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Abeerak     11/07/2019 17:09 PM

Hello everyone

I recently received my AP and so wanted to travel to my country to see my kids back in my country after 2 years. Anyone here travelled on that? I got that card 2 years back travelled 2 time was no issue but now i am scared as i was I documented for a little while then got married again n put my case again things seems smooth now Please tell me if its goood i go for only 2 weeks to see my kids

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mktmkt     11/01/2019 14:56 PM

Dear all,

Thank you for being so helpful to me in the past. I have another question that I need to ask. I have applied for an I-485 marriage based and then left my husband because of abuse. I filed for an I - 360 last year and have received my AP and my EAD since (and I have travelled out of the US twice with no issue). My I 485 is on hold because they are waiting for my I - 360 case. Yesterday I got news that my divorce has been finalized and I can use my maiden name again (I hyphenated my last name with this, big mistake). Now I want to change all my documents back to my original name but I don't know where to start. should I send a letter and proof to my I 360 case venue, or the I - 485? I am very eager to get this done as soon as possible.

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Lalele     10/25/2019 00:22 AM

I’m currently waiting for my GC interview (scheduled for November) but want to surprise my husband (USC) with a little vacation before this.
I still have a valid L1 visa but also a never used AP. My question: shall I return to the US on L1 visa or AP? Will this has any influence on my i485?

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nyfiler100     10/23/2019 14:57 PM


Anybody ever had any problem entering back in the US with combo card/AP?
Or if heard if someone was deported or stoped at POE?
Have to travel but too nervous and can't stop thinking if anything goes wrong.

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Iulianog16     10/21/2019 14:28 PM

How long does it take for USCIS to respond to a service request for case outside normal processing time for EAD/ Advance parole marriage based??

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nyc123     10/20/2019 02:16 AM

hello people,
I'm scared to visit my country on AP as I overstayed my visa and also worked illegally on my SSN. Will this be any problem?

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Ipur0910     10/19/2019 18:33 PM

I have my Infopass appointment in 2 days. My grandmother is seriously ill and I had planned to visit my family a couple of months ago. I have an approved I797b for h1b but my Visa stamping is expired. With the increased denial rate I don't want to risk anything. If I don't get approved for emergency parole and still leave US and get denied for Visa stamping does that mean I abandoned my green card?
Filled on 12 June 2019
Fingerprint review - 10 July 2019
No update since then.
Also during infopass interview, will I be given emergency parole only or can they approve I-131?

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myfile     10/17/2019 21:56 PM


I have applied for Academic Training (I was a J-1 holder) when I was done with my Ph.D. program. I start ed working for a year. After that, I applied for J-waiver and was granted J-1Waiver based on no objection. Then, I have applied for green card based on Advance Parole. My Academic Training comes to the end. I need to extend my visa status to continue working, but I haven't receive my EAD card yet. So, If I request an extension from my J-1 visa sponsorship (university), Does it affect my ongoing Greencard Application and how?

Is there anybody who has idea about it, I would really appreciate.

Thank you

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Mariana Godoy     10/16/2019 17:29 PM

I would love to hear about any Brazilians experience of traveling with advance parole.
How long did you stay? which airline and airport did you reentry US?what documents did you bring and show?What questions they made...?
I appreciate any help here.
All the best in this process to everyone!
Thank you!

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Suzette48     10/16/2019 11:01 AM

Any one here ever travel to Jamaica on a AP lately, would love to hear some experiences, because I am planning to travel this Christmas

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