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IB- ()     05/29/2010 18:29 PM

Excellent resource.

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visjig- ()     05/25/2010 13:28 PM

This is a really excellent guide and a help website for immigrants esp ppl coming from Indian and the asian sub-continent. kudos to the ppl who started this.

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Murugan. G- ()     05/21/2010 22:29 PM

Caters all immigration needs.

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Reddy- ()     05/09/2010 21:30 PM

Excellent Website.This site makes you feel that comfortable and confident for Visa interviews.I just followed this site from visa interview steps to until i reach USA.Marvellous site.I would recommend.

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Dilip.N- ()     04/24/2010 01:20 AM

The advice and information given on this site is excellent and comprehensive. VERY GOOD.

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shreehari- ()     04/22/2010 14:25 PM

Excellent forum. You can find all the information you need, that too free of cost.

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Karthik- ()     04/14/2010 08:07 AM

My mom got B2 visa thnx for immihelp........

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Rama- ()     03/25/2010 00:30 AM

Tried various sources.. Have never seen such a clean and detailed website for this need. Amazing work!!

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Didier Juges- ()     03/22/2010 15:52 PM

Very informative web site, with very complete and detailed instructions about the visas, particularly the fiancee visa that I was interested in.
The web site has so much useful and apparently up-to-date information that it is permanently bookmarked in my computer!
Thank you!!!

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K. Mukundan- ()     03/11/2010 05:38 AM

Your website is very user friendly and provides more than adequate information. Navigation is also easy with links to various locations on the left pane. Keep up the good work.

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