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ashlei     05/29/2019 18:02 PM

Submitted with all proper documentation but some odd rejection given?!?!?!

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AKA86     07/06/2017 21:51 PM

FYI- Driver's license can be renewed based on R1 visa extension application receipt date.

I applied for R1 visa extension and my drivers license expired on July 5th 2017. DMV has renewed it for an year based on file receipt date for R1 extension that is on June 19th 2017 in my case, So DL valid until June 18, 2018.

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Nelson Merrill- ()     09/25/2012 13:49 PM

I am currently on an R1 religious visa but will be heading back to Canada and returning on an F1 student visa. Do I have to wait a period of time inbetween or may I go to Canada for a couple of days and then return on the student visa?

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