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Mslavn31     10/07/2019 08:29 AM

Can I swear in this forum?

My case was filed on July 1st and Sept 16th I requested expediting due to medical emergency.

October 1st the request was approved and nothing since then. Called customer service, they adviced waiting 30(!) days - that’s how long they have to issue a decision.

Why on earth wouldn that be an expediting request if you still have to wait more than a month for it??

Does any of you guys have EAD this way? How long did it take them to start making the card?

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IsaD21     10/07/2019 08:12 AM

Good morning! Another beginning of the week. Finger crossed for all of us who are waiting for their ead to get processed.

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AnnieTP     10/07/2019 01:32 AM

Hi Guys, I just want to receive clarification on the "Combo Packets/Packages" being mentioned here, together with the AOS. I only applied for the EAD in concurrence with the I-485 because when I was filling out the Advanced Parole Form, there was a warning there stating that if the AP is being filled out ONLY for tourism purposes, the documents will be returned and application automatically cancelled. So I did not fill out the FREE AP together with my I-485.
I see a lot of you receiving your "Combo" packets and would like to know if you stated any medical emergencies or any other emergencies as reasons for your APs to be approved? As a fond traveler, and seeing that I may have to wait 11.5-45 months to receive my conditional GC...could I have missed out on a chance?

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Ss12     10/06/2019 19:50 PM

Hey everyone -

My status adjustment is in process and I recently got a traffic violation (minor). I was at a 30 mph speed in 25 mph zone and got a ticket for that.
Overall, in the past 5 years, I have received 2 tickets, this one being the second ticket.
The previous traffic violation was cited last year for overspeeding 10 mph in 65 mph zone.
I was wondering if these traffic violations are a very big deal when it comes to immigration cases?
Can these tickets really cause case delays for 'further investigations'?

Besides these two traffic violations, I got a couple of parking tickets, but I don't think if they should be a big deal as those violations were under my car registration, but not my own name.
Any people experienced in this who got any issues or didn't have any issues as such?

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Winner0427     10/06/2019 19:45 PM

Hi everyone, on Sept 26th I requested for expedite on my EAD, my reason was for financial lost. My request was approved on September 30th without submitting any evidence.

As of today I’m still yet to get any update on a final decision. How long does it normally take to get approved? My category is AOS (C09).

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Kuba78     10/06/2019 19:28 PM

I place this question here for my friend.

Is here anybody who recieved back I 765 !!!!!!

Friend of mine recently send concurrently application for I 130,I 485 and I 765.few weeks ago.
Just last Fri.he received back his I 765 and uncashed check for $495,- with explain, ( the form I 765 is no longer required for status adjustment)?????

Anybody here with same experience?

Please share your thoughts.

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oolani201     10/06/2019 08:35 AM

Good Morning Everyone,

Could anyone please list all documents necessary when filing I-130, EAD and I-485 concurrently. Please if you have a list of those documents would be much appreciated. Asking this because I know things changes everyday with USCIS. Thank you so much for your help. God Bless Us ALL...

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alejandro257     10/06/2019 01:16 AM

PD: 04 Jan 2019
Bio: 12 Fb 2019
SR: 31 july 2019

276 days (9 months) since my case active, no answer from USCIS about my e-request, about my EAD I-765 and travel permit I-131, about my adjustment status I-485. and my lawyer doesn't want to submit another e-request, he doesn't want to push because of my denial last year and I'm 21.

I have been in this country 3 years I am not working or doing anything productive. I am lost my mind.

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lyanna_stark     10/05/2019 18:39 PM

Hi guys.. I know there isn't mush else I can do but wait. But 300 days is a long time to wait. I know there are a few others here who've had too wait just as long or in some cases longer. I don't know how you guys do it. But I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm losing the will to just carry on.
I filed my I-485 and I-765 concurrently. RD 12/06/2018 VSC.
What's different here is that I'm a VAWA case. It's at least 10 months away from being processed.
10 months ago I was hopeful. Hopeful that I'll get my EAD and go back to school part-time and finish school. I had to drop out of school before (VAWA related).
Now I'm just tired of the endless wait. They're 'processing' cases from April 03 2019 atm. By that logic I should have received a decision 5 months ago. Instead, here I am. Two SRs. No answers. They sent out a letter saying they would not be accepting online requests anymore and to send a written request instead. That was done August 6th. Still nothing.
All I want at this point is just a decison. Yes or no. So I can either give it my last bit of life essence or just pack up and go. Something. Anything. I feel hopeless.

That's it. I just needed to vent. If this offends anyone, I'm sorry. That was not my intention.
Good luck to us all.

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Agelee     10/05/2019 10:25 AM

I’m starting to stress as both my E3D and EAD (I-765) visas expire in mid-December! I’m renewing my E3D visa next week and will apply for the EAD renewal as soon as my E3D is received.

I’m an Aussie and have been in the US since 2016 and previously the EAD processing time only took no more than 3 months but seems like it’s taking much longer now...

Hoping to find out:

1) Is anyone currently on an E3D waiting for their EAD to be processed in Vermont or Texas? If so, how long have you been waiting for? Is it your first time or a renewal? Just trying to get a sense of where to send my form!
2) Will there be any issues with sending my EAD (I-765) form to a diff branch than where I’ve previously sent it to? Have always sent it to Vermont but we have new lawyers and they want to send it to Texas.

3) Those of you who are renewing your EADs, have you had to get your biometrics taken again??

Thanks in advance!!

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