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Chicagoapp     03/15/2019 23:38 PM

Hello All,

I have couple of questions regarding filing I-130 petition for my mother.
My brother is US citizen what documents do he need to submit with I-130 besides US passport and birth certificate? Are we required to submit Affidavit of Support form I 864 with petition or just form I 130, petitioner passport and birth certificate? If anyone know what are the other documents we need to send with petition it will be great help and I will appreciate that. Thanks

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Chicagoapp     03/15/2019 23:37 PM

Hello All,

I have couple of questions regarding filing I-130 petition for my mother.
My brother is US citizen what documents do he need to submit with I-130 besides US passport and birth certificate? Are we required to submit Affidavit of Support form I 864 with petition or just form I 130, petitioner passport and birth certificate? If anyone know what are the other documents we need to send with petition it will be great help and I will appreciate that. Thanks

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itslambanam     03/14/2019 19:02 PM

Hi everyone, this website has been very helpful for me concerning the information I needed to collet my documents so I decided to share with my experience too. Hope it helps somebody too.

Durham/Raleigh, NC
Paperwork received 2/28/18
Biometrics done 3/12/18
RFE received 3/28/18
 (they requested to add more evidence of financial situation since they said my husband couldn't meet the requirements. which wasn't true, we checked with the provided table and consulted with a fellow lawyer, so we just sent more ITS stuff and explained why we think they made a mistake)
EAD 9/15/18
January 2019 - Contacted them, since I waited too long and they said they will contact me via email in 2 weeks. nobody did, but:
1/16/19 - Ready to schedule interview
2/4/19 - Interview Scheduled

The day of interview. I made all the preparations which were three folders: two identical ones - one b&W copy of evidence bona fide, second one was in color copy, separate folder with all the paperwork sent previously with forms and additional documentation. Made an Album of pictures with small descriptions in a timeline manner.

First, just want to say we were super lucky! Our guy was awesome, he was young, had a tattoo sleeve that he previously covered (we talked about it later), he was super friendly and welcoming. I tried to turn off my phone but I didn't know how because it's IPhone XS Max and apparently they changed it. We laughed about it, because he knew exactly why I was struggling. He said as long as I don't record what's happening there it should be fine. So we talked a little bit his office and he finally asked us about how and when we met.Asked us how it all started and how long it continued until the proposal. He also asked me for my ID, EAD and my Diploma from college received in May 2018.He asked us if we ever met any of our parents, which we did (my mom has travel visa and we visited her in NYC couple of times when she was there visiting her friends) and of course I've seen his. He also wanted to know if there was ever a moment when we has to rush marriage, but I explained that I had my college going on and we never exactly rushed into it. He said it's cool, sometimes when it's just necessary like you fell in love but you significant other has to leave, you might be able to kinda rush it.
Then I was asked questions like his parents names and where he was born, he was asked the same stuff. we laughed about the fact that my husband tried to show off and tell my parents short names, which the guy wouldn't know anyway. Then we tried to give him the evidence folder to look through it so it wasn't like I spent all these hours making it for nothing lol he flipped through it as we told him how we got engaged and that it was a funny story at the beach where I fell and got myself a fat lip and during LIVE facebook proposal didn't look so good. He apparently just recently got engaged too so we talked about him picking out the ring and how tough a task it could be for a guy. So, basically this whole thing didn't really feel like an interview, and I was told we will be videotaped by I never noticed anything like a camera in an office.He told us we had more than enough evidence, barely look at my album, but he said it looked just the way we should make one for the unconditional GC later. He just confirmed my name and other info for GC and talked to us if we know what to do after we get it. He just said you're good to go. In the end of an interview we even asked for local restaurant recommendation haha. I just feel so lucky with our guy, he made it possible for us to be as open and comfortable as I wanted to be in the beginning. I hope you find something useful in my story. Ask if you have any questions when my memory is still fresh haha
3/12/19 - Card is Being produced

I hope I will get it any day now, maybe next week because we are already planning a trip to my hometown. Wish you all guys to actually enjoy your future interviews like we did! And Godspeed

