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mohan095     02/03/2020 00:33 AM

I have applied for my STEM OPT which will expire in a month. I have applied for my STEM OPT extension before 2 months of its expiry. My passport is due to expire from 3 months from my. I have applied for my passport renewal. Should I update the USCIS application with my updated passport or should it be ok to have sent the application with my current passport.

Any inputs here is appreciated. Thanks

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ShravyaR     12/05/2019 13:09 PM

I submitted my OPT EAD form on May 15th. I received an RFE for my case ( Employer number had changed and not updated).
Resubmitted my application on September 16th and received my STEM OPT approval by September 19th( got the i-797 Approval letter in hand by September 26th).

It has been more than 180 days from May 15th to now, but USCIS say that my EAD has not even started printing! Worse part, my online case status still shows 'RFE received'.

I need help to get the EAD card processed and printed and have no idea why there is so much delay even though I have got my i-797 Approval.

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JayTea     07/10/2019 11:59 AM

I submitted my I-765 application March 19th. Is there anyone who received their EAD card who submitted on that date?!?!

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$Ruchi$     06/24/2019 13:36 PM

Hi all,

I graduated this summer May-2019. I have applied for OPT in March and my case was received to USCIS by March 18th 2019. Its been 98 days still I haven't seen any change on my case its still shows received only.
Does anyone applied to OPT withing March 1st to March 15th and received any notice or EAD ? Please reply.
Does anyone graduated in this May and applied for OPT and received EAD please reply ?
online its showing 1-5 month waiting period and I hope its wrong. :(

Thank you for all your help in advanced !
Good luck to all OPT people.!

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nikunj50     04/14/2019 23:17 PM

I am a F1 visa holder in united states and finished my masters in December 2018. I applied for OPT on November 2nd and 1st time my opt got denied on November 30th because DSO forgot to check one box and school got package of denial itself on 30th day(Friday 4 pm) and hence I was told from my DSO assistant to correct it and send I-765 back but she didn't inform me, it had to be sent back on 30th day or same day itself as DSO assistant wasn't aware. So I did mail that overnight package on Monday December 3, 2018.
After 120 days I got my RFE for OPT on April 3rd, Because I failed to submit I-765 within 30 days of the date, The reason i sent package on 33rd day was it was monday, school it self got OPT RFE on 30th day 4pm and dso assistant didnt know it had to be sent on 30 day.
I got notice on my RFE that I can not appeal for this decision but I may file a MTR. Currently, I have filed a MTR yesterday for this decision with my DSO's explanation that student wasnot aware of 30 day rule and she(dso) was not in office, so she(DSO) could not let him know that it had to be sent on 30th day itself.
I want to know that is there any chance that my MTR will be approved as lot of people are telling me that MTR will likely to fail. How long does it take to get reply of MTR? What are my options right now if my MTR fails and about doing second masters, or School can help me giving employment as h1 petitioner. and all the legal advice for solving this situation would be highly appreciated.

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doubleG     02/09/2019 16:47 PM

Hi all,

I graduated on Dec 15th 2018 and I applied OPT for the first time on Oct 2018, it was rejected by uscis since I got wrong in the category of OPT, and all of my documents have been returned to myself and I did not get any tracking number or paper receipt.
I applied again with my international office advisor on Nov 2018, and got my tracking number and paper receipt on around Dec 2nd, since then I kept checking the status of my case.
Yesterday(Feb 7th), I found the status of my case turned to "Appeal was dismissed" , I am extremely anxious about it and I would like to know does this mean that my application has been rejected again. And since I graduated on Dec 15th, the 60 days Grace period would end in only 5 days so I would like to know should I resubmit my application again before the end of my grace period.


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marnikarthik1     01/20/2019 23:37 PM

I was supposed to graduate in May 2018, but I did not meet the course requirements due to low grades, so I was asked to take one more summer course to meet the requirement. During my last semester, I had applied for OPT work authorization in early March, where I gave the start date of employment on July 4.

