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bw95     01/06/2020 11:38 AM

Hi guys,

Does anyone know how long it takes to get an interview notice for EB3-ROW from the "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview" notice?

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sanalista     01/04/2020 14:49 PM

Is there anyone here who is struggling with job interview responses saying the company is now just hiring Green Card holders or US citizens?

My visa is based on self-sponsored EB2-NIW, so I will not need sponsorship to renew or to be able to work in America. So I can't understand why a position that has nothing on national security is no longer accepting EAD anymore.

The position is Client Partner (Portuguese Speaking).

The answer:

"I hope you had a great holiday and New Year! Unfortunately, for this position it requires US citizenship or green card holder.

I wish you the best of luck with your search!"

I just would like to understand if it has become a pattern in the hiring American market.

Thank you

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ankit.06     01/03/2020 18:07 PM


Interview Date & Time: 12/19/2019 2:30 PM
Interview Result: Case under review, awaiting decision.
Field Office: Seattle

My employment based application (EB-2) originally started with India as the country of chargeability and had a priority date of 08/18/17 which was carried over from my previous employer's application. The application was then cross charged to UAE based on my spouse's country of birth.

03/27/2019: I-140 Submitted
07/01/2019: I-140 Approved
07/29/2019: I-485, I-765 & I-131 Submitted
09/10/2019: Biometrics Notice
09/24/2019: Biometrics Appointment
10/15/2019: 1-765 & I-131 Approved
10/19/2019: EAD/AP received in hand
11/25/2019: Interview Notice
12/19/2019: Interview Appointment
01/02/2020: New card is being produced
01/03/2020: Case Approved

1. Check-In: It was raining on the day of and our interview was scheduled at 2:30 PM. We reached there by 1:45 PM and went through the security check, appointment review and ticket assignment by 2:15 PM. The security check is pretty straight forward and similar to the ones that you would encounter at the airport. After the security check you need to present your appointment notice and a government issued ID proof for the representative to review. The representative then collects your fingerprints (right and left index fingers) and takes a picture before handing you a token number.

2. Interview: After completing the check-in process you are asked to wait in the waiting area, be on the lookout for an officer coming out and announcing you ticket number. We were called in 45 mins after our scheduled appointment time at 3:15 PM. The officer escorted us into his office and made us the take the oath right away. The officer was extremely friendly (He was playing music on spotify all through the interview and made sure we were ok with it) and allowed us to settle in. After settling in the officer collected our I-693s, documents related my employment and our marriage proofs (documents listed below). We then went through the security questions on I-485 and then started getting into the specifics of our background, usual questions on our marriage that focused on how we met, when did we start dating and when did we decide to get married. He requested to see if we had any pictures, we carried a scrapbook with pictures and trips that we took over the last 6 years of knowing each other. He went through the whole book and was pretty satisfied with it, the work we put in here paid off because we were only married for 10 months. After this, the officer then turned his attention towards my employment, again usual questions about my pay, duties and future plans (detailed list of questions below).

3. Check-Out: We were the last interview for the day, the officer walked us through the next steps and escorted us back into the waiting area. In terms of next steps, he gave us the white sheet which said that the case will be reviewed and then the outcome would be communicated. He also mentioned that he expects to complete the review soon (under 2 weeks) and would not take anywhere close to the stipulated 120 days. He then asked us if we had any questions and then made us sign a paper stating that the interview was completed.

1. Driver's License.
2. EVL and Paystubs
3. I-693s
4. Marriage Proof
a. Marriage Certificate
b. Wedding Card
c. Invoices associated with wedding expenses
d. Joint Bank Accounts
e. Joint Credit Card Statements
f. Apartment Lease Agreement
g. Rental Insurance
h. Costco Membership
i. 401k Beneficiary Information
j. Life Insurance Beneficiary Information
k. Wedding Pictures.

