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Harry Kelvin77     02/15/2020 11:48 AM

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Henry Lennon     03/12/2019 18:36 PM

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Suhas Shirolkar     06/12/2017 00:11 AM

After completing Europe tour with travel agency I am going to USA on tourist Visa. While returning to Mumbai my itinerary is as below

I want to know whether I will need any Shengen Visa while travelling from San Francisco to Mumbai?

Flt No Departure from Departure Dat Arrival at Arrival Date
UA 8828 San Francisco SFO, Terminal 1 25th Oct 17, 15:05hrs Frankfurt (FRA ) 26th Oct, 11:00 hrs
UA 8802 Frankfurt (FRA ) Terminal 1 26th Oct, 15:35 hrs Rome ( FCO ) 26th Oct, 17:20 hrs
9W6544 Rome ( FCO ) 26th Oct, 22:00 hrs Abu Dhabi 27th Oct, 05:55 hrs
9W585 Abu Dhabi 27th Oct, 08:25hrs Mumbai 27th Oct, 13:10 hrs

Please advice as I am leaving from Mumbai on 16th June night

Suhas Shirolkar

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Mizonula     01/10/2017 00:54 AM

Just sharing my experience .
I'm Indian and i applied Italian tourist visa . I submitted invitation letter,flight and everything that is required . My bank balance was around $2500 . It was rejected for NO.8 reason (purpose and reason for. intended stay not reliable ) . I was heartbroken coz I so wanted to meet my bf there .
After 10 days I applied again with the same info...and add cover letter written in Italian by my bf stating he will be responsible . So I submitted two cover letter...from me and from my bf . After 5 days of submission , the embassy requested updated bank statement . I submitted additional info (same $2500) and they gave me 15 days tourist visa...

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dga     12/16/2016 10:22 AM

i m medicine student in india and my study will be completed on 20 th march,2017..i want to visit Europe including UK around january,february...... my cousin brother lives in France for 10 years..he will give invitation letter to visit france...and my parents are government employee earning 70k/month each...good bank balance and property including house,land etc... we are going to visit europe through Cox- kings///MMT... what are our chances to get visa??

no previous travel history....

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Zeeshan Qayyum     08/31/2016 06:12 AM


I want to plan my upcoming vacations so need some advice.

What are the chances of getting visit visa of any Schengen country with spouse given the following profile:
Monthly Salary: PKR 100000+
Travel history: Schengen countries (Germany, France, Switzerland) alone and Malaysia, Thaliand with wife
Bank balance PKR 1500000 +
Working for more than 5 years in Pakistan, tax payer and filer. Parents in Pakistan but no immovable asset (house, plot etc)
I don't want to get a rejection so need opinion of the people who have seen cases.

If I have little possibility for Schengen visa, is there any chance for Australia or New Zealand.

Since travelling is expensive, I want to spend some time in my dream countries and don't want to visit Dubai etc this time.


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Sagala     08/16/2016 11:28 AM

Company X applied My Schengen Visa for Business Certification. Certificatin was in France, but Company X applied Italian Visa (No problem), but my first port of entry was in Munich, Germany. So, German Embassy questioned me and cancelled my VISA (Passport stamped with Cancelled status). Company X has given the proper explanation to Embassy
1. Will this impact my future travels to any country , Australia, Canada , US ?
2. Will this impact on H1b visa ?
3. Will this impact on Work visa for Australia and Canada ?

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sariabuz     05/27/2016 13:52 PM

Hi, I'm going to apply for a student visa for Belgium. However I need to apply through other country. And they ask me to bring medical certificate. I have herpes and hpv which will be visible in my blood test. Is it problem for Schengen visa? Please help me.

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Ujval Chopra     03/15/2016 00:51 AM


I applied for the schengen Visa from the netherlands VAC delhi on 10th March, till now the tracker shows that the application has been sent to the embassy for further processing.

I have a valid UK visa on my passport which i got in 1 day.

Along with my application and cover letter i submitted

travel insurance papers
Return flight ticket to Amsterdam and from London
Hostel booking in Netherlands, Berlin and Prague
In my cover letter i had mentioned my itiniary in which i mentioned italy and spain also but i didnt attach hostel booking for the same, although my financial papers show enough money using which i can easily book hostels, but i wanted to keep my itiniary open.
i attached my ticket to London from paris stating that i will be leaving the schengen region.
i have shown my 6 month bank account statements and investment details and property papers
My fathers sponsorship letter
bonafide student letter from college
letter from my relatives in the UK.

By when can i expect a reply? my flight is for 10th April. i worried that if even it is rejected i should get enough time to re apply before my flight.


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gururaj411     11/16/2015 20:21 PM

Hi, One of my friend is applying for a France Visa through his company for a business visa. However his US B1 Visa is rejected just a month ago with the reason 214(b). Will there be any impact on France Visa application?

The problem is that he admitted that some of his work experience is fake as they found that work experience is not matching in their records. Please help as he is really worried and he wanted to be honest during the interview.

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