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Deps     11/13/2019 06:00 AM

Hello All,

I have applied for my B1 visa last year in Oct,18 and that got rejected. That time I was working with XYZ( Product based company in Gurgaon) from last 2 years as a Senior Software Engg. and applied for Visa in Delhi Consulate. My marital status was Single.

VO: Which company do you work for?
Me: Answered
VO: What's the purpose of your visit?
Me: To attend User Group hosted by our Company Headquarter in New York.
VO: What's your role in your current company?
ME: I am working as a Senior Software Engineer
VO: How many reports you?
Me: No one( as I was working Individual Contributor), I am reporting to my manager.
VO: Your visa rejected.

Now I have joined another Startup Company in Bangalore in Nov 4, 2019 as Technical Architect.Now my company wants me to visit client in Miami to study their existing system and Integration with other system and after that we have to migrate their system to new micro services architecture. I have applied again for B1 visa in Chennai Consulate and my Interview is scheduled on 11th Dec,2019. When I filled the DS-160 till that time I was Single but I am going to get married on 28th Nov,2019 before Scheduled interview.

What documents require to prove change in marital status to VO if required and what are the chances for approval this time.

please advise.


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janarthan12190     11/12/2019 01:52 AM

Hello All,
    I applied for B1 visa in 2017 twice and it got rejected twice the times. This year we tried for H1B but unfortunately it wasn't picked up in the lottery.

Now, my company planning to apply B1 again for me this time.

My Profile:
Senior Developer
9 Years of Experience
Experience with current company: 3 years
History of Travel: yes (Singapore - Tourist, Qatar - product Implementation)

Client - e-commerce Giant

Rejected Scenario
Purpose of visit: To get knowledge transfers on supporting holiday activities(christmas, New Year, Valentines Day) and to co-ordinate with different teams in offshore location

New Scenario which we're going to apply B1 and now my purpose of visit

purpose of visit: We're migrating our existing applications to new environment. So, my client invited me to get knowledge transfer on the new modules and creating roadmap for the new application. After that I'll come back to India and work with other offshore team members to accomplish the assignment.

Duration of stay - 2 weeks

Please advise.

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dchaitanya88     11/10/2019 06:22 AM

Hello All,

First of all, thank you very much for this lovely community, it helped me a lot in this process and it is a time for me to contribute back.

My Profile:
Have traveled to UAE twice and Thailand once.
3.5+ Years in current company, overall 7 yrs of exp

I had to wait for approx 20-mins before my turn as there was a very lengthy interview that was going on. There was some confusion between the VO and the person who was giving an interview. I can remember at least 5-7 people had given their interview on to the next counter in the meantime.

The interviewer was in his mid-50s and at least what I had observed for those 20mins while waiting, he was very patient and was trying to explain to the person what was the problem in his documents and what was missing. That sort of gave me a bit more confidence.

Here it goes….

Me: Good Morning Sir
VO: Good Morning, passport, please.
Me: Sure, here it is.
(He then scanned my passport and then kept on looking at the system for a few mins.)
VO: So what is the purpose of your visit?
Me: I’m going to visit our company headquarters to attend training and meetings which are related to the new product that we are developing for XX domain. (I actually had 2 more lines to add but VO interrupted me and said OK.)
VO: You had applied for Student Visa in 2012?
Me: Yes sir I did.
(This was my greatest fear as I applied for a Student Visa twice in 2012 and it was rejected, I also mentioned it in my DS-160. I started telling myself that now get ready for some really tough questions. After I answered it, he said something, I couldn't hear it properly and couldn't decide if that was a question for me and do I have to respond to this. I preferred to keep quiet and he also didn't react like he was waiting for anything from my side. I could hear a few words like “now things have changed….”. Maybe he was talking about the period between these 2 visa applications)

VO: Did you apply for any other visa?
Me: (Assuming that he asked about my previous travels) Yes sir, I went to UAE twice and Thailand.
VO: No, I was asking about US visa, did you apply for any other type visa before?
Me: Ohh sorry, no Sir.
VO: So you are working for XX.
Me: Yes I’m working for XX.
VO: You are a Lead?
Me: Yes sir, working as Tech Lead.
VO: So you are going for 1 week?
Me: Yes, for one week sir, starting from 8th Dec and will be back on the 14th.
VO: How many people are you leading in your team?
Me: Sir I’m leading a team of 8, 5 Dev and 3 QAs.
VO: Will you be visiting/meeting any client?
Me: No sir, I will not meet any clients. I’m visiting our company headquarters.
VO: What is your designation?
Me: (This was a surprising question as he himself asked me earlier that if I’m a lead) Yes sir, working as a Tech Lead.