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Mikech     03/12/2019 18:58 PM

I got married in feb 2018, got our baby in october, send file to apply for GC and received our receipt on dec 31st,, I am a citizen and wife is on avisitor visa, can you please help me find out time line, she already did finger prints and now waiting, when should we expect work permission card and social, also anytimeline for interview, how long the whole process is taking?
Thanks in advance

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HELP2019     03/06/2019 17:42 PM

Hello everybody,
I recently got married to a permanent resident and I don`t know where to start my process from. Can I send my I-485 and I-130 together or first the I-130... and how long is the whole process taking now? Thank you, I will really appreciate your help!

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zaya23     03/05/2019 21:03 PM

So I’ll be filing my paper work to remove my condition from my two year green card.
Now, I would like to know, who is the petitioner is it me or my husband? On the paper I put me as the petitioner.

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Kuma100     03/04/2019 19:58 PM

Hello everyone, my interview was last week in Chicago. The interview went very well and the officer was nice and professional. We gave her supporting evidence of our bonafide marriage which includes: joint savings & checking ACC. statement, joint medical, dental & life insurance, lease, civil union and traditional wedding pictures, etc. The officer told us at the end that we should expect a decision between 1 to 3 weeks and handed us a white paper for review. After 3hrs, we received an update that both i130 and i485 "Interview was completed and my case must be reviewed". Me and my wife are super anxious right now because the only thing between me and my career (joining the military) is the deliance of the green card. Any idea as to how long it will take to get a decision will be greatly appreciated.

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blikeme32     03/02/2019 23:02 PM

Hi all, I'm a little confused. For a long time I have been a silent reader, but I am now looking for anyone that could help me with my case.
I live in Los Angeles, I am married to a US citizen and we applied for a green card through marriage.
We sent our package on 02/22/18 which contained our i-485,i-130,i-765.
 02/27/18 we got a letter saying that the received our case, and I should get a biometrics appointment soon.
03/20/10 I took my biometrics and the next day my case status changed that they received my biometrics.
 07/09/18 my i-765 was approved and I received my EAD.
12/21/18 my case status for i-485 changed to interview schedule.
02/04/19 I had my i-485 interview
which went well, it took about 45 minutes. It was raining in los angeles that day so their system was down and the IO was not able to take my finger prints or my picture. The IO asked my husband and I pretty simple questions: " where we met, how, who proposed to who, and also looked through our photo album, which from there she took 5 pictures and asked me to name the people on our wedding picture." after that she took a copy of the pictures and told us she would have an answer by 02/15/19 and handed us a paper which had checked the "Your case is being help for review, at this time USCIS does not require anything from you, and to wait 120 days before asking about the case"
02/07/19 we received an approval letter for our i-130 by mail. ( yay we were happy)
Now here is where my questions comes.
03/01/19 I received an email about my i-130 case status that change to " Initial review, that the post office returned a noticed that they sent to me"
hour later that same day 03/01/19 I received another mail from my i-130 case status changed to "Card/Document Production , We mailed your document for receipt number xxx, this step applied to applications that result in an applicant reaching a card (such as a "green card) etc.
I am a confused because I know that the i-130 does not give you a document or a card, so i don't know what is in production ? Can anyone help me figure out what is happening and by the way my i-485 has not updated it is still in " your interview has been schedule" thank you so much for your time, my husband and I would really appreciate your comments.

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OROR     02/27/2019 18:54 PM

I have applied for my wife as US Citizen after we got married. USCIS received the documents on July 2018 and still, we are waiting to schedule our the interview?!

I am not sure if some here has the same experience!?

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Neve1073     02/22/2019 22:45 PM

So my husband and I live at his mom's rent free, his dad pays most of his bills, and he is a terrible driver that I refuse to put on my car insurance. We prefer to keep our bank accounts separate but know each other's pins and online banking passwords.

Is our IO going to give us a rough time for lack of evidence?

I am on his health insurance plan through work and his life insurance policy. We have plenty of family photos, e-mails, texts, etc. but apparently some IOs are more about joint finances.

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