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nhadpc82     02/21/2020 14:54 PM

1. Submitted paperwork August 23rd
2. Got receipt notice August 27th
3. Case pending online " accepted and being reviewed"

Office says Potomac.

Anyone with experience on IR5 care to share their timeline?

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robin04     02/19/2020 00:43 AM

I just filed petition for my dad by filling our I-130 form on USCIS website. Would my mom be covered under the same petition or do I need to submit a separate petition for my mom?

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jaxfiler2002     02/18/2020 11:27 AM

My father's case (I130/I485) is pending since Oct 2019. Got his EAD/AP Combo card last week
Waiting for I130 to be approved.

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mcc22     02/17/2020 11:24 AM

My husband started a I-130 via consular when he was a resident (early 2018). After he became a USCitizen and we started an adjustment of status (I-485), on July 2019. Last updates for EAD and I-485 is that fingerprints were received.

However form I-130 was approved and sent to national visa center for consular processing. We are not in that process anymore. How can I have my I-130 file return to USCIS to my adjustment of stattus file?
Anyone has gone through this??

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Hardik8880     02/16/2020 22:48 PM

Hello friends I am going to submit i360 next month so my question is I can submit i485 i765 and travel permit with it my wife is us citizen

In my interview my wife withdrew my case so so I don’t get wp and ap

So can I file work permit and travel permit with i360 and i485?

Can you please guys give me advice which documents I can submit with my i360?

Thank you in advance

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Ekejiuba     02/11/2020 16:19 PM

pls has any body knows how long it takes to aprove vawa application?

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Ekejiuba     02/11/2020 16:08 PM

my lawyer mailed my vawa petition to american immigration on jan 3rd 2020 through USPS and was delivered to the immigration on jan 8th 2020, today is feb 11th 2020 i havent received receipts from the immigration, i want to know if it is normal or some thing going wrong i dont know//// pls advice me.

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Flies     02/07/2020 09:42 AM

Hey guys, i filed for adjustment of status in october 2018(married to US citizen).did my finger prints and when i check status online, it is still stuck at finger print fee received. It has now been 1year and 2months and still nothing. I didn't apply for the EAD since i already had one. Any advise please as the wait is killing me.Talked to uscis but they say am still within normal processing time.it is 2020!!!!

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kangsun91     02/06/2020 21:44 PM

Hi guys, I finished my interview last week but I couldn’t get decision right away because they didn’t received my I-130 from California Service Center.
My interviewer said once he gets my I-130, it will make decision.
But when I called USCIS today, they said my I-130 was transferred to LA field office and transferred to California Service Center again.
There is no updates on my case yet. What is going on to me? Why did my I-130 transferred to California Service Center again? Interview was done.

I’m married to GC holder, finished interview at LA field office

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NRM26     02/05/2020 21:24 PM

Hi everyone,

PD - 7/22/2019
7/27/2019 - Notice Received (I130, I485, I765, I131)
8/02/2019 - Bio Notice Received
8/22/2019 - Bio Completed
8/24/2019 - Fingerprint Review was Completed
9/19/2019 - Rfe notice
10/8/2019 - My Respond to Rfe was Received
It’s been about 200 days (I130, I765, I131), 120 days (RFE I485) and I haven’t received any feedback from them. Any suggestions what i should do? Is it normal to wait this long?
Thank you

Ps: I haven’t received EAD

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