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naveedr123     07/19/2014 13:54 PM

hi everyone, i am starting to get concerned about my OCI app, as i have a trip to india planned... The OCI website says its acknowledgement date is 09-JUN-2014, but since then there is no status
1 - does anyone know how long the process takes?
2- I submitted my original expired indian passport for renunciation, but havent got it back yet. Is this normal? when do i get back my renun certificate and old indian passport?

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mathew5274     07/15/2014 11:30 AM

My application for adult OCI
Date of Acknowledgment 29APR2014
DOC Printing Status 16JUNE2014
Doc Received AT NYCGI 20JUNE2014

Since then I have yet to receive any email, keep calling and asking CKGS about my update and they are stating they did not get anything from embassy. DOES anyone know what I need to do here? I'm planing to go to india mid August but without OCI I'm in dark. Please advise

Guy from CKGS says check back after 2 week which would be July 30 2014. I will keep you guys posted

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shore     07/09/2014 16:48 PM

My application for adult OCI and Renunciation - sent to SFO 5/8/2014
Forwarded to New Delhi - Acknowledgment Date 05/14/2014
However there was NO UPDATE IN STATUS for 45 days.
Kept showing UNDER PROCESS
On 7/8/2014 I sent an email and the status updated within a day
It now shows as PRINTED on 7/9/2014.
It also shows that my Registration was granted on 06/11/2014
I wonder why the documents had not printed and status was not updated all this time
My suggestion would be to send an email to expedite.
I had sent an email to: [email protected] OCI Unit New Delhi and he responded within a day

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XavierZulu     07/08/2014 20:21 PM

My experience with the process have been fairly good. I applied for OCI and renunciation mid-April 2014 and it arrived at the New York CGI mid-June 2014. I kept sending them emails about how to pick up but their response was to wait until I received an email notification.

Finally I went with my US passport and a printout of the OCI status to the NY CGI this morning. They accepted my passport and the printout at 10:30 am and handed my the OCI and renunciation at 12:30 pm.

A couple of people who picked up their OCI today had applied in January and February so I feel I was lucky.

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Allen Thomas     07/01/2014 15:12 PM

Hey guys,

I'm planning to go to india at the end of this. And I applied for oci and renunciation together, I was wondering if I can apply for another visa.
And how will that affect my OCI application process. I'm thinking about applying for tourist visa but will my oci application get canceled ?

Thanks for the help

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advitha     06/20/2014 01:25 AM

Hi Folks, just returned from the SFO consulate with our OCI cards and U-sticker stamped on our passports.

Went there this morning and turned in our passports and status printout. They asked us to come back at 4 to collect the passports. We went back at 4 and got everything including our cancelled Indian passport and our renunciation certificate. Looks like the consulate is pretty much handling this process now and giving this new organization CKGS a little "soak time" to clean out their mess. I wish they do so as I was hearing dreadful stories about passports being misplaced/lost by CKGS. Met a lot of people who are traveling from different western regions including hawaii, washington etc.

If you are seeing your OCI status as "Card Received at Mission on so and so date" then don't hesitate to go to the consulate. You might most likely get your OCI the same day.

I wish all of you a very good luck in your OCI journey. Feel free to message me incase any information is required.


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advitha     06/17/2014 16:52 PM

Just got off the phone with a CKGS staff (india call centre). The guy asked for my passport details, and I gave them. He's coming back and telling me that my tourist visa is approved and passport can be collected from their office. I yelled at him literally, can't just control.

Later after explaining things to him, he's putting me on hold and giving me another update that my document is already received by their SF office and I'll get an email in a couple of days. He's strong on that point that "Document Received by SFO" is their office. What's going on here??? Why did Indian consulate outsourced our cases to such a company. I have applied PIO for my daughter, and have applied for attestation previously with travisa. Never faced such problems. Now I leave to my destiny for good things to happen. Planning to visit them this Friday.


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advitha     06/17/2014 13:57 PM

Our family OCI got approved on June 2nd, cards were received by the SF consulate on the 9th. So far there's no word for CKGS for our passport matchup. CKGS absolutely has no clue on our cases and they don't have an idea on what's the next step in the OCI process.

The phone numbers in their website always connects to their india call centre and the folks over there have nothing to update us except they keep us on the phone line and extract all our information. So far I have been making calls almost on an everyday basis to them and each person has a different answer for me. Have a pending travel in 2 weeks. The guy I spoke to now is telling me to visit the CKGS SFO office in person during collection time to ask about case update. Is this the way it works? I'm totally frustrated with this whole thing. I'm cursing myself for not applying for PIO card which would have already be with me now. We still have the passport matchup pending and haven't received our cancelled Indian passport back yet.

Anyone received an email/call from CKGS regarding their OCI status update??


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umeshsak     06/17/2014 13:48 PM

There are lots of OCI approvals around may end and 1st week of June. Accordingly consulate contacted us in the email to mail their passport, So we did. For me it's been more than a week my passport is with consulate but haven't heard from them yet nor have I received them back.

Anybody in the same situation got their passport back via mail with OCI?

Please let me know. Thanks.

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davejic     06/15/2014 11:59 AM

I applied for OCI for my family with BLS which is no longer in operation. They've cashed my cashier check for $1190 and are not returning my message for refund. Has anyone had this happen to them? Any suggestion on how to get money back from them?

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