Then he started typing on his screen for approx 30sec.

And then the golden words…...your visa is approved and you will receive it in 3 days, have a great day!

Me: Thank you so much, sir.

No documents asked! I received my passport on 8th Nov.

What I think about this whole process:
By looking at the questions, I can clearly see that he was just trying to confirm details from DS-160, no cross questions. Most of the questions he asked to me, had answers in it, I just rephrased them back. I worked a lot on my Ds-160 and had updated it at least 5 times, just to make sure that everything is perfect and correct, especially my duties/role in current and previous employers. It should match with your designation exactly. It may be because of the extra time that he has spent with the earlier candidate, just a guess. I think that DS-160 holds more weightage in this process than the actual interview.

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bala12121     11/09/2019 03:23 AM

This forum is awesome. Very helpful for understanding the process. Thanks for all sharing experience. Scheduled appointment for interview on 5th Nov. They are allowing only on time.

After big queue, reached final counter for interview.

Below are the questions.

1. Which company you are working for?
2. Purpose of travel?
3. Duration?
4. What's your role in the meeting?
5. Have you been in US already?
6. How long with current company?
7. Does your wife lives in India?
8. Your annual salary?
9. Who are all Comming to the meeting?

Then they said visa is approved. I got my passport delivered 9/Nov to home, paid 500 for delivery to blue dart.

All the very best.

Thank you!

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Abxoba     11/06/2019 10:12 AM

My visa interview was very interactive. I attended the interview on the 30 October, 2019.
Here was the questions asked.
1. Where are going
2.what are your roles in ur company
3.are you married.
4.What does she do.
5.how long have u worked with your company
6.what does your company do
Then the golden words ....ur visa is approved.

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rajni.cbs     11/06/2019 06:06 AM


I have applied for B1 visa 2 times, got rejection. I am going to apply 3rd time now.

I am working with my client for 3 year now and my overall experience is 7 years.

My interview went like this.

VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning Sir

VO: Passport please
Me: i smiled and gave my passport

VO: Whjy are you travelling to US?
Me: I am invited to attend the trade show held in Atlanta, where my client is participating and we are going to meet our drop shippers in the trade show to discuss further business developments.

VO: Do you have Invitation latter?
Me: I gave the invitation letter

VO: How long you are working with this company?
Me: 2 years

VO: How long you will be staying in the USA?
Me: 2 weeks.

VO: What is your title?
Me: I am working as a Business Operations Manager

VO: Have you travelled to any other country?
Me: No sir.

VO: are you married.
Me: Yes.

I also had a business meeting with my client and other team members after the show, we have our head quarter in Atlanta as well.

Please correct me where i went wrong.


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vihaanram03     11/05/2019 03:36 AM

Hi All,

My visa application rejected second time also.

Interview Date: 05/11/2019
Time:9:00AM, Hyderabad

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning Sir

VO: So you are coming from XXX company
Me: Yes Sir

VO: What is your designation?
Me: Said my designation

VO: Whom you are going to meet?
Me: I'm going to meet our manager and clients to discuss about our new project which is North America XXXX company. we will prepare execution plans in this meeting and once i come back to India i will start working on this project.

VO: What is your experience with current company?
Me: i said i have 1.3years in current company but i have overall 9 years experience

VO: How many days your are going to stay in US?
Me: 13 Working Days

VO: We cant process your visa and gave 214(B), Thank you
Me: Thank you

Can anyone tell me the mistakes of my case and i reapply can it will effect bcoz my application is rejected twice. Thanks

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aadityasvim     11/04/2019 00:42 AM

Hi All,

I have gone thought the process of B1 and unfortunately it is not get approved.

