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praveepe     09/21/2019 02:32 AM

What would be the best way from below for "purpose of visit" expected by VO?

Update clearly with the complete plan with 5-6 lines (or)
Update with short straight forward answers with just 1-2 lines?

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avy003     09/21/2019 00:19 AM

This forum has been very helpful considering my apprehensions on B1 Visa rejections.

I attended my interview on 20th Sep at Mumbai Visa Consulate. From what I could understand during my waiting time in the queue is that the visa officers are looking for confident people who are demonstrating the purpose honestly. I saw a lot of visas being approved at all counters, however the rejections were totally for people who were fumbling while demonstrating the purpose of visit. Below is my experience:

VO: Why are you going to US?
Me: To meet the associates and business stakeholders, attend internal team meetings to learn from them and apply those learnings in the work when I come back to India. A training program is also scheduled in the same duration. (I guess the catch here was mentioning that I plan to return)

VO: Do you have the company letter?
Me: Handed him the invitation letter and training plan

VO: When did you join the organization?
Me: 2018

VO: Still not clear with what you do, can you please elaborate?
Me: I work as Analyst in the investment banking division. I want to gain a better perspective of work in my team which would not be possible to learn over calls. This will help me in properly managing the work from India.

He kept on typing over his system and then the golden words "Your Visa is approved"

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damslage     09/20/2019 18:54 PM

Hi. my husband interview is on Monday 23rd.. In the ds160 form,we just discovered that only his second previous employement which lasted for 4months was there. His first employement that lasted for 4years wasn't included .Editing of the form is not really possible now owing to the fact that his interview will be coming up on 23rd by.Do you see this as an issue?If yes, how can he slot it in and make the consular aware that he once worked for 4 years during his interview section? His visa is B1.He has been sent an invitation letter from Worl bank to attend a conference. the 4years employment history that wasn't included was when he worked for a world bank project. please help.. how do we do it.?

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sanjeevsharmaiitr     09/20/2019 13:25 PM

Hi I have my B1 Visa interview next week.

I am travelling for 1 week business meeting with a very big OEM in US. That OEM is sponsoring the entire trip. I myself am a startup founder in India.

Although my startup doesn't generate revenue and thus I don't take any income. Does anyone have experience with having no income slips to present to the Consular?

What other documents are typically asked. I have travelled to US twice in the Past. I had F1 visa for my PhD admit at a top 15 us university in 2014 but I didn't go for phd so didn't utilize the F1 visa. I have lived in Canada as well for two years and in Israel for 8 months.

Last time I applied for US visa in India was in 2010 and that was J1 visa.

Just wondering what are all the documents typically needed for the B1 interview in India? The US Embassy website doesn't really list the supporting documents.

Thanks, any suggestion is highly appreciated.

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jacknagpal     09/19/2019 15:31 PM

I visited Delhi Embassy on 11th of September 2019

VO: What is the purpose of visiting US
Me: I am Required to attend business meetings with my client and our company has been restructured , So will meet my new CEO also.
VO: Are you saying that you're going for Business Meeting?
Me: Yup!
VO: Have you ever travleed outside of India before?
Me: Nope!
VO: You're not eligible.

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praveepe     09/19/2019 13:29 PM


I have Visa interview scheduled next week and I want some help with below things to see if there are any corrections or revisions needed? Also let me know if it is a lengthy explanation and everything is OK?

Purpose of the visit: My Plan is for 4 weeks (I am writing bit longer below to justify reason for 4 weeks and every information below is true)

We have a new version of xxx tool released recently and there are couple of customer visits planned as they interested with it . So I need to be there for the Integration & collaboration meetings with customers along with different teams over there to discuss about the enhancements and challenges. And I am planning to visit our data center and also have some internal meetings with our team to fix the transition issues and process enhancements which helps once I am back to India

Why you are chosen but not others?

I am the senior engineer working since 5 years for those customers as a technical landscape owner and I have done few POC's with our latest version to validate its functionalities successfully. So I have been chosen for this visit

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Rama Thalapathy     09/19/2019 05:55 AM

History of Rejection:
I have my L1B rejected in 2012(Note: I have applied for an L1B visa along with my husband as a dependant). And My husband H1b rejected earlier this year.

I have attended the B1 VISA interview yesterday and it got Rejected . Please tell me the reason for rejection

Can I have a Passport??

What is your position in XXX?
Sr database administrator

How long you are working in XXXX?
6 month

why the meeting is in the USA ?
Since the majority of our team stay in USA the meeting is arranged in USA

Why you have been chosen to go?
I have to give a presentation about the newly launched monitoring tool XXX and I am the senior person I will attend the meeting and communicate the details with other teammates stay over here in india

Which place you are visiting?

How long the conference will take
One week.

IS anyone travels along with you
No one for DBA conference.

VO: Sorry could not approve VISA this time.

Rejected with reason 214(b0

Could someone tell do I have scope to enter the USA. Just want to confirm should I proceed with reapply B1 Visa. And what are all the things I have to change in my answer to convenience VO?

Someone, please help me out.

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[email protected]     09/19/2019 04:09 AM

VO - Are you from XYZ company ?
Me - Yeah
VO - Why you need to travel US ?
Me - To attend series of global meets and to train the US associates to let them start working for US custiomers
VO - How long are you with XYZ company ?
Me - 1.8 years
VO - How you have been nominated with 1.8 years exp ?
Me- The purpose of meeting is on my domain and overall exp. SO, irrespective of experience, I have been nominated
VO - Who's gonna manage your expense ?
Me - XYZ Company
VO - Why can't you make it from India ?
Me - As this is the series of meetings and training sessions, I can't manage from India
VO - Smiled, Your visa is approved
Me - Thank you with smile

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Kolkata2019     09/19/2019 01:06 AM

This was first attempt which was held on 17th Sept in Kolkata

VO : Good Morning
Me : Good Morning & hand over the passport

VO : Purpose of travel to US
Me: I work as Finance Manager with xyz company .Shared company details in brief. We are kickstarting FY20 Financial Forecasting exercise going to attend business meeting related to same.Where Global leaders going to present FY20 Business strategies.

VO: Checks about my previous travel abroad
Me : No Travel

VO : Income
Me : Annual Income in XXX Lacs

VO : How long associated with current company
Me : less than 2 months

VO : Do you manage any Team
Me : Currently working as Individual Contributory role

VO : Duration of intended stay in US
Me : Mention the date as per DS160 .Then clarify in weeks (3).

VO : Sorry Visa is rejected.

Can you please share what could be the reason for rejection.My company have asked to reapply at the earliest as I need to there in US for very important assignment.
I am a qualified accountant having 16 years experience currently based in Bangalore.

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arunjnu08     09/18/2019 14:10 PM

Visited US Embassy in New Delhi at 12 Sep 2019.

This was my 2nd attempt for visa. First was in 2014 when it was rejected.
Here is my conversation with VO, who was an aged man.

Me: Good Morning sir
VO: Good Morning, your passport.
VO: your purpose of visit?
Me: I am lead at xyz company. Currently handling the team of abc application. I am going for team sync up meeting with our US team member. X and Y are our partners they will also join us.
VO: you are working for xyz company here in India?
Me: Yes
VO: for how much time
Me: 8 years
After that he checked my other visa and asked
VO:why did you visit these 2 countries
Me: For attending training and company work.
VO: ok you'll get your visa tomorrow.

My suggestion is to be confident and make eye contact. Your body language should be positive.

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