1. [Both] Name and D.O.B of spouse.
2. [Husband] How did you guys meet?
3. [Follow up Question] [Wife] What was your husband doing at that event?
4. [Follow up Question] [Husband] What was your wife doing at that event?
5. [Husband] When did you start dating?
6. [Wife] What did you guys find common in each other?
7. [Husband] When did you decide to get married?
8. [Wife] Where was the wedding held at?
9. [Wife] Where did you guys go for your honeymoon?
10. [Both] Where was your spouse born?
11. [Husband] What does your spouse do for work?
12. [Husband] What are your responsibilities at work?
13. [Husband] How much do you make?
14. [Husband] Where do you want to be professionally in the long run?

1. Be methodical about your preparation -
a. Carry the originals and copies that you think would help your case and make a table of content that lists the documents in each folder tab for easy identification.
b. My wife and I owned our respective folders so each of us exactly knew where our documents are.
2. For candidates who might get questions about their wedding, Invest in a simple scrapbook that outlines your relationship. A picture certainly can speak a thousand words.
3. Be honest, frank and REAL, at the end of the day there only so much you can control. While we all would like a positive outcome we don't control it, we only influence it.

1. This was MY experience at the Seattle office, the experience might vary based on location and numerous other factors.
2. Unless specifically mentioned, all the listed activities are specific to an individual. For ex: If you are attending an interview with your spouse then the both of you have to individually take the oath.

The forum and it's participants have helped this silent reader (me) a lot through this journey. I hope I am able to pay it back through my experience. Good Luck.

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RPAT_ATL     01/02/2020 19:55 PM

My first post on this forum.
Dec-2017 EB1C India Concurrent Filing. Interview Completed in Mar-2018. L1A Expiring in April-2020 has valid EAD till Feb-2021.

I will appreciate any updates from anyone who has 2017 PD and received GC. Not sure why there is no movement, online status is still showing "Interview Scheduled". Are there any 2017 PD filers in same boat? Till now I was not following all the development very closely, been 2 years now. Need to catch up.

Thank you

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leilasol     01/02/2020 14:48 PM

We filed the i-485 on July 2019
fingerprint on Sep 2019
and we are waiting for interview since Oct 7th.
We used to live in San Jose, but we recently moved to San Francisco, and hence our field office is changed to SF.
Any experience on interview processing time there?
We are applying for EB2 (company sponsored) The legal company who filed our document told me the heavy queue for SF office is mainly for marriage based interview. Not sure if that's correct or not. Any one got interview for EB2 green card in SF? I'd appreciate it if you share you experience.

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Vijsingh     12/31/2019 11:31 AM

Hello Everyone

All the formalities for GC have been completed, Interview has done in Feb 2019. Due to retrogation GC is pending.

I will appreciate if anyone has update on this, is there someone/friend got GC after or before May 2017. Visa bulletin is not showing any progress but I have feeling there are some movements. people with PD for 2016 are getting GC.

VJ Singh

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thenewbie     12/30/2019 14:42 PM

Hello everyone!
 I had my interview on august 7th, went well, i was given the white piece of paper stating I completed my interview but due to retrogression unable to issue GC and still today i have not heard anything from them, I am applying for EB3, the only issue I had is that i was requested to bring supplement J to the office in NY as an RFE in September which i did. Is this normal? I heard from other people that they have gotten their GC by 130ish days.
Thank you all! Happy Holidays!

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sv47322     12/27/2019 13:59 PM

Hi There,
i have a question reg concurrent filing. My 140+485+ 131 are currently being concurrently filed (L1A + EB1C). My PD is feb 2015 (it was from my EB3 140) . I am based out of bay area. If my case is filed in January, when am I expecting to receive the card in hand (provided no RFEs no other hassles)
I appreciate any input/insights.

Thanks in advance.

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ammarqs     12/26/2019 13:11 PM

I have my I-485 EB2 interview in a few days. Can someone please list down the documents i should take with me along with tips during the interview? What preparation should me and my wife do before hand to make sure everything goes well?
Any and all information will be appreciated.

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nich89     12/26/2019 10:43 AM

Hi. Anyone here experience for eb3 and after interview got approval for i-485 j but the green card still not approve?

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