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Jay Patel- ()     07/01/2003 00:40 AM

Do not try to steal anything from any store. Shoplifting is considered an offense for which you may be fined heavily or you may end up in jail.

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Naveen Shah- ()     06/30/2003 11:39 AM

Date is written in Month/Date/Year format, that is MM/DD/YYYY format in US.

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Sunit Sharma- ()     06/29/2003 00:35 AM

You would not find taxicabs standing around the street or around the corner. If you need it, you would have to call taxi company.

However, you would find taxi waiting at places like airport, bus stand, railway station etc. Also, during late night, you may find lot of taxis waiting outside the night club or bar.

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Sukhvinder Singh- ()     06/28/2003 14:38 PM

Usuually you would find both 'hot' and 'cold' water taps at various places like apartments, houses, restaurants, offices, public restrooms etc.

You would also find paper napkins etc in public restrooms.

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Prakash Natarajan- ()     06/23/2003 16:11 PM

Unlike India, TV channels in US can not be tuned to whatever channel you wish. What comes on what channel is decided by your area's cable service provider company. For example, if you are getting UPN on channel 20, everyone in your area would be getting UPN on same channel.

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Jayesh Yogi- ()     06/14/2003 11:10 AM

Apartments and Condominiums are similar in building structure. But Condominiums are owned by individual owners (just like flat system in India). However, apartment buildings are owned by a leasing company and everyone staying in apartments would be renting from them. There would usually be apartment management office and they take care of the maintenance. Usually, apartments already have basic essential kitchen appliances such as cooking stove, oven, refrigerator or sometimes even microwave. Most apartments are equipped with central heating system. Some apartments may also have central AC system or box AC system.

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Chintan Seth- ()     06/10/2003 10:08 AM

Avoid using car horns, unless absolutely required.
Every road has posted speed limit. You should not drive your car beyond speed limit. You may not immediately see police officer, he/she may be hiding behind a tree, at the curve of the road or any other place where you can not see him/her. But he/she might have lasor gun or radar that will measure your car speed. If police officer catches you speeding, he will come after you with sirens and with blue/red color lights blinking. That is the indication that you must stop on the side of the road where it is safe to stop. You might be given ticket that includes monetary fine and also it may put penalty points in your driving record which may affect your future auto insurance premium. If you have too many points, your driving license may be suspended or seized.

If you are ever stopped by police for speeding or for any other reason, just stop the car on the right side of the road and wait inside. Do not try to come outside your car else police officer may think that you may attack him/her and may also shoot you probably.

Don't drink and drive. It is very dangerous for you and for the others on road. You may be fined, may have to appear in court, your license may be suspended or revoked.

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Prakash- ()     06/07/2003 10:53 AM

If you are looking for eraser (so that you can erase writing by pencil or sometimes by pen), never ask for 'rubber' but ask for 'eraser'. In US, 'rubber' means 'condom'.

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Neelam Sodhi- ()     06/01/2003 18:52 PM

There are generally no ON-OFF switches for electric plug. But the electricity is always on. You can either connect the plug whenever necessary or you can use the switch of the electric/electronic device you have plugged.

Fans in India may be used for getting blowing air but in US, they are mostly for decoration purposes. Fans are quite decorative. Usually there are multiple light bulbs attached to the fan. Also, there is a string or two hanging from the fan. You can use string(s) to switch on the fan and/or to control the lights.

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Vijay Deshmukh- ()     05/29/2003 19:53 PM

Whenever you are standing in line at any place, remember to keep enough distance between you and the person standing in front of you, else they might get offended. Do not stand too close.

Also, whenever you go to places like bank or ATM, when a person before you is handling cash(standing near teller or ATM), do not go too near. Stand quite away from it. Whenever teller is done with previous customer, he/she will call the next person in line. At that time, you can go there.

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