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ManojShenoyP     12/24/2015 22:39 PM

Dear All,

I had my VISA stamping in US Consulate Chennai, and here is my experience

Dec 21st & 22nd 2015

First day (Nungambakkam) :
This day is of Biometric's and is pretty simply

Day Second (Anna Salai, Near Gemini Fly over)
My interview was scheduled at 11:30am, I reached the consulate at around 9:30am stood in the line and at around 10:30 i got my Turn

I was with my Wife , I was sent to Counter number 29 (It was a Lady)

Vo: Good Morning Sir!
Me : Good Morning officer

Vo: Can i have your Passports
Me : Gave the passports along with DS160 confirmation letter

Vo: DS160 is not required (and she returned it back)
Me : Took back the DS160 Letter

Vo: Can i see your H1B Petition
Me: Handed over the document

Vo: What is your highest educational Qualification
Me: Told my Qualification

Vo: Oh are you from my ABC (My employer's name)
Me: Yes

Vo: Who is your client
Me : XYZ

Vo: What is your US Salary
Me: $abcde per annum

Vo: Now, the toughest question of your life time and she looked at my wife giving a big smile, When is your marriage anniversary
Me: A small smile(Told the date)

Vo: Congratulations Sir, your Visa's are approved you will received your passport in 3-4 Days
Me : Thank you

Note : Folks,Do you show your excitement when the Vo says your visa's are approved, i saw a guy at counter number 19 who reacted by saying Yes,Yes,Yes... and the Vo did a strange face, Please avoid that, Keep the excitement within yourself.

No questions to my wife

Me : Merry Christmas Officer
Vo: and you too!

Note : Children below 14 years are not required to appear on both the days you can carry the child's passport, DS160, Birth Certificate along with Defined photograph as per website.

Cheers, Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.


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nkchowdary2000     12/24/2015 17:53 PM

H1B Visa interview in Kolkata on 12/24

VO: GM, how are you?
me: I’m good, thanks, how are you?
VO: Good, what is the purpose of travel
me: work
VO: who is your employer?
me: xxx
VO: what do they do?
me: they are into IT software design development etc …
VO: what is the domain they develop applications for?
me: Insurance, Banking, Airlines
VO: Good, what is your india visit purpose
me: xxxx
VO: where is your husband?
me: he is in US
VO: what type of visa?
me: xxx
VO: ok, your visa is approved, you should receive your passport in 3-4 days

No other documents were asked other than passport and I-797

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sgopi09     12/24/2015 07:24 AM

Thanks to all who shared their experiences.Its really helped me

I got RFE in Aug and it is approved in Oct.

On Dec 17 Attend interview

VO: Is it your first h1b
Me : Yes
VO: Who is your petitioner
Me : XXX
VO: Do you have B1
Me : Answered ,I had but it is expired
VO: Have you travelled on B1
Me : yes
VO: What did you do on B1
Me : Took KT on application for client XXXX
VO: Who is your client now
VO: What do you do for them
Me: I am Software developer and about to explain my responbilities,VO stopped me and asked
what is highest qualification
Me : answered
VO : Your Visa is approved Sir!
Me: Thank you sir

I think persons who got RFE they wont ask much questions ,they will surely approve the visas

Good luck !!!!

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usindian     12/24/2015 00:49 AM

Thanks to this great forum for H1B visa aspirants. Below were the questions asked to me. I prepared a lot but only four questions were asked to me.

1) Who is your employer?
2) What is your highest qualification?
3) What is your position in US?
4) What is your salary?

VO said your visas are approved. No questions to my spouse.

Around 10 people for different types of visas were interviewed while we were in queue and none were rejected. Preparation is key. It gives you confidence. So prepare well. Unless there is something wrong with your petition or employer, your chances of getting H1B visa is 99%. Remaining 1% is always luck when it comes to US visa. All the best folks.

Please do add your experience as it helps others. #GivingBack

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sumanth_kondru     12/23/2015 13:42 PM

Thanks to Immihelp and all members

here is my experience really a different exp and may be useful

Dec 21st 2015 have attended at Chennai consulate

after greetings exchanged Vo asked me the passport

then Employer details
Vo : can i see your LLC
Me Passed on
Vo : How much you paid to them ( she tried to trick me by asking do you have agreement with them i said no )
Me : NO .. nothing
Vo : how did you get this opportunity
Me : through Job portal
VO : how many times they called for interview
Me : 3 times
Vo : which city your going
i said state name
Vo asked again city : i said i forgot the name i could not recollect
VO : you don't know the city is that true ?
Me , hmmm trying manage some how
VO : that is not problem give me the employer Tax docs
Me : passed on
Vo : gave a yellow slip and asked me to wait for some time same written on slip ( please be seated our staff will call you back )
they made me to wait for total 1hr 30 mins

in the mean time somebody from back office contacted me through to the land phone near by the greeter

she asked some details and i answered and she asked what is the project , i have answered
then she asked me to come to a counter number 25 to give the project docs

i gave a docs , she asked detailed project i said , my work nature don't have details project
 she said OK and take my I129 and asked me to sit for some more time

i have seen few more people are waiting with same slips

the guy before me was called in and asked to send project details and some more details to mail

next my turn :
she called greeter and showing my passport and asked him to read my name he read
so i went there

She said your VISAs are approved sir
i said thanks ( did not excited when i listened "approved" as they made me to wait ) and walk out of the consulate .

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AThma     12/23/2015 11:50 AM

Hi my interview over today ,VO kept passport and said he will message or call

what it mean? approved or not ,no slip he given and not said approved

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amol23     12/23/2015 08:41 AM

Hi All,

I have got petition with wrong date of birth. I have asked my employer to get it chnage by amendment process,but they denying and stated that noone will validate your dob with passport dob and asked me to go for interview.

