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PermaGc     10/27/2019 11:05 AM

Is there anyone here who has filed removal of conditions with a divorce waiver ? Please comment below.

Thank you

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NewYorkSE     10/25/2019 00:51 AM

I applied for condition remove for my I-751 under CR-6 in may11th 2019 and last status change was June 11th 2019 which was. Finger print completed. I am seeing here that average approval timeline is around 10months. Lawyers are useless because none of them can give me a insider information. Does anyone has any experience recently how long it takes to get result from Vermont office for I-751?

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Mie Mie     10/24/2019 20:11 PM

~My recent I-751 Application Case Milestones.~

January 10 2019 - I submitted I-751 Application mailed from USPS with overnight freight.

January 11 2019 - USCIS received my application.

January 28 2019 - I-551 expiration date is extended 18 months.

August 2 2019 - USCIS sent me a letter to take Biometric.

August 9 2019 - I received above letter.

August 12 2019 - Biometric done.

Note: In the USCIS acknowledgement, the Bolometric appointment date was 2 weeks out, but I didn't wait until that date. I got my Biometric done on August 12. (Because I received the notice letter late on August 9th. And 10th and 11th was weekend.)

October 19 2019 - I received case status update message.

October 22 2019 - USCIS mailed me my new 10 year Greencard.

October 24 2019 - I received my Green Card.

Total process time 9.5 months.

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saps0024     10/24/2019 10:15 AM

Here's my timeline:

1/25/19 - mailed package
2/18/19 - received i797 18 month extension notice
8/2/2019 - received biometrics notice
8/24/2019 - fingerprint review complete
10/23/2019 - new card being produced

Luckily they didn't ask for an interview. How long does it take from card being produced to receiving it? I'd imagine about 5 business days?

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Youngpabi     10/23/2019 19:08 PM

Did my fingerprint today .i have a question.on the form i751 question 22 my lawyer did not put the date I move from different address on the form she only put the address I used to live .how can I correct this I’m scare of being reject for not putting the dates I live from my old address to the new one .i moved from my old address 2 months after I get my 2 years gc

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Need to about i130     10/22/2019 17:30 PM

After your two year condition green card expire do you of to pay for the form i-751 to remove to the condition?????

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MiguelArg     10/22/2019 11:49 AM

Hey everyone hope you all doing good.

I have to file my application November 2nd but my lawyer wants to charge me an extra $600 just to file plus the immigration fees, so I’m definitely thinking to just file it myself. I’d just want some advices should I do I myself or not? & also maybe some important points to look at in the application?

My send the application date would be Nov. 2nd but is it okay if I send it the week after ?

Thanks in advance.

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Happi     10/21/2019 21:41 PM

So i just mailed out my application/supporting documents on Saturday October 19, 2019. A bit nervous.

Back to the wait game.

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Elegant     10/20/2019 10:44 AM

Hey guys I have been reading all of your experiences in this group ,I do have a question which I do hope someone can help .I'm supposing to send in my application for removal next month but havent recieved any letter from USCIS as yet ,can anyone tell me how soon did they got their letter from USCIS ? Thanks your feed back will be greatly appreciated!

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petedaussie     10/19/2019 23:32 PM

Hello all.

I just have a quick question. I submitted my application for I-751 on the 7th of this month. On the 14th I received the I-797 letter stating that my card had been extended for 18 months. My current conditional card expired on the 13th of this month.

My question is: I’m traveling to my home country of Australia on Monday to visit family as one of my relatives has just passed away. On the letter it clearly states that i’m able to travel as long as I bring the expired green card and the original letter (I-797) with me. I’m not worried about immigration in the USA giving me a hard time when I get back, but I am weary of the airline in Australia being fussy when i’m checking back in to my return flight to the USA regarding visa requirements etc.

I know i’m probably other thinking this a lot but just wondering if anyone has heard about someone traveling with the I-797 letter or if you have experienced it yourself? I’ve read two stories where airlines gave people trouble at the gate about this and it has me a little freaked out and worried to travel. (hopefully i'm just being a worry wart)

Thank you all, have a great day and I look forward to your replies! :)

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