According to law, Students can’t work without completing the university course requirement. So, I had to send a letter of withdrawal of my OPT work authorization to USCIS, before my OPT application could get approved.
I sent the withdrawal application to USCIS on May 16th, 2018.
After sending the letter, I finished my extra course and met the university course requirement by July 2nd, 2018.
In the meantime, my OPT was approved on June 2nd, 2018 and I received my EAD card in the month of June (Employment Authorization Document).

My college advisor informed me that, as I have met university course requirements on July 2nd before Employment start date ( July 4th )and also my EAD card got approved, I can legally work from July 4th.

After that, I got an offer to work as a Structural Engineer in July and started working. I updated the work status of my company in the SEVP portal on 27th July 2018 and I never checked it.

But on Aug 23rd, 2018 SEVIS deleted my employment which I wasn’t aware till last week( Jan 2019).

I am not sure what further steps need to be taken, please help me in this matter.

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AamirIqbal     12/12/2018 14:25 PM

Hi everyone! I have a complicated situation regarding my status. I came to United States as a B2 visitor visa. I entered US last time on July 24th 2017. According to my i94 I was admitted until January 24th 2018. My authorized stay was valid until January 24th 2018. Then circumstances changed and I got married. My wife was completing her OPT when we got married and She had F1 visa valid until February 20th 2019. After marriage, I decided to stay with my wife until completion of her OPT. So, on January 11th I applied for the extension of my stay and also for the change of status from B2 to F1. During this time, My Wife’s employer offered her H1b which She accepted. Her H1 was approved and it started from October 1st 2018. I did not get any response from USCIS till then. I was confused and filed another application on September 28th for the change of status from F2 pending status to H4. Meanwhile, It took USCIS 10 months to process my applications. In October I got RFE for both extension of stay and change of status from B2 to F2. I sent the response and got extension of stay approved until July 24th 2018 on November 6th 2018. A month later on December 4th USCIS rejected change of status application having reason that My Wife’s F1 status is completed on October 1st 2018 so they cannot approve my application. I timely applied for the extension of stay and changed of status from B2 to F2. I didn’t know USCIS will take more than 10 months to take a decision. I was hoping that my F2 application will be approved far before October 1st and then I would be able to apply for change of status from F2 to H4. Now when USCIs has denied my application, my unauthorized stay has begun from July 24th 2018. I do not know what to do in this situation. Should I go back and apply for H4 or is there a possibility of changing this decision. On letter it is written that I should leave country in 33 days upon receipt of this letter. I do not feel comfortable to go back and reapply for H4. I have a professional exam scheduled here on December 20th 2018. Please guide me if somebody have had been in a similar situation. What are my options and what should I do. I can consult with a lawyer if they guarantee that my stay here in US will not affect my future visa applications or when I return to my country.

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vardh0501     09/12/2018 18:33 PM

Hi All,

My OPT start date was June 25th 2018, the card has been returned to USCIS on June 13. Since then I had repeatedly kept approaching USCIS in different ways even by
meeting the USCIS office so that I can receive my card at some or other address.
Inspite of my pestering with continuous requests, the every time I talk to them I have never received my card and i get the same reply by saying "we have escalated your case, so wait for 2 weeks".To my bad, the deadline for the three months period to find an employment will be ending on September 25,2018 and I will be out of status after that date.
I already have an job opportunity ready in my hand and the employer is ready to accept my I797 form but my university is not ready to accept my employment and do the OPT reporting to USCIS without my EAD card.What do you think is the best solution my situation? Will I be out of status after Sept25th?
Any responses would be appreciated

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oblivion92     03/09/2018 18:20 PM

Hi all,

Reading the forums I think we are pretty much all on the same boat.
I applied for my EAD card on Nov 30th. Its been received and says the same status whenever I check USCIS.

I called NCS and they said that USCIS is currently working on cases received on October 1st. (Does that mean I have to wait another 60 days for them to reach my case? I will go insane)
Its the 99th day now. Placed a Service Request on the 91st day. Reply was that I need to allow USCIS more time to process it.

I already had to decline some job offers because this card is nowhere in sight. It's super frustrating.
Please advise on what I should do. Ombudsman? Senate? Congressman? Should I even put on more service requests? Or will that just slow down the process?

Thanks in advance.

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