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vv1989     09/09/2019 10:37 AM

Hi, I submitted my DS160 for visa stamping and used that form to book an appointment at Toronto Office in Dec 2019.
However, I wish to renew my passport - as it expires in Sept 2020 and would like to get a visa for the term of my DS 2019 form i.e. June 2021.
Am I able to renew my passport and then amend the passport number on the DS 16 form ?

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Jammie1111     09/08/2019 08:23 AM

If anyone is planning to cancel their appointments in September/October in Montreal/Ottawa/Toronto then please let me know.

I am a non Canadian and currently don’t see anything for this year in all 3 places.

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OneComm     09/08/2019 08:04 AM

Time to share my experience.

For booking appointment, there's no magic spell I'm aware of. Keep looking. The slots change even within a minute. I was surprised when I rescheduled and I couldn't see my old appointment date as open. Either it goes that fast or they were made available later.

On the day of appointment, I reached 20 minutes early to my 7.45 appointment and was asked to wait. As I was staying in a close by hotel, I wasn't carrying any bags or electronics. At 7.45 the security screening started (not even a pen is allowed inside, they will hold it for you and you can collect it on the way out) and was sent in to the cashier counter. Do not go to any other counter. For L1, cashier counter is the first stop.

In this counter they ask for the petition sets (two) and the checks (two).

Things to make sure.

Please carry cards(debit/credit cards) in case if you have to pay anything extra. One person had to request to go out and get another card as the card they were carrying didn't work. So make sure you have a card that you already tried using in Canada.

If you wear eye glasses, make sure in your visa photo you're not wearing it. No eye glasses. It would create another hassle and you would have to go to the photo booth and take a new photo.(and you need Canadian 5 dollars or coins to use it. And the VO has to allow you.) This would be extra stress. So make sure your photo meets all the specifications.

Once the photo is scanned they will give it back and that's done. The petition sets and receipts for the fee payment will be placed in a transparent folder and handed over to you.

By this point, your fee is paid, photo is screened. Now on to finger prints. The cashier will ask you to go to a specific counter for that. In this counter you will be asked to pledge that all information provided is true by giving ten prints.

Next comes the wait. By 8.00 I was done with both the counters. The interview counter opened at 8.30. I think that's the actual time they start.

I have read many experiences here and they all helped me. IMHO, there is only one thing to follow.

Answer to the point.

Treat all the questions as one word answer questions. If you can answer it with a yes or no, just end it there. Don't explain why it is yes or no. The VO will ask you to explain if they need it. If your answer has to be more than two words, keep it with in two sentences. Even the explanations. Again this is just my opinion.

Here is the list of questions, I was asked. (For future forum users who plan to post experience, please add your answers to give others an idea, it is greatly appreciated, at least it was, by me.)

1. Which visa are you in here? —my Canada visa type.
2. Do you still work for xxxxx? — Yes.
3. How long have you been working with xxxx? —xx years. (And yes, the questions were asked in this order.)
4. Do you work at a client site? — Yes.
5. What's the name? — xxxx
6. What do they do? — five word sentence. It's a xxxx yyyy company.
7. What's your highest education? — Degree with specialization
8. Are you married? — Yes
9. How many kids? xx
10. Can you explain what you do on a daily basis at work? I answered in two sentences, using the same key words as in my DS 160.

I was given a set of stamped petition and was asked to check my email for passport collection. I took a photo copy of the petition as I was told that it may be taken at the POE.

Good luck.

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nikskapoor     09/07/2019 02:42 AM

Update - I got the appointment dates in september last week, so if you guys are looking for dates keep checking, some slots do open. Thanks.

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mjtf     09/06/2019 11:25 AM

Hi everyone!

I'm assuming some, if not most of you here are third country nationals seeking for visa stamping in Canada/Mexico. I'm planning to have mine on October, I'll greatly appreciate your advice!

Background: I'm on H1-B visa. First stamping was on my home country (Philippines). Company extended my visa for another 3 years and I am planning to get a restamp in Vancouver (as a TCN). Company is a big/well-known company.

Are there potential issues during the interview that I might encounter? My main concern is that I'm a third country national seeking to get visa stamp in Canada instead of my home country. Is that gonna be fine?

Thank you!

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nikskapoor     09/06/2019 09:59 AM

Can you please let me know what is the latest appointment dates you guys are able to see on "Schedule appointment" screen after the fee payment. Thanks.

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h1bcrazylife     09/05/2019 20:43 PM

I have filled ds-160 form for Montreal, but i have booked an appointment with Vancouver consulate. Do i need to fill new ds-160 with Vancouver location?

Appreciate your help.

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h1bp2019     09/05/2019 17:59 PM

Does anyone have an appointment in Vancouver Oct 1st week? Please let me know.

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cool.virgo     09/05/2019 14:28 PM

Anyone has Visa appointment at Ottawa on Oct 1st or that week?

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optforms     09/05/2019 11:04 AM


I had a h1b visa interview on Sep 5 at Toronto. It was smooth process for me. I am working in EVC model and F1 to H1B conversion.

Standard questions were asked. No documents were asked except passport I797 and old F1 visa.

Waiting for the passport pick up email.

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