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TrueHope     05/19/2019 03:51 AM

Hello everyone,
I am a silent user for a year since I summited my files.
My filler is In LA.
My time line:
05/14/2018 send the packages.
05/18/2018 case was receives
06/20/2018 BIO Appointment
09/24/2018 Combo Card in hand
04/08/2019 interview scheduled
05/15/2019 Interview date at 7:45 AM
The IO was nice and polite lady. She ask us simple questions about our relationship and daily activities. What we shares? Proofs?
Ask for photos album and look carefully throughout the album
Ask questions”Have you ever...”
Never ask for joint tax returns, new medical exam..but we still give her. After small chat she ask if we have any questions. We said no. She said she doesn’t need anything else from us, give her till end of the day to make her decision. Explain about two years conditional card. Escort us to the hallway.
Wait till 4:30 pm and see “ we order your new card” , then “case was approved”
Tips: as long as your marriage is bona fide , the interview is nothing to worry about.
Be organized as soon as you prepare your documents to summit as well as for the interview.
God is always be with you. Be patient and the wait will be over. Good lucks to you all and thank you for who have shared the experiences.

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Vivakorean     05/16/2019 21:33 PM

PD Oct,16/2017
Updated USCIS as "Interview scheduled " -on May 9, 2019
Received notice letter today May 15, 2019
the Interview date is June 19, which is 2days after my 2 years anniversary.

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hcxf98     05/16/2019 11:41 AM

My wife (USC) petitioned I130 for me last September. She is an army servicemen and from Oct 2018 to Apr 2019 she was in boot camp. I live in NY while she lived in SC during her training. Our I130 interview was initially scheduled on Apr 3, but my wife was still in her boot camp and couldn’t make it. We went to NY USCIS field office on Apr 15 and had our I130 interview. Our attorney was also present. During the interview, the IO raised some questions regarding our rent and income, then asked a few questions regarding our job, birthday, how we met and who were at the wedding reception. Then he asked both me and my wife the yes/no questions on my I485. For one question he asked my wife if I had ever been arrested in the US. My wife told IO no because she didn’t know about it, but I was arrested for driving with suspended license. I explained this to the IO and showed him the case disposition from the court. At last, he gave us a paper saying that he doesn’t need more documents, but my case must be held for review. Now it’s been a month but my case status still shows Case Was Received and the last update was Sep 2018. I heard that most cases are approved within two weeks and if it’s taking longer, something is wrong. Should I contact a congressman to expedite the case?

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Nellyp1229     05/15/2019 09:17 AM

I ama US Citizen, my husband applied about 16 months ago for ROC. We have a children and live together, last week immigration officer came to our home My husband was working however, it was two mins away so they saw him there. They checked our closet looked around, took pics of our medicines etc. They also told me my sons bitter father, filed a complaint against us at USCIS. The officer left after 10 mins, he said he was “convinced our marriage is bonafide” but no update online.

I filed my I761 with a priority date od 02/05/18
Got fingerprints 02/28/2018
02/14/19 status changed to case has been transferred to Texas service center
05/10/2019 USCIS officers came to the house, they said my ex reported immigration fraud!!!
Currently waiting
 My husband and I have a daughter we live together and I love him very much!! I am very nervous about this

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Romario95     05/14/2019 18:32 PM

PD - November 1st 2018

Biometric - December 18th 2018

Case is ready to be scheduled for interview - March 1st

Interview scheduled - April 10th

Interview May 14th (today)

We got to federal plaza at 11AM for our 12PM appointment. We were called exactly at 12PM. The officer asked for our IDs birth certificate then sworn us in. He ask us basic questions like how we met, names of each other family, where we worked then yes and no questions. He said it would take about a month to get an answer but after 2 hours I got the magic text saying your new card is being produced. He totally tricked us by saying a month lol. Hopefully I get the card soon!

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Claforest     05/08/2019 01:03 AM

Looking for advice or someone with experience or in similar situation. Filing under daughter of US citizen over 21, can U file form I130 and I485 together (concurrent) and can I apply for my EAD and AP card?? Is there any forums or chat specifically for persons in my category?? Please help or advice

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bcobb     05/07/2019 16:12 PM

Hello - nvc has approved all paperwork for my parents, now we are waiting on notification of interview in London. seems to be taking a while. what is the 'norm' wait time, and is there anyway to get an update from either nvc or the embassy?

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Agbado     05/07/2019 00:49 AM

Please anyone with approved I-130 in Nebraska, that was filled in June or July 2018 (Immediate Relative). Thank you

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anhngxt     05/05/2019 17:43 PM

I’m a F2B applicant, filed i-765, I-485, I-131 on Sep 26, 2018. Lives in Houston, Texas.
Did fingerprint on Nov 1, 2018.
Today is 7 months and 10 days since receipt date. Nothing has changed. Status still says Received application in Sep 26, 2018. My I-485 says Fingerprint fees received.
I have job offer that i might lose soon if i don’t get my work permit in a month from now. (which will probably happen now)
I filed a SR recently and no replies.
Is anybody in similar situation as me? or Has anybody gotten their EAD and how long did it take for u to get an update?
I’m very worried and stressed right now as i ll lose a lot of what i ve worked for if i don’t get my EAD soon.

Thank you!

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mdadilali     05/03/2019 09:41 AM

Filed I 130, I 485, I131, I765, I693, I864
PD: 04/17/2019
Date Received NOA Texts: 04/24/2019
Priority Date: 04/17/2019
Biometrics Done:
Interview(rec' approval letter):
EAD card in production:
EAD card in hand:
GC approval/production notifications:
Card mailed notification:
I130 & I485 approval letters received:
GC in hand:

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