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snoopy1990     01/14/2020 17:43 PM


My interview was completed in June 2019. Still waiting for the approval and production of green cards. I haven't received any RFE yet. I have the EAD card too. How risky is it to switch companies and in the meanwhile be unemployed during the transition (i have completed 180+ days restriction required before we switch, but asking about unemployed status during transition since my interview was completed in june 2019)

Thank you!

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oneguy1     01/14/2020 14:42 PM

The current USCIS visa bulletin puts the priority date for Employment-based 1st (EB1) category for India as 01 JAN 15. So any applications approved before Jan 2015 would get a GC. My understanding is that this also means if I apply today (Jan 2020) using I-485, it would take roughly 5 years to get a GC through EB1 filing. Is that correct?

What I don't understand is, till March 2018, the cutoff date was current. So anyone who completed their interview and got approved by March 2018 and before in EB1 got a green card. How can USCIS then be processing applications from Jan 2015? What does it mean?

Finally, if my priority date is May 2018, how long would I have to wait? The cutoff date only tells me the wait time if I applied right now. How can I calculate the wait time for an older priority date?

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dashand     01/14/2020 00:10 AM


I really need to hear experience of those who filled NIW EB-2 (ROW) at the Texas Center CONCURRENTLY. I filled concurrently in November of 2018 and my I-140 was approved in January of 2020 (a few days ago). Now, according to your previous/recent experience with Texas Center, I want to know,

- How long it may take that my I-485 gets transferred to NBC?
- How long it may take to get an interview scheduled for me?

Any experience in this regard would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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ciceromic     01/14/2020 00:04 AM

AOS Category - EB2
Field office - Minneapolis
05.29.19 - Mail with 485 received by USCIS
06.25.19 - Biometrics taken
07.07.19 - EAD/AP combo card received in post
12.03.19 - Online status "We are ready to scheduled for an interview"
12.09.19 - Online status "Interview was scheduled"
1.13.20 - Interview date
1.13.20 - Interview was completed and my case must be reviewed
1.13.20 - New Card Is Being Produced

interview was pretty straight forward. The officer was very polite and professional. the officer asked for my Paystubs, i-94,passports,w2, employment letter . He asked yes/no questions on the I-485 forms and current roles and responsibilities in the current role.

Good luck to every one!!

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nich89     01/14/2020 11:33 AM

Anyone here got interviewed last dec2019? Did you get your card yet?
For EB3 filer.

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Vijsingh     01/14/2020 08:59 AM

Hello Everyone

I need some help and suggestion from ths forum

My AOS status is pending and currently working on EAD. Earlier I was on L1A and that has been expired after 7 years in Oct 2018. My interview with USCIS has been completed last year in Feb 2019.

Now Question is can i change job, if i get same profile job somewhere else. If yes Do I need to inform USCIS, What complications or risk are in it.

I will appreciate your advice or if someone know about any Lawyer how can help in it,


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Ajla23     01/14/2020 03:11 AM

Does anyone here experienced a consular processing for an employment based green card? My lawyer was telling me to go back to Philippines and do a consular processing.

My timeline was:
1. Waited for my prevailing wage (July 2019)
2. Prevailing wage was provided by DOL (November)
3. Posted ads (December)
4. My lawyer filed a form (I am not sure what form is that) - January 2020

I am not sure what the next step is but I was a J1 then extended here in usa for 6 months mor as a b2 and she wants me to go back to ph for the process.

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kaisheng07     01/13/2020 16:57 PM

I received the courtesy letter for medical exam, but USCIS website case status shows "Request for Initial Evidence". In the meantime, I didn't receive any other mail from USCIS. I am so confused, what do I do now? please help!

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PTten     01/13/2020 13:03 PM

I just got recently approved with my GC. How long should I stay with my current employer before I change employer? Is there a certain number of months that I should stay with my petitioner?

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Jelenko07     01/13/2020 10:34 AM

Does anyone have experience with interview while being sponsored by an individual and not the company?
I am having my interview in a month and am super nervous about it.
Also does anyone have experience with having an interview for the future position? I switch to I-485 from F1 and even I got EAD few months back I didn’t start working for my employer because of medical reasons. I had to travel to my home country multiple times and have a surgery I am still recovering from. But my sponsor still intents to employ me after my recovery is done. Should I bring translated medical documents to an interview with me.
Andy advice will be highly appreciated

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