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nhhd0701     07/02/2017 21:59 PM

Hi all, please anyone in here has experience with filing I751.
I have had my conditional green card for a year now and I'm about a year away from filing I751 to remove the condition. I used to live in North Carolina and I have moved to Atlanta Georgia since September 2016. Back in 2015 when I first filed for my 2 year GC, I had a lawyer in Charlotte NC file my case...so by the time I file I751, Can I contact him again to let him do the work? or Does it have to be a lawyer in Atlanta? Does it matter at all where I have to file my case?
Thank you in advance.

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Sanfranbased     05/29/2017 11:43 AM

So I'm back to this forum 1.5 years after receiving a conditional green card in November 2015. I'm going to remove my condition and apply for a 10-year green card in August, but I'd like to know how long it usually takes to receive a new green card since the date USCIS receives your new application? What's an average timeframe to call USCIS for inquiry? Some people on here say that it took them 6-7 months waiting. Anyone who has received new green card please tell me your experience. Thanks.

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onelove73     12/06/2016 14:23 PM

Hi Just recd by GC for 10yrs (through marriage) ... was super excited to open the envelope and just feel vindicated, but I guess that feeling is always going to haunt me !

my pic is extremely dark on the GC .. I did my AOS and hence the USCIS has only clicked my pic .. i know this bcoz that's the pic they used on my EAD as well which was is fine .. pixelated but clear .. the GC has the same image just way darker. I mean I could recognize myself but to use this for 10yrs seems a bit difficult to absorb .. pls anyone facing this issue , kindly share your exp.

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Di Calle     06/14/2016 15:05 PM

My aunt and uncle have had a greencard for almost a year and have decided that they want to go back to their country and would like to have a tourist visa instead. Does someone know if this is something that immigration is willing to do, simply give them a tourist visa? or will they have to apply for one just like anyone else?


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[email protected]     03/07/2016 22:25 PM

But between the broad smiles, behind the cheerful exterior and in those moist, rheumy eyes lies an untold story - A tale of isolation from their children, loneliness, anxiety, fear, insecurity and uncertainty and all their dreams doomed by sugar coated emotional vested interests just like tigers in sheep skins or weeds on fruit bearing mango tree. The story they would rather leave untold forever. They are happy for their Sons, proud of our achievements and watch our progress from a distance. They are not going to complain and will continue to take things in their stride. They are financially independent sound and hence they did send their sons to USA for better future. Although, the fear of ageing without their children and above all emotional encroachment of their Son’s mind/home by in laws( outlaws!) to make hay when sun shine in USA. Parent will rarely, if ever, give us a glimpse of this unease.
Many NRI obedient sons strive to support their parents by sending money and gifts home. Often though, the parents are reasonably well off and aren’t really pressed for financial support. What they hunger for instead is emotional support and love. The following story based on realities and not directed to any living being directly or indirectly and if it happens, it is a mere coincidence.
Not so Long ago there lived a couple Raman & Shalini, retired middle class Govt servants in Mumbai suburbs. Their three grownup successful faithful children well settled abroad with arranged marriage. Elder son Sumant in US with a son with an obedient transparent natured loving wife Kriti who always talk from heart. She belongs to Top class qualified parents. Mother was a Dean with PHD and father with similar matching biodata. Raman & shalini have made several memorable trips to US and their life's happiness reached moon with the Son’s family with a loving daughter in law, grand son.They became Green card holders and stared living permanently. In about two years Kriti’s mother retired from her job and decided to encroach permanently with son in law. But Kriti’s father was against her decision and for this reason both separated from each other permanently. Thus Kriti’s mother has deserted her all near dear ones i.e. husband,two well settled sons in Pune/Bengaluru,only for greed and lust of American luxuries. Kriti’s mother has gradually dominated & Meddled with all affairs. Polluted her daughter/son in law’s life. Sumant started calling her as Pune Ayee. She made fat bank FDRs of over a Million rupees & Gold ornaments worth over a few pounds in weight and specially with a proud piece of gold necklace of about one pound which is stalk of the town which was put on show on her neck during her second daughter’s marriage in pune. Gradually son was mentally drifted away from his real parents by Pune Ayee with her mesmerised cosmetic love & vested affection. Finally real parents branded as dead woods.
 This act Pune Ayee has razed out the peace of entire family and mainly of Raman & Shalini. Small petty domestic unrest blown out of proportion and turned into mini kaliyug mahabharat i.e. kauravs(Kreeti& Pune Ayee) & pandavas(Raman & shalini ). Sumant preferred to play safe in this war and took the role of bhishma. i.e. mentally with Parents(past ) and physically with wife & Pune ayee(present and future). Cockbull fighting/wrestling/mud slinging war between both sides was a frequent affairs.50/100 dollar notes did start missing and blame was placed cleverly/cunningly on Pandavas. Pune ayee ashamed Shakuni in her tacts.and tricks All human values. ethics, morals went to the trash cans of USA. Support less Sensible at last, Pandavas decided to accept defeat in favour of Kauravas and left for Mumbai with a heavy heart of shattered dreams of living with legitimate son.
Thereafter Kriti at the instigation of her mom, cut off fully from her in-laws and enforced Sumant to do the same. Sumant never bothered to visit their Parents during their life time due to the fear of present and future. After a year or so Kriti got second child which she never showed to her in laws even on video chat. Raman & shalini succumbed to mental agony gradually in a span of three years. Elder Son Sumant could not fulfil their single wish of showing his new born baby girl to grand parents. Sumant only visited after death of parents for last rituals and more particularly for a pound of flesh of share at the instance of her pune ayee. In fact fortunately other two children and some relatives took care of their parents and were at their bed side at the time of dire need of and till the end which made parent’s funeral home journey peaceful. THAT IS THE END OF STORY
While reading this story, from our home windows, my wife & I saw lot of panic movements of birds ran for shelter as if something horrible is going to happen. And within about one minute I saw a heavy gusty storm with unseasonal down pour converted our bed room into a pond within next 30 seconds for not being alert as birds to take preventives such as to close windows. Thus the We got real moral of story i.e. be alert like birds and make the dusk of life little less painful.
The greed of love, wealth, jealousy and luxurious life style of USA compelled to Pune Ayee to desert her legitimate place of retirement life and life’s partner Husband, two well settled male children and encroached daughter’s home illegitimately and made the life of all concerned hell for ever including her own daughter & son in law. This is warning bell to all concerned to not cross their legitimate territory set by the Indian family system and if such incidents occur, it shall be better that son’s parents should surrender in favour of the greedy encroachers od out laws in the interest of your son’s family’s happiness in which your happiness also lies.
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 ?? ??? ???? ?? ????? ???,
?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ????....