Please suggest me whether i go for interview with this issue or not? Is there any rejection chances?


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vm888m     12/23/2015 07:29 AM

Hello All,

Thanks to immihelp and all the members who has posted their interview experiences. These experiences helped me to be more confident.

I have gone for H1B stamping along with my family.

Interview Date - 12/23/2015
Interview Time - 10:00 AM

Questions asked to me

Me: Greeted him
VO: Hi
VO: Who is your Employer?
Me : XXX
VO: What is Your project?
Me: Given the project Name
VO: Explain the project?
Me: Explained him in 2 lines. He stopped me after that.
VO: What exactly this project is? Is this a software?
Me: Yes
VO: What is your pay?

Questions to my Spouse:
VO: When is your marriage happened?
Spouse: Given the month and year.
VO: What is your spouse sister name?
Spouse: Given the name.
VO: Do you like her or not?
Spouse: Likes her

VO: Your Visa is approved.
Me: Thanks


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supervirus     12/23/2015 07:20 AM

Had a appointment at the delhi consulate for the H1b stamping. My wife accompanied me for a H4.

Went in 1:30hrs before the interview time.

Waited for 30 mins in a shelter before being escorted to the main hall.

The petitioner was a well known US company .It is the most valuable company in the world making tech gadgets.

VO : Do you work with XXX?
ME : Yes

VO :What is your designation and salary ?

ME : Answered.

VO : Your visa is approved.

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KartikKrishna     12/23/2015 05:25 AM

Hello all,

I am here to submit my experience of H1B visa interview. It is not mandatory that whatever experience i have had, you would also undergo the same. But it is a good practise to be prepared before appearing for the interview.

First appointment was with the Visa OFC (Offsite Facilitation Center) where they would ask only for the Passport, DS-160 confirmation copy, Embassy appointment letter. They will check if all of them matches and then send you inside. They will assign a token number to you. Keep checking the monitor for your turn and counter number. On appearing at the counter they will take the above mentioned documents and ask you to read the "Declaration of Truth"(attached to the right of the wall) in your comfortable language. They will also ask the purpose of your visit to US. After that they will take your fingerprints, face picture. They will handover the documents back to you and ask you to appear with all the supporting documents for the main interview at US Consulate. That is all for the first day.

Second appointment was with the Consulate. Do appear a 15-30 mins before the scheduled interview. If you appear before that, you may have to wait for a very long time. There will be a queue. Join it. At the gate entrance, they will validate the barcode(on your appointment copy) to see whether you have paid the appointment fees or not. After that you will be allowed inside. There will be a series of shelters with rows of seats. Basically this means that you will be put in queue a max of 3 times from here.

First they will ask you form a queue and give you a tray. You need to empty your pockets into that tray. Place your documents, passport, keychain, purse, belt, pen etc here. The items in the tray will undergo a x-ray check and you will be thoroughly checked through a scanning door. Once checked, you will be handed over all your items. Get back your belt, keychains, purse, etc and get prepared again. Now carry your documents and join another queue. This queue will be directed to a separate counter one by one to validate the fingerprints you provided at OFC the day before. Once the validation is done, you will be directed to another queue. This queue will be directed to another series of counters, one by one. A maximum of 2 applicants will be allowed to stand in front of the queue one after another. The minimum distance between 2 candidates should be 5 feet. Now this is the counter where the actual interview will take place. So be prepared.

- Dress well with a decent light color shirt and dark trousers(complete business formals). Avoid funky dress up if you are going for a H1B visa.
- Shoes also should be formal.
- Carry all your documents in a neat transparent harmonium folder. Its easy to pull and push the documents whenever needed.
- Following is the link where you can get a series of possible interview questions.
Reference 1 - http://www.path2usa.com/h1b-visa-guide/interview-questions
Reference 2 - http://www.immihelp.com/visas/h1b/h1-visa-interview-sample-questions-answers.html

- The interviewer will try to see if you possess the basic requirements for this visa i.e.
a) confidence
b) command over language and fluency
c) minimal educational qualification for the job i.e. Graduation in Specialized Occupation(which is Computers generally) and Post Graduation in the same field will be a big plus.
d) willing to work under mentioned contract without fail
e) willing to return back to India after your work is finished

- Following are the documents required for the verification.
a) Embassy Appointment Letter
b) DS-160 copy
c) Passports
d) I-797 original
e) Client Letter(optional) - If you have the client letter with you, things become much more easy,since it is clearly mentioned in that letter that your services are required at the client workplace. Even if you don't have the client letter, its not a big issue. Client letters are not disclosed to some of the employees. Hence you can mention(if asked) that "my HR and client communicate with one another internally and it is not disclosed to the employees as part of company policy. If need be, i can ask my HR to forward the client letter to US Consulte office."
f) Master service agreement - An agreement copy made between your employer and the client for continuous consultation of services.
g) US Offer letter
h) Indian Company Office Photos
i) Company Letter to Embassy Officer - mentioning about your purpose of visit to US and thereby assistance in approval of the same.
j) Company brochure
k) Resume
l) Payslips of last 6 months
m) Bank statements of last 6 months
n) Form 16 of all financial years
o) Current Company offer letter, official confirmation letter, salary appraisal letters
p) Past company offer and service letters
q) Educational certificates
r) Marriage certificate and marriage photos - in case you are appearing with your family
s) Child's birth certificates original
t) Child's passport sized photographs (dimensions of the photograph should match the specifications mentioned in the US consulate website).

Hope all goes well with you too!!
Good luck


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