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Artie12345     09/17/2019 17:26 PM

So my PD is March 12,2018 and was scheduled for an interview Aug 8,2019, I feel that I have everything they are asking for and now is a matter of getting well rested and prepared mentally for the interview tomorrow. I am bringing a lawyer just in case but I feel everything should be ok. I’ve got to say I have 2 previews arrests so my attorney warned me that the officer may not be able to approve me without supervisor review so it may take longer than usual. So I am prepared to wait as long as it takes but I am hopeful everything will be ok.
Good luck to everyone and I’ll update as soon as I am done with interview at NYC federal plaza

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Anna Carbajal     09/10/2019 14:53 PM

Hi, I applied for my husband in October 2017 from Mexico. In March 2019 visa process was completed, we are waiting since then for Interview appointment. Can anyone filing in Juarez consulate tell their experience with times

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Nicky2712     09/09/2019 14:35 PM

I just want to know if there is anyone else in my situation, I sent my I-130 in April 2018 since my husband was a permanent resident. in January she became a citizen and I sent my i1485 with my i765 on March 21 they received it. I had my fingerprint appointment in April but I still have no news of anything, my i130 is not yet approved.

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Mr.coolboy     09/08/2019 15:35 PM

Is it true ead under c09 category can be renewed multiple times till we get green card ??

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tushar4036     09/05/2019 17:19 PM

My wife is a permanent resident who filed I-130 for me on July 2016. After petition, we changed state several times and that's why the application is transferred from one state to other state (take so longer time), and currently it is queue for the interview on my local USCIS office. My priority date is available now. Can I file an I-485 while my I-130 is still pending?

1. I-130 Petition: July 2016
2. I-130 interview : February 2018
(we did not change the address on the application and after the interview, application transferred to our local USCIS office)
3. Currently queued for the interview on the local USCIS office.
I need both Work permit and Advanced Parole as early as possible. Can anybody share experiences on whether is it good time to apply I-485, work permit, travel permit?

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Rajwinder singh     08/28/2019 15:11 PM

Hello all, I’m about to file for condition removal on my 2 yrs greencard which will be expiring in November 2019, I’m I able to travel overseas after filing.. or I have to wait till i get my permanent greencard for 10yrs..

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sebassarmiento     08/27/2019 08:07 AM

Hello there,

Parent/Child Green Card Application

My interview is already scheduled. My application is based on family. I am a step-son of a US Citizen.
My question is if he is required to go to the interview? In the letter it states "If your elegibility is based on a parent/child relationship and the child is a minor, the petitioning parent and the child must appear for the interview'. Given that I am not a minor anymore (21 years old), should my step-dad still go?


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mr.coolboy     08/25/2019 14:26 PM

Hi ...if we are sending I765 and I131 together.....can we submit just one g-1145 form or we need to submit 2 ?

Also can we submit all forms related to i765 and i131 in one envelope and combine them or we need to keep them in separate envelopes?

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hampton     08/25/2019 09:49 AM

Received USCIS message stating “interview was scheduled dated Aug 20”. Received the online message on Aug 22. As on today (Aug 25), the letter is not received in hand. Priority date Dec 2012. Application received by USCIS Sep 2018. Appreciate it if you share your experience on:
How long it takes to receive the letter?
Any suggestion on interview questions?
Do I need to take my father (petitioner) during the interview?

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mr.coolboy     08/24/2019 13:22 PM

can some pls answer below for EAD renewal application:

question 24 asking immigration status at last arrival?
i have australian passport so i can visit and stay in US for 6 months without any visa....so what do i mention for question 24 which is asking me about immigration status at last arrival

question 25 asking your current immigration status or category? can i answer C09 for this as i am married to usc and filed for my AOS in US

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