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december2018filer     10/31/2019 08:12 AM

Hi Guys,
I got notification this morning around 7:00 AM EST that new card has been produced.

I had my interview on September 5 and since then waiting for approval.

Good Luck everyone.

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sfbayfiler     10/31/2019 01:22 AM

Hi everyone, I LITERALLY just received a notification (9.59pm PST) that my "New card is being produced". This wait was brutal especially since the dates became current for the rest of the world.

FWIW, this was my timeline:

5/30/2018: priority date
11/13/2018: USCIS received i485 app
12/20/2018: Fingerprint
7/30/2019: Interview (hit by retrogression)
10/30/2019: New card is being produced

I genuinely hope all you guys waiting from retrogression hear something soon as I know how this feels.

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truthisgood1     10/30/2019 20:52 PM

Hello folk
There was a small mistake in Supplement J form, which I submitted to IO during the interview, I got RFE for it which i corrected and sent to the USCIS on the same day which they got it on the very next day.
Anyone faced this kind of situation?
And how much it will delay my process?

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Sam8080     10/30/2019 16:26 PM

Based on the data presented on the spreadsheet file on Trackitt, I just quickly di the math and the odds of getting your getting card from the day you were interviewed comes below.

68 days after the interview (50% chance)
88 days after the interview (84% chance)
108 days after the interview (98% chance)

Therefore, everyone should get their GC in 108 days after their interview day. There is only a 2% chance that you get your green card sometime after 108 days. Let me know what do you think and what is your case like. Thanks.

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coolk     10/30/2019 11:43 AM

Hello all,

Me and my wife had our interview at Philadelphia filed office on 10/24/2019. IO went over all I 485 questions. Following documents were asked:
1. Tax returns
2. Marriage certificate
3. EVL
4. Passport copies
5. Birth Certificate of our newborn
6. All EADs copies
7. Marriage certificate

At the end of the interview she said everything looks good and we will hear back in 2 weeks. She asked me if i am aware of retrogression. I responded ours is current as i fall on ROW. I asked if she need any other documents. She responded if anything is needed, they will let us know.
But my status still says Interview is scheduled. Should i be worried? Anyone had similar experience?
Thank you in advance!!

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SAT2017     10/30/2019 10:43 AM

We had the interview yesterday and it took overall 20 minutes. We went there an hour earlier and waited for 15 minutes and came out in 40 minutes,

The officer was very nice. He had a very friendly talk. Our 4 and half year old kid had very good conversation with him. He talked so much to our kid more than us. Our kid was very helpful during the whole process and it was like, she took the whole responsibility of completing the interview for us. When we started, he said we are going to start with I485 question with both of you together and then we will go with other documents. Then our kid asked him "No questions for me ?". Then he got interested and started conversing with her.
Question to her were like First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Father's name, Mother's name, address, date of birth, birth place, any brothers and sisters. Is your mother married and to whom? Is your father married and to whom? Are you the only kid to them? favorite princess? school & class? Then she wrote her name on the form and I signed for the kid.
We are very thankful to our kid that she answered everything correctly and she kept all of us relaxed during the whole process.

Question to us and the documents asked for
1. I485 questions
2. Name and Address
3. EVL
4. Paystubs
5. W2 & Tax return
6. Medical

Officer mentioned that we will get the card once our PD becomes current. So the wait starts again.

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december2018filer     10/30/2019 08:15 AM

So there is no movement regarding GC approval? I don't see much experience here since last week.

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H1B_stress     10/29/2019 23:34 PM

Hi all, i am hoping to get some guidance from anyone who might potentially be in the same boat as me. I am a manager in a major US Bank ( non tech role) and currently on L1A visa. I did have a managerial experience before moving to States and i am able to produce evidence in the form of performance appraisals, org chart etc. My lawyers are insisting on demonstrating the start date of managerial role , which i am having tough time to get given this was for period over 8 years ago. However, my previous still works in the same role and he is ready to provide written attestation about the fact that i was a manager. My lawyers think this might not be enough and makes my case weak, but have left the decision on me if i want to proceed ahead. I consulted one additional lawyer outside of my firm and they think i have a strong case. I am not really relying on internet forums to help me make a decision , but i would just like to hear from ppl if they have been in similar situation and what has/hasnt worked out for them. I am also looking at my max out date in Dec 2020 and i am aware that EB1C has no chance of getting current by then, but that's something i am working out separately. Would just like to hear some experience from other ppl. I would really appreciate your inputs. Thanks in advance.

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FaitHope     10/29/2019 21:55 PM

Is anyone here with the EB interview experience in Newark? If yes, could you please share in details such as questions asked, documents you need to provide?
I don't see a lot of experiences by Newark filers in this forum.
Will highly appreciate.

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tungdo     10/29/2019 14:57 PM

HI all,
My interview will be coming in November. I didn't submit the Supp J since I filed I140 and I485 concurrently. However, do I need to bring Supp J when I go to the interview? Does anyone get asked for supp J during the interview?

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