/03/2010 04:07 AM

I received my Multiple entry Visitor visa to visit my daughter in US. Your website provided all the required info with minute details. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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Sudhakar Rendla- ()     08/25/2010 14:25 PM

Great site with all the information crumbled in.The advice posted is very accurate and uptodate.Thanks alot.

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Naveen Pati- ()     08/12/2010 18:19 PM

This website gives great information about almost all kinds of VISA information to USA. Every Indian MUST visit this website and it is highly recommended..

Naveen Pati

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Indian- ()     08/06/2010 20:16 PM

This is a very useful website. Your valuable information has really helped me in my immigration process. I want to thank each one of your contributors for providing such detail. Please keep up the great work.

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Rajendra- ()     07/30/2010 18:55 PM

I would like to appreciate and thank this website for providing very detailed explanation about visa related stuffs. I was worried about new application forms but after going through the instructions here it was very easy for applying for my visa.

Really appreciate your efforts!!


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