Day 1: (16th Oct)
Visa verification scheduled time was 3:30 PM and I reached to 2:30PM they allow me.
You can carry Mobile phone but keep it on Switch off mode. They will check and ask you the same.
On the desk they asked me to read some lines in English and taken my finger print and photo graph. That it.

Day 2: (17th Oct)
Scheduled time was 9:15AM, I have reached 8:30AM and they were allowing all the candidate of 9:15 AM time.

Before you enter inside the consulate, there is a security check.

Reached to the counter they have again verified my finger print verification and taken my passport. Verified some things and asked me to follow the yellow line.

I have reached to the main interview area and there were more than 20 windows where the interview was going on.


VO: Give me your passport
Me: Sure

VO: Have you ever been to the other country?
Me: No, it is my first chance.

VO: where are you going in the US?
Me: Replied [City Name], VO: added [State] I replied YES.

VO: What is your annual income?
Me: [replied] (Which is more than 10k)

VO: What is your designation?
Me: Senior Software Engineer

VO: We cant process your Visa, please show this slip to your employer if they asked reason. Thank you
Me: Thank you

Married 4+ Year
Current Company: 1 year
Overall experience: 8 years
Travel History: No
Degree: Masters

It seems like it was pre decided and VO was just filling some details in the system and meanwhile asked me these questions. Did not asked for document but I was having client letter.

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rth461     10/31/2019 06:30 AM


First I want to express my gratitude towards all the members of this forum, because I was able to face my visa interview confidently as I read number of posts on this forum. Once again thank you everyone on this forum.

Following is my B1 Visa Experience.

Attempt 1st.
Location: Chennai Consulate.

VO: Good Morning, Can I have your passport please?
Me: Good Morning Ma'am, Here is my passport.

VO: What is your purpose of travel.
Me: I need to travel to US so that I can be part of project launch meetings and guide the team for assembly of components.

VO: Duration of your travel.
Me: 7 days. .

VO: Do you have any invitation letter?
Me: Yes here it is. (Handed over the letter)

VO: I will be back in a moment
Me: Okay
(Then Visa officer went inside to have talk with colleague about my letter)

VO: What is your salary?
Me: XXX per annum.

VO: Are you married?
Me: Yes

VO: Do you have any children?
Me: Not yet

Then Visa officer starts typing for 2 to 3 minutes.

VO: Your Visa Cannot be approved now. Here is the passport.
Me. Thank You. (Handed me 214b Slip)


Attempt 2nd
Location: Mumbai Consulate.

VO: Good Morning, Your Passport please.
Me: Good Morning Ma'am, Here is my passport.

VO: What is your purpose of travel?
Me: I have been invited by US counterpart so that I can guide them for the assembly of components which I had conceptualized in a computer software, also I will be part of project review meetings and discussions.

VO: Who you will be meeting?
Me: I will be meeting XXX who is manager in US and also her team.

VO: How many days you will be in US?
Me: I will be there for 12 days starting from 10th November to 21st November 2019.

VO: What exactly you will be doing there and why it cannot be done from here?
Me: I will be making observations and notes during the assembly of the components which I had conceptualized in computer software. Also I will make notes of any issues arise during the process and try to resolve them. Here in India we do not have the setup to do the assembly, so I will be needed to travel to US.

VO: Your Visa is approved.
Me: Thank You, Have a nice day.

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fabvaibhav     10/29/2019 10:59 AM

Hi All, i have visa interview on 1st November in Delhi. Please let me know if below answers to the questions are fine and let me know my chances too.

What is your purpose of Visit?
I need to travel to Decatur for 2 weeks for attending multiple workshops/ trainings which are aimed towards understanding the client's current procurement processes and discussing the solution approach. Once i come back to india after two weeks, will align the offshore team on the requirements and then will start working towards designing future state processes and solutioning that on Coupa (Business Spend Management SaaS solution)

Why are you only chosen to travel?
I am offshore functional lead and a certified Coupa practitioner having close to 5 years of experience. My presence will be critical as i would need to meet multiple stakeholders and then align the offshore team with the requirements to deliver

My Profile
- Management Consulting Analyst with Accenture Strategy for past 8 months and having 5 years of overall experience with ~2.5 years of experience into Coupa Design and Implementation. I am a certified Coupa practitioner.
- I am married and having 1 year old daughter.
- Salary - ~26 lakhs per annum

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