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Hari Krishna 91     10/20/2019 04:22 AM

Hi I have applied for C1D VISA to join cruise and finally got rejected kindly advise me where I am gone wrong and let known how could I rectify the mistake when I reapply again.

Me: Good morning mam
Vo: Documents please
Me : Given the documents offer letter, agency letter, passport, Bahamas Cdc,
Vo: contract period
Me: 6 months
Vo: was checking system for a while
Vo: Have you sailed before
Me: No I am going to sail for the first time
Vo: was checking the system for a while
Vo: How much of experience do you have
Me: 65 months
Vo: Smiled and said to convert it in years and checking in system
Me: 5 years and 4 months
Vo: checking system for a while and printed out 214(b) rejection paper and given and said sorry your not eligible for visa right now.
Me: may I know the reason for the rejection
Vo: it's mentioned in the paper given

Please give me a feedback regarding this to my mailid [email protected] and would like to know if I can reapply immediately for visa again and let me know what mistakes I have done

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Jibadey10     07/26/2018 18:07 PM

Good day Sir/ma
Please While filling the application form (160) for non immigrant visa, pls can i use my brother's bank account information because of insufficient fund in my bank account?
Hope to read from you soonest, thanks...

My regards...

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mnelmac     02/18/2018 03:02 AM

Hi. I overstayed with C1 in transit visa. I supposedly go to a third country but I prefer to stay. Can I able to adjust my status? I am not a crewmen or any related job. I am pure c1 in transit. Thank u

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ammso     10/04/2017 00:32 AM

Appeared for my interview - 21 September 2017
After successful interview consulate took my passport and informed me that my C1/D visa is approved but on the same day I received a mail from [email protected] asking for information such as Social media names, previous passport numbers, countries I have traveled in last 15 years etc.
I forwarded them with all the information.

Received my passport - 23rd September 2017
along with a 221g slip stating I will be contacted via email for some information.

Till now my visa status is showing Administrative process. Has anybody faced this issue. Any idea how much time will this process take.

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Benifa2oka4     09/29/2015 10:47 AM

Hello everyone please I need advice.
I have a B1/B2 Visa.
I never knew I could apply for a C1/D Visa simultaneously.
I wanted to know of I am in the USA of I can apply for the C1/D Visa whilst in the USA?


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vickybhai     10/05/2013 15:57 PM

Had Previously applied for C1D last month but denied under 214b..... This was 2nd Attempt...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OFC on 3rd @2PM.... Reached there by 12pm and was allowed inn...
Went trough all checks... they took photo & Fingerprints... Out by 12:10 PM..... Only spent 10 mins inside..!!!!!

Interview was on 4th Oct... @10AM.... Reached Consulate by 9.. they kept waiting & were allowed by 9:30 Inside..
Passed through Security checks... and waited for token ... got it in & again waited for Interview....!!!!
Token no. announced went to specified counter...!!!!!!!!

ME: GM sir..!!!!!
VO: GM.. PP & Docs plz
ME: (Gave)..
VO: wat will u do on Ship..??
ME: SAID.......!!!!!!!
VO: whr were u working before..?
ME: said..
VO: wat was ur Salary...?
ME: said... ( plz say Annual Income & not monthly )
( VO was typing for long time and was reading for long too....)
VO: Wat did u say how much u earn..??
ME: Sir, XX P.A... Would u like to see the Documents.....?
VO: oohh NO... hhmmmm Yes plzz... show me..!!
ME: (showed Appointment letter which shows my P.A package..)
VO: typed for long for 5 mins...
( VO gave my all docs back.. was holding Passport, i thought He will give it back..)
VO: Ok.. I have approved ur VISA... u will get in 3 -4 business days...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ME: Thank you Sir..... Thankyou...............!!!!!!! ( smiling with joy...)
VO: thank you.. (smiled back)

VO was very cool and calm... He as an Angel for me in my Case... I Really THANK HIM...!!! May GOD Bless him & Entire US Consulate...!!!!!

Came out by 10: 45 AM ... filled up courier form.. gave 300 bucks...
Got passport on next day at 2pm.... Its Super fast....!!!!!!!!
Thanks a lot... to all US Consulate Team...!!! & specially the Angel who took my Interview... !!!!!!

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loga759     08/17/2013 06:58 AM

my OFC was on 14.08.2013. 10am. i went there by 9am. no Que nothing. directly went inside. he took my fingerprints n photo. stamped DS-160. i'm out by 09.03am.

interview was yesterday. appointment time 8am. i went there by 6.50am, there was a bid Q for 7.30 appointment as well as for 8'o clock. they let us in by 7.30. after all checks they verify our finger prints once again. after that i waited till 10am for my turn. the consular was very cool. he checked my passport, my company letter for visa. few formal questions about my work. he doesnt even bother to check my CDC. when i gave it to him he said "its OK". it was just 5 mins. he checked something in d computer n said visa approved.

the best part is "i got my visa in hand in my hometown by today morning 9am. that was very fast.

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William- ()     11/17/2012 04:38 AM

I applied chennai consulate on 13 sep 2012, After inteview i got blue for add ap. Nearly 25 days later i called consulate regarding my status, She said it would take more time and it would be notified once its done, after 2 months later i called consulate , they said that my visa granted on 5 oct and dispatched on 9 oct . But nearly 35 days over i dont get any intimation from stanly(vfs) or consulate. I went to vfs and asked regarding , then they handover my passport yesterday . Thanks lot , meantime i had immense of pressure , But for them .

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KRISHNAN KC- ()     12/04/2010 23:32 PM

Address and Phone Information
Please correct all areas in error as indicated below. Once you have finished, click ‘Save’ or ‘Next’ to continue completing your online application form.
Street Address (Line 1) is invalid. Only the following characters are valid for this field: A-Z, 0-9, #, $, *, %, &, (;), !, @, ^, ?, >, <, parens (), period (.), apostrophe ('), comma (,), hyphen (-), and space.

Iam entering only valid characters as mentioned. but always it is returned as arror. what to do now? pl help through a reply to email id.

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Victor S. Luz- ()     02/15/2010 08:21 AM

thanks for this forum

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