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shanki099     07/13/2019 10:39 AM

VO : Why you want to go

Me : I am a finance consultant and work on the creating transformation project roadmap for my accounts.I have my team sitting in tampa where we need to have discussion of future project scenarios and prepare strategy for the same we are going to have business discussion and meetings . The person who was earlier assigned to my role has resigned and i need to travel urgently to create roadmap for Q2, Q3,Q4

VO : Have u travelled before to any country

Me : Yes to Germany

VO : How many weeks

Me : 3 weeks , normally our assignments are for 2-3 weeks for every country

VO : (She looked in her screen ,typed something) Sorry you cannot travel as per immigration laws .Handed over 214b to me

I walked away politely without saying anything . Didnt understand what went wrong , where did i go wrong

PS : I am unmarried and my experience in current company is 1.2 yrs and total : 4.6 yrs

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um1234     07/10/2019 11:29 AM

First, I would like to say thanks to this forum for helping me to prepare for my visa interview.

Got my B1 visa approved following are my experience.

Me:- Good Afternoon
Vo :- Good Afternoon

Vo :- When are you traveling to the USA?
Me : provided my travel date and duration

Vo :- Where exactly in the USA ?
Me ;- (City name) My company HQ

VO:- What is the purpose?
Me :- Provided purpose in two lines

Vo:- Duration?
Me :- 1 Week

Vo:- Why you need 1 Week?
Me :- Explain in two lines

Vo:- What is your profile?
Me:- Provided info in 2 lines.

Finally, Vo again reconfirmed my purpose with me just to make sure Vo got the right info.

Lastly the golden words your Visa approved.

First time I am traveling to outside of India so no mandatory you need to have travel history.

Just make sure you prepare all this common question well in front of a mirror or the way you like it but make sure you provide all answer proper manner. Keep practicing what you can answer if any of this common question VO ask you.

At the time of the interview when you standing in q for the interview just find someone with you can talk. This helps you to stay relax.

Best of luck. Be confident...

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Makhan     07/07/2019 11:25 AM

I got rejected my B1 Visa last year. Now I renewed my passport and passport number is changed.
During filling DS 160 for reapply, previous visa application records to be mentioned in DS 160. What should I write on application?
Question in DS 160: Have you can ever applied US Visa?

As my passport number is changed, can I write it as "NO"?

Please advise me.

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KK19     07/07/2019 02:37 AM

Dear Experts, need your expertise......

I attempted my second attempt for B1 Visa on 5/7/19 after rejection of first application on 2/5/19.....
In the interview, last question was ...
VO: Have you ever applied US Visa?
Me: Yes, and denied last time.

After typing........she (VO) said....

As you have reapplied application immediately after first rejection. And no any circumstances is changed since first application. We could not approve visa.

Me: Any particular duration mam, I can reapply?
VO: Listen, you should reapply application once circumstances is changed to the first application.
She advised also not to apply again and again with short span. She advised reaplly once circumstances is changed to the first one.

Please advise me next process.
When I can reapply again? How long should I wait?
How long all previous rejection records thay maintain?
Because one of my friends told me after six months all previous records are deleted from system. Is it true?

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[email protected]     07/02/2019 03:58 AM

I have worked as freelancer in gulf countries several times. The maximum duration I have spent 90 days in my each trip to Gulf.
Now I have applied for B1 visa for business meeting.

Could you please share your views whether any difficulties to get B1 visa as I have travel several times in Gulf for short term job.

Please share yours views....

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Ravi_B1     07/01/2019 06:51 AM

Got approved B1 Visa on 24th June 2019 at Chennai and my PP back with 10 Year Valid multi entry VISA.

Questions from VO:
Me: GM Sir,
VO: PP pls

VO: ok, You from XXXXXX company.
Me: Yes sir, I am from XXXX Company
VO: You are going to XXXX place
Me:Yes Sir
VO: Why are you going to XXXX.
Me: explained him my task during my visit (in 3 Lines)
VO: What's your Designation
Me: Technical Consultant
VO:What is your profile or T.Consultant means
Me: Explainrd my role and work I do
VO: What tool you use, Whats the name of the tool
Me: XXX tool (was specified in DS-160 under Duties section)
VO:R U Going alone
Me: yes, Sir
VO:Your Salary
Me:XX lacs per annum
VO: RU married or Single
Me: Married Sir
VO: Your Previous trip to Argentina is for work purpose
Me: No Sir, Business Purpose.

VO looked at my passport entries and all the dates of travel and return in it.
Finally, I am keeping your passport, Your VISA is approved.

VO didn't ask me any of the document for verification.

Tips: Be sure what you enter in DS 160.
Write at least 5-6 lines about your duties, B sure u bring those info during Interview.


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[email protected]     06/28/2019 09:00 AM

Dera Experts please share your views....

I have traveled before gulf countries several times including Iraq for inspection purpose. Is it impact to get my B1 Visa?

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King Cole     06/27/2019 08:08 AM

hi guys this morning i got my B1 visa approved under B1/B2

Me: Goodmorning Sir
Vo: Goodmorning
Vo: What Are You going to do in USA
Me: I have registered for a IP Routing Practical Lab Exams Scheduled By xyz company
Vo: Starts Types something on his system....then He asked .......Where do you Work
Me: I work With XYZ Company
Vo: How long have you been working with the company
Me: 15years 5months
Vo: Visa Approved

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Rinzin     06/17/2019 06:15 AM

Dear friends
You all have been so much helpful and I would like to thank you all for this.
I did my biometric today and came to know I have applied for B1 Visa but I have listed B2 in my DS160 and in confirmation letter it’s B1 , what shall I do
I can’t even reschedule it as I have already exceeded my limits.

Please please help me how and what to do in this situation, my interview is tomorrow.


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satish31     06/14/2019 19:38 PM

Hi All,

Want to share my B1 visa interview experience in Toronto as I don't see any person who attended visa interview in Canada and shared their experiences here.

V: Hi. Good morning!!
Me: Good morning.
Vo: can I have your passport?
Me: Sure. hand over my passport.
Vo: what is the purpose of the visit?
Me: To attend the business meetings with my client.
VO: who is your client?
Me: Told.
VO: Have you been to U.s before?
Me: Yes
Vo: who is paying for your trip?
Me: My employer
Vo: who is your employer?
Me: Told
Vo: How long have you been in Canada?
Me: 5months
Vo: Okay we are approving your visa.
Me: Thanks!!
        It was a very short interview. I didn't expect that they ask only a few questions.

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