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Henry357     05/02/2019 09:47 AM

Hello everybody,

My B1 Visa (Tourist) is expired since Set/17 and I`m on my AOS process through marriage waiting for the interview. I got my EAD card with the Advance Parole included on it. I don`t have any criminal records or penalties. My wife had some tickets from her court to pay. (She is US Citizen).

I`m a little afraid to travel abroad the US to visit my family and once come back, get a bar of 3 or 10 years because my visa is expired.

Is there anyone who traveled abroad with AP and your Visa was expired?

Thank you so much!

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silenttheory     05/01/2019 00:02 AM

...waiting for an AP approval for my son.

My wife and I have our cards, delivered last December. My son (who applied at the same time) got nothing.

So we can't travel as a family which is just so frustrating. I've tried everything including my Congressman (now 41 days waiting for a response).

As a result we're now 414 days since my EB1 i140 approval and I'm honestly wondering whether this whole thing was worth it. The stress, uncertainty and inability for us to see our families is taking it's toll.

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1165mustang     04/28/2019 04:14 AM

I want to share my experiences for all of those who need to travel using advance parole. I have a pending Marriage AOS. Before that I had DACA and used advance parole back on 2015 when DACAs could use advance parole thats how I was able to apply for adjustment of status. Married last year and apply for AOS on March 2018I received my combo card in october 2018 andsince then I left the country 4 times 3 times to canada and 1 time to mexico. All of the times I used it as vacations and I never had any problems, only when traveled the two times to canada by land when I re-entered to the US both times the officers asked me what do they do to my advance parole card. The first time the officer just look at it and handed me back my pssport and told me to drive ahead he never stamped my passport, the second time another oficer in the Windsor-Detroit Border check point asked tge same thing so I told him he had to stamp my passport and update my I94 he told me to park my car and go inside to the second inspection room. I waited like 2 hours and he was asking everyone how to handle it and finally he couldnt figure it out so he told me there you go have a good day and let me and a friend go. But the last time I flew to Canada and when I cane back at the airport they know how to handle that and they just stamped my passport and updated my I-94

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danielka     04/27/2019 16:46 PM

Hello all!
I know this topic has been discussed a lot but I’d like to ask you for a piece of advice for my case. I came to USA on J1 visa which expiration date was May 15th 2018. My fiancé and I got married on April 10th 2018 and sent the documents for adjustment of status the end of April. May 3rd USCIS received our case and sent us receipts. January 2019 I received my EAD/Advance parole card. March 13th was our interview, everything went smooth, the officer was new and he said he’d send the case to Denver field office so a supervisor could review and approve. He said we should receive a notice within a month up to 45 days. I’ve been waited but they haven’t sent us anything. On April 3rdI called them and asked for service request and they said we should recieve an update by 22nd April. We still haven’t received anything and I called them probably 3 times but everybody’s on the phone is giving me different answer. So what should I do?

Second, I’m planning traveling to my country with the advance parole but I’m concerned about that, I’m gonna be travelling with our 8 months old baby and I’m afraid we may have issues entering USA. I haven’t been illegal because we applied for change of status within my visa period. Can someone advise me, please?

Thank you so much!

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taisha     04/24/2019 20:03 PM

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone has experience with expediting a decision on existing advance parole case due to business trip?
I applied for Advance parole in February 19th, 2019.
Called to expedite it in April 15th, 2019

I received an email from USCIS on April 17th stating:
"We received your request to expedite the decision on your application. Your case is currently under review. You will receive a decision or notice of further action shortly. "

It is April 24th I still have not heard from them not to even provide more proof for reason to expedite the decision.

My trip is on May 12th and my company may suffer financial losses if I do not go to this trip.

If anyone ever had experience with expediting the Advance parole for business purposes (company financial loss) please share.

Thank you!

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apappu1977     04/14/2019 02:14 AM

My wife is currently outside USA since Oct 2018 to attend family medical issues. She has Advance Parole (AP) which is valid till Sept 2019. I am currently in the USA (Primary applicant) and applying for my EAD/AP renewal 180 days ahead of the expiry of the document.

My question is, can i file AP renewal for my wife as well along with my application to make sure there is no delay to get new AP (processing time sometimes is almost 5-6 months)? I know that she needs to come back to USA before her current AP which expires in Sept 2019. I have been doing renewal for both of us since last few years but this time the difference is she is currently not in the USA,

Any suggestions or past experience which someone can share? Thank You.

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Sarah22     04/13/2019 22:07 PM

Hi My mother is in serious condition, I was advance parole with asylum status. I am afraid that they will not allow to return to US. Has anyone been in this situation

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Armistad22     04/09/2019 19:26 PM

Hi Everyone,

Please I need help/advice.

My wife petitioned for me in March 2018 and I got work authorization and combo card in July. I received a notification that we'll received a mail for interview but the mail never came. I called USCIS twice in January to inform them but the lady I spoke with said she had no update for us.

Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago we received a rejection letter because we didn't show up for the interview and we have a month to reply. We are worried and confused because we didn't receive a formal notification for interview. My attorney said we will have to send a fresh petition in like the first time because my present work authorization expires in July.

Also, I plan on visiting my home country when I get a new AP but I'm worried because my 2 year student visa has expired although my passport is still valid. Is this going to cause me problems at the point of re-entry? I will appreciate every advise / support I can get. You guys are amazing. Thanks

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Natasask     04/08/2019 01:18 AM

Hi everyone again! Please help me someone and tell me your opinion. I’m crying all day all night for 1 year. I’m in NY all alone and I’m 18 years old. I lost my lovely grandmother and now my grandfather is very sick. I want to visit him on July and I want to know if I can have an advance parole. My dad just put his paper to become an American citizen and I overstayed my visa 1 year and so I don’t know if I have an adjustment status. I’m stressed everyday, I’m crying everyday I can’t deal with this anymore. This is so stressful. I can’t wait another year again...,.

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Ran447     04/04/2019 21:31 PM

Good evening everyone i need to know the address to send my form I131 to be expedite??

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