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Ryan Dunleavy     01/12/2019 06:01 AM

Hi guys any information would be great.
I’m an American citizen but left when I was 10 years old and have been living in Ireland for the past 25 years. I’ve been married to my Irish wife for two years now. We are looking to move to Boston but what do I need to do.
Thanks ryan

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YrruCpop     01/09/2019 11:52 AM

08/14/18 PD
09/05/18 Biometric done
11/07/18 Case is ready for interview
12/31/18 Interview schedule
01/08/19 EAD ordered and will be mail out
02/05/19 Interview date

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veemash     01/09/2019 06:27 AM

Happy new year. Sent in my i751 beginning of November 2018 and up to now i only received biometrics notice but no receipt of application can i usr that to get a stamp in case i have to travel

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snehajoshi     01/07/2019 14:15 PM

My children and I received our green cards 10 months apart. I included my children (10 y and 12 y) in i-751 form to remove conditions on residency. Their conditional residency expired in Oct 2017. Is it sufficient to include them in my i-751 form? Is it too late to file for i-751 for them now? I am still married to the my husband who is a US citizen. What are my options?

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isabella12     01/04/2019 21:07 PM

Hi Guys !

Happy New Year to everyone here. First of all, God for the developer of this forum and also to all who contributed immensely when I started my journey 2 years ago.

Am back here today with few questions on I-751 and am hoping will get positive answers from you guys.
Have read a lot from different forum and even articles with regard on I-751 (PETITION TO REMOVE CONDITIONS ON RESIDENCE) , USCIS changes, updates and requirements but am here seeking for most of you guys that went through the process recently the document needed or requirements because I will be sending mine few dates from now.

I will appreciate any positive response why anticipate you guys response soon.

Thanks all !!

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nirnaya     01/03/2019 13:30 PM

My aunt file f4 visa for her brother (my dad). my mother, me and my elder brother are the derivatives of the case. My brother and me, we both have aged out biologically but seems like qualified as per CSPA act. But my aunt was asked to pay visa application fees for both of us along with our parents fee. does CSPA automatically reviewed by NVC or extra ways are to be followed? can we fill Ds 260 and appear for interview along with our parents?
1) PD- 26 Aug 2005
2) Received letter saying "You will be notified when further considerations can be given to processing your application for immigration on 21 JULY 2010
3) DOB: Jan 25 1995 (me)
              Sept 30 1993 ( brother) currently in Canada in student visa
4) asked to pay visa application fee on Dec 2018
It would be great if someone who has or had such cases can throw light to this matter.

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xxhhdd     12/27/2018 14:36 PM

Hope this can help those in anxious waiting.

My timeline so far (marriage based)
July/2017, file 130/485/765/131 together to USCIS
Aug/2017, fringprint
Sep/2017, got EAD/AP approved, and 485 online status changed to "ready to be scheduled for interview".

Mar/2018, file 765 again for 2nd EAD.
Apr/2018, I-485 online status changed to "at this moment, we can provide information ...."
Oct/2018, call USCIS and ask to expedite my 2nd 765 application. A few days later, got my 2nd EAD in mailbox.
Nov/2018, I-485 online status changed to "interview is scheduled". A few days later, got a paper interview notice from mailbox.
Dec/2018, got interview in Minneapolis office with my spouse.

As of this moment, no update yet.

Here are my experience from interview.

We arrived there 15mintues earlier than appointment and were called on time.
We were not separated as I originally expected.
The officer brought us to a small office and started to interview we two.

First, the officer want us to swear, that everything we say/provide today is true, otherwise we will be punished accordingly. Then this officer checked our passports and driver licenses.

Then, officer opened a pile of files, and started with my I-485.
The officer asked me questions from I-485 line by line, such as my birthday, place of birth, date of marriage, place I am currently living, place I used to live, my parents names, my employer, and then security questions (yes or no).

Then, officer opened 130, and started to ask my spouse. Such as name, birthday, place of birth, place we met 1st time, our 1st date, family members, where/when did we get married etc.

Then, the officer want me show all the supporting files I bought with me. I showed them one by one. The officer reviewed them one by one, and took records. When it came to photo album, I explained each photo, such as where/when this photo was taken.

At last, the officer gave us lots of positive feedbacks and a paper notice says "recommended for approval", and walk us out of the office. My spouse and I were together during the whole process, we didn't get separated as most people shared in this forum.

As of today, I still didn't see any status change in www.uscis.gov. And I haven't got GC yet.
My spouse and i knew each for many many years, and our marriage is 100% true. So there is nothing to worry about.
I will update once I got more.

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esara16     12/24/2018 15:31 PM

Boise, ID

08.15.2018 - all documents sent to USCIS (I-130, I-485 ) marriage based
08.24.2018 - documents delivered
08.30.2018 - text and email notification of USCIS acceptance confirmation
09.17.2018 - RFIE - I forgot to fill form I-864
09.24.2018 - evidence sent
10.01.2018 - evidence received
11.05.2018 - received biometrics appointment (11.08.2018)
11.08.2018 - biometrics completed
11.13.2018 - EAD form sent because I forgot to sent it (I-765)
11.14.2018 - ready to be schedule for interview
12.20.2018 - we scheduled an interview for I-485 ( text and email notifications)
12.24.2018 - interview appointment by mail .
01.20.2019 - interview appointment

Good Luck for Everyone and Merry Christmas

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vinus     12/16/2018 16:43 PM

Hi - sharing timeline for various stages and wait times we have experienced so far.

Category: Family based, wife of US citizen who has an active student (F1) visa but visa stamp on passport expired, never overstayed visa, has no other major issues eg. arrest etc.

Residence: Los Angeles CA. Got confirmation that I-130, EAD & Advance Parole were being processed at National Benefit Center and I-485 at local LA field office.

Step --> # of days from filing
1. Sent all forms to USCIS via USPS --> July 27 2018
2. Forms received and USCIS gave priority date --> 1
3. Checks cashed by USCIS --> 8
4. Receipt notices received via mail --> 14
5. Fingerprinting notice received via mail --> 15
6. Fingerprinting appointment --> 26
7. Fingerprinting status updated --> 27
8. I-485 RFE received via mail (asked to submit additional supporting documents) --> 29
9. Ready to schedule interview for Adjustment of Status --> 41
10. Advance Parole approval notice (had filed with I-485) --> 138
11. EAD approval notice --> 138
12. EAD card w/ AP stamped received --> 145
13. GC interview --> Still waiting
14. GC approval --> Still waiting

Will update once we get the interview date. Hope this is helpful.

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mr.coolboy     11/26/2018 14:06 PM

how long it takes for the DD to be encashed once we sent the AOS application and how long it will take to receive the acknowledgement notice from immigration

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