‘2. Be alert as Birds to avert ensuing calamities.
3. Two swords do not fit into one scabbard.
4. Be independent/Movable till end without burden to your Son or anyone for that matter.
5. Do not expect from any one including your Son & Accept whatever comes with attitude of gratitude. This Make a happy peaceful adieu.
6 They are young and yet to learn karmic theory & karmic debts and sure they shall learn well before it is too late.
7. Children are not our retirement Fund. They are the flowers only to see beauty and not to pluck.
8. “Home is a miniature heaven” and when it is not that “ it is a magnified, intensified, infernal Hell”.
9.Jo rasta apnliye banahi nahi, use chod dena hi behatar hai

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SNK2     10/14/2015 09:31 AM

I am US citizen. My mom is a US Green card holder. She planned for a short trip to INDIA intending to return to the US with-in 4-5 months but unfortunately met with a car accident and fractured her left arm and hip. Her recovery took long and now she’s been in INDIA for almost 2 years. I have all the documentation to prove every reason for her over stay.
Kindly let me know if there is any way to get a valid re-entry permit.
OR any number I can call to get more information about satiation.
Appreciate Any/All advise!!

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KatherineA     08/24/2015 09:31 AM

My Canadian husband has his Green Card interview this week in Montreal; I am already an American citizen. We are unsure of the process immediately after his visa is issued...I have read the Green Card is valid to enter the USA for up to 6 months only, but what if a family is not ready to move at that time? He already works for an American company and goes back and forth regularly because as a Canadian citizen, he does not need a visa to enter the USA. So my question is to ask how other families have found this process? Our idea is to move to the USA eventually but not within 6 months of the interview certainly. Will simply entering the United States often, until we are ready to move, be enough to keep his Green Card valid? Surely there are other American/Canadian families who go back and forth?

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pababe     08/06/2015 11:19 AM

My husband filled for a fiancé visa for me. We got married a month after I got to usa. The marriage Is not working out well, and am not really interested anymore. No children in the marriage. I left him after about 22 months together. He told me before I leave that he will make my life miserable, % months before I left him,he sent a letter to uscis to withdrawn his petition and also report that I was legally married in my country before I married him which he did not have any proof of that. Now I have less than 5 weeks of 3 months grace period to remove my conditional green card. he refused to do the paper work 1-751. I have filled for divorce, which he refused to sign by contesting it. the hearing date is 5month after my card will expire. I can not file for waiver because I don't have my name in any of his rental, utilities, no bank account or health insurance. Nothing attached us together to show good faith marriage. No abuse in the marriage.Now in his contest he stated, he still want me back, I am scared don't know if he is saying the truth or no.
Now my question can I still continue to work with expired card?
Can I write to uscis in regards to what is happening?
How long is the contested divorce going to take?
What if I remarried another citizen and have kids for him, would I still be able to get my green card?
Is this first marriage problem going to hunt me in future?
How long will I stayed without green card?
Can I be deported?
I have millions of questions going on right now.
I know I have screwed up.. what should I do? what is my faith?

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langitalaiza     04/03/2015 05:53 AM

I was left here in the Philippines by my mother. She burned my passport and left me here. I was very young at that time, I was only 14 years old. I didn't know what to do. My grandmother didn't know what to do as well. They all said that my mother is the only one that can get a new passport for me. So I was forced to stay here. As years passed by my grandmother tried to help me by getting a layer for me but we didn't get anywhere because she didn't have a job that time. The came, I turned 21 and they said I cannot get back anymore. I really lost hope. But just last year a co-worker of mine had applied for a Returning of Residency and I told her my story. She said I can try to apply because I was forced to stay here.

I am right now waiting for a date of my appointment. I have no idea what will happen.

If anyone out there knows how this will go, please comment.
I am just someone that was left here and didn't know what to.

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kanoaandshiori     07/17/2014 03:02 AM

Hi I need to apply for removal of condition 1-751 for Green Card in a few month since its expiring in March 2015, HOWEVER I had my Green Card stolen ( I filed a police report). Do I need to apply (and pay 590 dollars) for i-90 replacement card and then apply (and pay another 600 dollars) for i-751 a couple of months after I receive my replacement card??? Officer from USCIS told me that I should be able to apply for just i-751 since I have to apply in a few months anyway but I cannot take a risk paying 600 fee and be denied...... Any suggestion? And another thing.. I am planning a trip back to Japan in November so I need my green card...
Thanks everyone!

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